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  1. rivets in 1/72 scale would be nigh on invisible !!
  2. John, CBLS are available from Flightpath http://www.djparkins.com/acatalog/1_32nd_Post_War_RAF.html
  3. Here's one I did, recently finished for a group build over on Britmodeller.com Cheers smeders
  4. Its a steel colour. I believe the TSR 2 had blown flaps which means air bled from the engines to blow air over the flaps at low speeds. smeders
  5. CBLS 100 series for Jags. Could have the long tail or short tail. I have seen the short tail version carried on the center line station. Cheers smeders
  6. Bit pricey and not sure if its still available http://www.oldmodelkits.com/misc2.html smeders
  7. Many thanks Andy Ordered a set. smeders
  8. Looking for Airway Graphics decals AGM7-002 1/72 C/HC/KC-97 Strats Any help greatly appreciated I am located in the UK smeders
  9. I have been building one of these for several months now, and have researched a lot on the subject. When you say that you have all "the bits and pieces" what have you got? What version are you making? I have the Aviaology decals and they are very good. Graham Hi Graham, Would appreciate it if you could see your way to sharing the info you have collected for CC Libs. I have the Aviaology decals and belcher Bits conversion set. Cheers smeds
  10. Lancaster Mk II Squadrons that I came across 61 Sqdn codes - QR 115 Sqdn codes - IL & KO 408 (Goose) Sqdn RCAF codes - EQ 426 (Thunderbird) Sqdn RCAF codes - OW 432 (Leaside) Sqdn RCAF codes - QO 514 Sqdn codes - JI & A2 HTH smeders
  11. Saw the Sabre at RAF Cosford a few weeks ago, the commentator stated that it has been sold to someone in the U.S., so you guys over there will see it in the flesh soon. smeds
  12. Will this do ya ? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=280357032965 TTFN Andy
  13. Looking for Zotz 48015 "sexy Lancasters" thanks for looking smeders
  14. Hi Guys 'n' Gals, Real long shot, but hey, if you don't ask........Anyone got a Cutting Edge 1/32 A-10A Cockpit set for sale/trade ? I'm in the UK. Cheers Andy
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