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  1. The Russians are now sending Pilots to "Instruct" the Iraqis on flying the aircraft. More likely the Russians will be flying missions until the Iraqis get up to speed on the aircraft.
  2. Icehound

    Got to fly in a P-40!!

    Awesome ! Great pics. Mark
  3. Icehound

    Silent Running - Dewey Maintenance Drone

    Nice looking Dewey Mike! The movie is one of my favourite movies and I will watch it any time it comes on TV. A classic in my opinion. Thanks for posting your pics regards Mark
  4. Icehound

    US Handley Page O/400

    That looks really good and makes a change to see it in markings other than RAF. Mark
  5. Icehound


    I think ARC is worth visiting Claud, just ignore the folks you have a problem with on the forum and enjoy the rest of the site.
  6. Icehound

    Warhammer 40K Imperial Knight

    Very nice Marv ! You did an awesome job. I found it an great kit to build my only wish would be if GW had added an interior so that you could display it with the main hatch open. Yours looks great with the LEDs. Regards Mark
  7. Icehound

    1/24 Hasegawa 1967 Volkswagen Single Cab

    Hey that VW looks great! I have the 67 cargo van in the stash to build. Nice job! Mark
  8. Icehound

    Nuremberg Toy Fair pictures

    Thanks for posting the pictures,some pretty good stuff coming from Airfix !
  9. Icehound

    Warhammer vehicles

    Nice job on all of the Marv. I find the Warhammer kits to be a nice diversion from the usual aircraft and armour. Your "Sons or Horus" scheme looks very good. Mark
  10. Icehound

    Warhammer 40K

    Nice job Marv, You do any other Space Marine Chapters? Or just Space Wolves? I find painting Space Marines is a nice distraction from the usual aircraft or armour models since they are or can be very colourful. I do Ultra Marines with some nasty Orks (Both 40K and Warhammer fantasy) also. Thanks for posting your pics Mark
  11. Icehound

    A-4B Skyhawk Malvinas 1982

    Looks really good Dragan! Thanks for posting your pics Mark
  12. Icehound

    sea king 1/48 hassegawa

    Your Sea King looks great in Iranian colours. Regards Mark
  13. Icehound

    My bench is down!

    Thanks for the tour ! Excellent.
  14. Icehound

    Philippine Airforce acquires 12 new jets

    The second hand F-16s might have cost more than these new jets.Besides they might have wanted something easier to maintain and use than an F-16 given their limited budget.
  15. Icehound

    What a team!!!

    Houston will be out next game so not to worry, I keep wanting to say Oilers every time I think Houston and NFL :D