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  1. kenlilly106

    Rescaling decals

    Here's the way I remember it: Scale you have(divided by)scale you want gives you the enlargement/reduction amount
  2. Bump for the weekend Lowered prices on some of the larger kits a little to help offset shipping costs, plus dropped prices on real space, armor and auto
  3. Some trade wants at the bottom, I prefer selling these kits though All items from non-smoking home Please email me directly @ dinsdale.pirahna106@gmail.com, it's much easier to keep track of everyone this way than via PM's All kits are unstarted and in their original bags/boxes except as noted. All kits may exhibit some shelf wear and/or dinged corners unless noted. Shipping plus VAT/Customs is extra to the prices noted below, will go via USPS at the speed of your choice and charged at cost from zip code 24060 No UPS/FedEX shipping, too many problems with their costs. Note that entries labeled "BIG BOX" will be more to ship cross country or overseas because of the size. ****************** ADDED THE FOLLOWING KITS, all 1/48 unless noted Academy 1/32 F/A-18C $85 original issue very big box Hasegawa 09913 F-2A '6SQ 50th Anniversary' $22 09803 F-16D Block 52+, Hellenic AF $50 P8 F-15E Strike Eagle Prototype $20 (NOTE - this kit can only be built as an F-15D/DJ, it DOES NOT have the CFT's Kitty Hawk Sepecat Jaguar GR.1/Gr.3 $35 MiG-25 PD/PDS $80 inc. Barracudacast wheels, nose correction and exhausts sets $95+ if bought new Hobby Boss Ka-27 Helix $60 Masterbox 1/35 'Zombie hunter - road to freedom' figure set $8 Meng 1/35 Pick up truck with equipment $20 New Ware 1/144 Lockheed Starclipper $85 all resin kit of a proposed shuttle design $103 if bought new Polar Lights 1/12 'Robby the robot' movie poster edition w/Altaira $75 inc. Paragrafix PE detail set Revell US Dassault Rafale M $25 Inc. Wolpack resin exhausts a couple of small parts have fallen off the sprue, kit is complete Wave KMK-011-3600 Space Settlement $25 ****************** MAIN LIST, Items 1/48 unless noted *****AIRCRAFT****** Academy F-22 fuselage and intakes off sprue, complete $30 F-111A $20 fuselage and some small parts off sprue, complete F-16C 'Flying Razorbacks' $15 (not the current one with the Cartograf decals) 1/35 MH-60S Seahawk HSC-9 Tridents $40 BIG BOX Su-27B $50 Inc. Eduard exterior PE and Cutting Edge cockpit Airfix 1/72 Lancaster B.III (Special) The Dambusters $25 Westland Lynx AH-7 $20 fuselage parts off sprue, complete Black Box RA-5C Vigilante cockpit set $25 Eduard 8100 Mirage IIIc $30 regular edition, fuselage and wings off sprue 1123 Mirage 2000D/N $25 fuselage, wings and other parts off sprue, complete Classic Airframes I-153 Chaika $25 Encore A-37B $30 Great Wall Hobby MiG-29 9-12 'Late Type' $55 have 2 Hasegawa PT 33A-4M Skyhawk $30 F-16D Block 52 Advanced $40 09083 Arado AR234B-2 Bomber package $45 ($63 value if bought new) Inc. Squadron vac canopy, Eduard 48-399, Aires exhausts and resin bombs (unknown vendor) V5 F-16B $18 Have 2 PT3 F/A-18D 'Night Attack' $45 inc. Quickboost resin seats 09906 F-16D Block 52 Advanced $40 09518 RF-86 $20 Inc. resin parts for camera bays, fuselage off sprue 09649 F/A-18C 'Chippy Ho 2004' $50 09357 F-14A 'VF-154 Millennium Special' $40 09677 F-14B 'VF-103 last flight' $40 have 2, box nicked on one end 09388 F-14A 'Bicentennial' $40 09309 F-14D 'VX-9 Vandy 1' $40 inc. bomb sprues, box cut on one end P18 F-14A Pacific Fleet Squadrons Have 2, box cut on one end 1/72 02120 B-47E Stratojet $30 'Air Research and Development Command' Heller 80426 Mirage 2000C $15 80417 RF-84F $20 Hobbyboss EF-111 $60 Yak-38M $25 Fuselage and other parts off sprue, inventoried complete Hobbycraft HC 1600 F7U-3/3m Cutlass $20 main fuselage off sprue, decals questionable Italeri 102668 Tornado IDS $12 main fuselage parts off sprue, complete extensive decal sheet ACH-47A package $50 Inc. Eduard interior, exterior and seatbelt PE sets Eduard masks, partial kit decals and partial Zotz decals Mig-37B $20 old "what-if" companion to the F-19 kit F-16 B/D Viper $10 spine assembled and disassembled by previous owner, some parts loose, complete 1/72 C-119C w/ light truck $30 Kinetic EA-6B (original issue) $40 some parts falling off sprues, inventoried complete Mirage IIIE/O/R/RQ/EE/EA $45 Karaya Su-22M$ 'fitter K' $40 reissue of KP kit, inc Cutting Edge cockpit Kinetic E-2C $45 fuselage and wings off sprue inc. Quickboost resin air intakes C-2A $45 fuselage and wings off sprue $80+shipping for the pair Su-33 $60 Kitty Hawk SA.365D Dauphin $25 (box a little torn, kit ok) UH-1Y $30 F-35C $50 F-35B $45 Inc. Dream Model PE Exhaust and resin tail planes from unknown mfg. LC Aero Design IAR-81C $50 (currently 60 Euro) short run resin kit with PE, decals, masks and transparencies Pour stubs cut from one fuselage side, wing attach tabs missing from one side but can be added easily Lindberg Snark missile $15 main parts off sprue, some small parts fallen off, complete Matchbox 1/72 Victor K.2 set $45 Matchbox kit plus Flightpath Intake and PE detail set ($67 if bought new) A few plastic parts off sprue, inventoried complete and unstarted. Monogram 85-5311 F-80 $9 5442 F-100 Thunderbirds $10 one afterburner fell off, both complete F-101B package $25 Inc. Monogram kit, Koster RF-101C vac conversion and Almark decals for conversion 85-5518 F-102 2 complete kits in 1 box, both are Case x wing $20 for the pair Neomega Saab J-29 Tunnan $35 resin kit with vac canopy and decals OEZ Su-25K $10 fuselage and wings off sprue, missing one small antenna Planet Models XF10F-1 Jaguar $60 resin kit Revell A-6E Intruder $20 wings and fuselage off sprue, complete B-17G $22 current issue, wings and fuselage off sprue BIG BOX F-86D $12/ea non-parabrake tail version, have 2 F-101Bx2 $14 Eurofighter Typhoon 'twin seater' $25 F-106 $10/ea recent reissue, bagged kits, complete w/decals Have 5 F-80 recent reissue, fuselage off sprue, complete $10 1/72 Advanced Technology Bomber $20 old 'what-if B-2 kit BIG BOX 1/32 F-4E 'Mig Killer' $35 with AMS resin corrected nose BIG BOX 1/32 F-4G $25 BIG BOX Revell Germany 1/144 04271 Boeing 797-800 TUIfly HaribAIR $25 1/144 04070 B-2 Stealth Bomber $12 1/144 SAS 747 cutaway $25 2006 reissue 1/72 A400M Grizzly package $50 Inc. Master refueling probe, Eduard masks and Eduard 00721 PE (Revell Package) Fuselage and wings off sprue VERY BIG BOX Roden 1/144 C-141B $22 Tamiya Hawk Mk.66 'Swiss Air Force' $25 Italeri kit with new decals and white metal pilots Swordfish Mk.1 $55 Clear edition, original issue Inc. PE bracing wire set 61059 F-117 $45 1/32 F-4C/D package $140 (>$200 if bought new) Inc. Avionix cockpit, seamless intakes (I think they're Cutting Edge), Master Details late F-4D resin nose a few main parts off sprue, complete BIG BOX Tarangus A32A Saab Lansen $55 Trimaster Me-163b $15 Kit MA-13 With white metal and PE parts, main parts off sprue but complete, received in trade this way Trumpeter Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 $25 F-100C $25 fuselage off sprue Su-24D Inc. Eduard interior PE set $65 BIG BOX F-105D package $155 Inc. Aires cockpit, Eduard Canopy mask, G-factor brass gear, corrected resin tail, Master Model pitot, Fisher Model 3000lb bombs x 4 $250+ if bought new BIG BOX Wolfpack T-38A 'Holloman AFB' special edition $30 ********FIGURES*************** AMT Mr. Spock figure $15 2009 retooled reissue Andrea 80mm 'Naughty Balloons' metal and resin $45 Brickworks 1/20 Mercenaries Woman Pilot B Floating $20 resin, pour stubs trimmed Horizon HOR027 1/30 T-Rex vinyl figure $15 bagged kit, complete with color picture painting guide HOR060 1/30 Apatosaurus vinyl figure $30 HOR064 1/19 Brachiosaur $55 BIG BOX HOR065 1/30 Elasomasaurus $25 bagged kit, complete with color picture painting guide Live Resin 35002 - US Army modern Soldier $10 Moebius 1/8 Mummy $20 main parts dry fit together, complete 1/5 1966 Batgirl $85 BIG AND HEAVY BOX MRC Anubis from 'Stargate' movie $15 parts off sprues, complete Nuts Planet 200mm Shield Maiden bust $35 Pegasus 1/24 Spinosaurus $30 1/24 Triceratops $20 1/24 T-Rex $30 all are vinyl and are heavy kits 1/18 Great White Shark w/diver $20 everything prepped for assembly RP Models 100mm John Basilone bust $35 Polydata/Geometric Star Trek Next Generation 1/6 vinyl figures $100/set You get: Troi, Worf, Picard, Data, LaForge, Riker Will not break up set 2 Boxes torn from moving accident, kits are fine ********NAVAL***************** Airfix 1/72 7280 RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat $15 DML 1/350 1001-01 Typhoon Sub $12 Original issue, bagged kit, complete Riich 1/350 USS Los Angeles Class SSN with DSRV-1 $15 hull parts off sprue, complete Tamiya 1/350 USS Missouri $55 BIG BOX *******ARMOR**************** All 1/35 unless noted AFV Club AF3502 M730A1 Chaparral $30 AF35126 M1126 8x8 Stryker ICV $32 one wheel hub off sprue AF35109 M109A2 $40 Italeri M110A2 Howitzer $20 Bronco CB35100 Buffalo 6x6 MPCV $55 inc. DEF model sagged resin wheel set CB35092 M114 Up-armored HA $40 Dragon 3535 M1A1 AIM $35 3531 M1A1 USMC Heavy Armor $35 3536 M1A2 SEP V2 $35 3534 M1 Panther II $35 3520 SS-1C 'Scud' $40 BIG BOX 3523 M270 MLRS $20 original issue, rough box, some parts loose but complete HobbyBoss M1000 Heavy Equipment Trailer $40 Trailer-only from M1070 kit, bagged kit, complete with all parts Revell Germany 03042 PzH 2000 Howitzer $10 Revell US 1/32 Atomic Cannon $35 SSP issue Meng VS-003 GAZ-233014 STS "Tiger" $25 TS-005 Merkava MK.3 BAZ w/mine roller $30 TS-010 Russian "Terminator" fire support $30 SS-004 M2A3 Bradley $30 TS-004 AUF1 Howitzer $30 TS-006 T-90A $30 TS-023 ZSU-23-4 'Shilka' $30 TS-012 Panzerhaubitze 2000 $30 HS-003 US EOD Specialists and robots $10 Panda Cougar 4x4 MRAP $25 35001 M-ATV MRAP $25 Cougar 6x6 JERRV $35 Takom ST. Chamond Early Type $25 Leopard C2 Mexas $25 Tamiya 35133 Modern US Army Infantry $5 35279 Leclerc MBT $50 inc. Eduard PE 35844 and Blast Models 35138K upgrade set 89736 USMC AAVP7A1 with UGWS $25 submarine motor version 35274 Challenger 2 Desertised $20 turret, hull, skirts, applique armor off sprue inventoried complete 35326 M1A2 SEP Abrams Tusk II $30 Trumpeter 02319 M198 155mm Medium Towed Howitzer (Late Version) $20 ASLAV-25 $20 TOS-1A Multiple Rocket Launcher $40 Xact T-80U $25 *******SCI-FI*************** AMT AT-AT $8 Interplanetary UFO reissue package $45 ($10 off if purchased separately) bagged kit, includes Paragraphix PE set 1/1400 NCC-1701D $65 Includes Acreation gray Aztec decals and PNT detail decals (registries, lifeboats, etc.) Acreation set was one of the early ones before his quality control issues. Main hull parts off sprue, complete 1/537 Classic Enterprise $15 recent reissue Bandai 1/850 USS Enterprise Refit $45 Assembled, lost one of the lower hull plugs Lights work, includes stand and instruction book Delta Quadrant manufacturer out of business 1/100 Oberth Class Starship $35 resin w/decals and stand 1/1000 Bonaventure Cruiser $65 1/144 Archer Class Scout $65 Hasegawa 65789 Robotech VF-1A/J Valkyrie "eggplane" $10 Main parts off sprue, complete F-22 Raptor Eggplane $8 major parts off sprue, complete Industria Mechanika Dragonfly Type 1 $75 Monogram USS Voyager $20 regular edition, original issue, main hull off sprue MPC 8734 AT-ST 'Return of the Jedi' boxing $8 Polar Lights 1/1000 USS Enterprise TOS $15 Have 2, one has loose parts but is complete 1/537 TOS Enterprise Cutaway $15 Revell Germany 1/500 USS Enterprise 'Into Darkness' package deal Inc. Paragraphix PE set $100+shipping if bought new $70 BIG BOX Captain Cardboard 1/12 2001 TMA-1 Astronaut With Monolith Base $65 all parts primed, monolith sealed and ready for paint 1/12 2001 One Man Space Pod package $200 $236+shipping if purchased separately Heavy box Inc. Paragrahpix Upgraded Decals and Console Films Fine Molds 1/72 Darth Vader TIE $20 1/72 TIE Interceptor $20 1/72 TIE Fighter $20 1/72 Millennium Falcon $175 Original issue, BIG BOX Skyhook Planet Express - gear down w/base $40 primed *******REAL SPACE**************** Airfix 1/144 Shuttle stack $30 2011 issue, main parts off sprue inc. Warbird tile decals AOSHIMA 1/32 Hayabusa Muses-C spacecraft $10 Dragon 1/144 Space Shuttle w/747 $45 Revell US 1/144 4544 Space Shuttle Discovery w/boosters $20 rough box, some parts off sprue, checked and complete, kit decals questionable 1/144 4736 Space Shuttle Challenger w/boosters $30 rough box, kit decals questionable, inc. Warbird tile decals Some parts off sprue, inventoried and complete EXCEPT for payload sprues are missing. Can be built closed up on the pad. 1/72 Space Shuttle orbiter $20 this is the original Revell kit, NOT the Monogram kit, a few parts loose VERY BIG BOX 1/144 Space Operations Station w/shuttle $20 some parts loose, inventoried complete and rebagged by me BIG BOX *********AUTO****************** Lindberg 1/24 73065 Lindberg Dodge Challenger SRT8 Super Bee $6 Classic Hobby '95 Monte Carlo NASCAR $10 limited edition custom run with 'Olive Garden' markings Revell-Monogram parts, no chrome Revell 1/25 85-4947 '56 Chevy Nomad 2n1 $10 1/87 NY Central hudson Locomotive $10 Revell Germany 1/24 GFLF Simba 8x8 Fire Truck $65 BIG BOX Moebius 1/25 International Prostar $30 BIG BOX Monogram 1/25 '70 Buick GSX $10 AMT 1/25 Depth Charger Aqua-rod $10 1/25 Ford Louisville Delivery Truck (shrinkwrapped) $10 1/25 GMC Astro 95 Cab Over tractor 2004 issue (shrinkwrapped) $10 Italeri 1/24 trucks 3809 Curtainside Trailer $15 791 Frigo-Trailer (shrinkwrapped) $15 Testors 1/28 Big Rigs series tanker (shrinkwrapped metal kit) $12 *********Decals************ $6/ea $2 to ship any quantity in padded envelope with backing if you're in the US, no extra charge to ship with a kit. 2 Bobs 48-140 F/A-18C Rampagers 48-091 F/A-18C VFA-83, VFA-113 AERO-Master 48-761 F/A-18E New Bugs of the Fleet, VFA-143 and Royal Maces Caracal 48004 F-100C/F ANG service Super Scale 48-835 F/A-18A/C VMFA-321 and VA-37 ***********Trade Wants by scale*************** 1/48 Hobbyboss FB-111A (this version only) Hawk F-90 (super long shot, can be bagged as long as it's complete, not looking for a collectors item) Collect-Aire XF-90, XF-108, XF-103 (would trade in your favor for these) Cutting Edge F4H-1/F-4A conversion (long shot I know) TanModel Republic RF-84F Thunderflash Trumpeter F-106B Delta Dart Italeri H-21C Shawnee "Flying Banana" 1/72 Amodel Piaggio P.180 Avanti Matchbox PK29 A-4M Skyhawk Marines (this specific kit) 1/144 Roden C-5B 1/35 AFV Club 1/35 Stryker AFV35132 mine plow version only AFV Club 1/35 U.S. MIM-23 HAWK Shipping: USPS only, too many problems with pricing from UPS/FedEx for large packages. Willing to help keep costs down via double boxing kits, etc. Shipping charged at cost via the method of your choice, no extra charge for packing. I will do my best to ship by no later than Saturday of the week I receive payment but that may be delayed due to my work schedule or weatehr issues. Will advise if there is a delay. International customers welcome, please note that the USPS has raised overseas rates recently, once you exceed 36" in combined dimensions the price increases dramatically. I will do my best to keep the package size down but there's only so much I can do. VAT, customs duties, etc. are not included Payment - Paypal preferred, USPS Money Orders will do as a backup. No checks or cash.
  4. kenlilly106

    How cool is this photo...

    History on F-106 (5)80795 Nov 1959 - 158th F-106 produced by Convair at San Diego CA 04 Dec 59 - To 27th FIS Loring AFB ME 22 Jun 60 - To 94th FIS, 1st FGp, Selfridge AFB MI 17 Jan 61 - To 94th FIS, 1st FWg, Selfridge AFB MI 05 Mar 62 - Blew tire, sheared nose gear at Selfridge 07 Mar 62 - To AFLC team at Selfridge for repairs 03 Oct 62 - To 94th FIS, 1st FWg, Selfridge AFB MI 24 Jan 69 - TDY to ADWC Tyndall AFB FL 10 Feb 69 - Bailed to GD/Convair San Diego CA, Six-Shooter Prototype with Bob Archibald behind the stick. 25 Sep 69 - To ADWC, 4750th Test Sq., Tyndall AFB FL 01 Jan 75 - To ADWC, 475th Test Sq., Tyndall AFB FL 01 Oct 79 - Command change from ADCOM to TAC 15 Oct 83 - To ADWC Tyndall AFB FL 02 Apr 84 - To San Antonio ALC, Kelly AFB TX 30 Oct 86 - To B-1B Chase Program, Palmdale CA 03 Mar 87 - To Davis Monthan AFB AZ for storage FN116 07 Jan 92 - To AEL Inc., East Alton IL for drone conversion 08 Apr 92 - To Tyndall AFB FL as QF-106 drone S/N AD180 11 May 94 - Shot down on 1st NULLO by an AIM-7M
  5. kenlilly106

    F-105F/G wheel wells

    Off the top of my head... Gear bays would have been interior green fresh from the factory, gear would have been silver lacquer and the inside of the gear doors would be silver lacquer. A possible exception to the latter is that the inner gear door may have the bottom half painted red as a warning. It has a sharp point and hangs down alongside the fuselage. I think they went all gray late in life and not during the war. Ken
  6. kenlilly106

    How do you store your spare parts?

    I used to do what farmerboy did but it was a 1/72 space shuttle with boosters box so it was a pain to search for anything, especially if it was on the bottom. I got a couple of those parts organizer cabinets from the hardware store, get one with several sizes of trays and make sure it has a couple of deep ones for larger parts. Pick a day/night that you don't feel like building anything and sit down in front of the TV and sort the spare parts you have now into different compartments. I have mine sorted into compartments such as: missiles, landing gear, ejection seats, PE frets, clear parts, etc. Pick a system that works for you. Every couple of years I end up going through part of it doing the "why do I have this again?" Q&A session with myself. Ken
  7. kenlilly106

    Was there a 2016 IPMS Convention decal sheet?

    I think there was a decent amount on ARC and HS, I don't belong to any other boards nor FB so I might have missed some there. Thankfully this year there was an absence of "Why did IPMS pick ______ for the nats? They should have picked _____ ?" posts, those get old. I think this one caught more of the die-hard attendees than ones did at Orlando or Anaheim. Not that it's a bad thing, just that those seemed to catch people that normally wouldn't go but could because it was in a resort or destination city and they made it a family vacation. Patience young padwan, they are starting to filter in as people get home. Deals seemed few and far between from what I've read, and the news level was about average. Though that seemed to be more of announcements prior to the nats in the vein of "come see our new items!" kind of news. Ken
  8. kenlilly106

    Dremel power tool..

    Depends, how large and how many? If you're cutting off the blocks from ejection seats or a small cockpit it will work fine. Doing a big stack of blocks at once? Probably won't get by on a single charge. To minimize cutting with the motor tool I usually remove as much as I can with a coping saw then use the motor tool to finesse the removal and fit. Less mess that way. Ken
  9. kenlilly106

    Zoukei Mura F-4

    I think it's GT Resin, he makes a lot of items for those kits http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=52001 Ken
  10. kenlilly106

    Dremel power tool..

    The Dremel mini-mite cordless is not really intended to be a replacement for the corded one, it's more for fine work of a short duration, I've used it to cut and deburr hypo tubing and it works fine but I wouldn't use it grind large amounts. Remember too on the voltage regulator that you have to use it with the single-speed tool, using it on a multi-speed tool will damage the motor.
  11. kenlilly106

    Dremel power tool..

    I use both depending on the application. I like their Mini-mite cordless one for general tasks that are typically of short duration, I also use it on low for stirring paint and polishing clear parts and for NMF prep. I use a corded one for things like grinding resin stubs, cutting metal, household tasks, etc. Mine is a Black&Decker one that's far cheaper than the Dremel corded one. I don't see any value in buying the Dremel branded corded one. I usually get a few years out of one no matter the brand, I have a problem with dropping them when using them while on a ladder, if it hits the ground when running then it's done for. That said I've been lucky with the B&D one I have, I've had to rewire the cord where it enters the body due to fraying but that's it. Ken
  12. kenlilly106

    Obscure question on MiG-21R

    My guess would be red like other NMF MiG-21s, in the link you provided they don't appear to have the white border but I can't say for certain. Ken
  13. kenlilly106

    A slight over-reaction

    It's been replaced with "I don't like it so I don't want anyone else to have a chance to buy it!" :rolleyes:/> Ken
  14. Best shops are 45 min or so away, I can't afford to drive down there every time I need something. Plus they only carry the usual R-M/AMT/RoG kits. I have weird interests. I do try if I'm in the area (usually every 6 months or so) to run by and stock up on paints and whatnot. One of the shops carries Floquil paints and the full Tamiya rack of sprays and bottles. Ken