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  1. Bump for the week, list updated with sold items removed, I had accidentally missed a few. Thanks to all who have bought from me so far. Ken
  2. Bump for a new week, still have plenty to sell! 😀
  3. bump for a new week added 1 new kit to the list dropped prices on the BIG BOX kits to help offset shipping still trying to get rid of it all before I move later this year
  4. Bump for a new week, removed sold items and dropped prices on the Hasegawa teen fighters
  5. BUMP Added several new kits and lowered prices on most items, tried to help offset the shipping costs on larger kits by lowering those prices too Thanks to all who have bought from me! Ken
  6. I checked and I haven't seen an email about this kit. If it won't go through again PM me with your details. Thanks, Ken
  7. kenlilly106

    Rescaling decals

    Here's the way I remember it: Scale you have(divided by)scale you want gives you the enlargement/reduction amount
  8. Bump for the weekend Lowered prices on some of the larger kits a little to help offset shipping costs, plus dropped prices on real space, armor and auto
  9. Some trade wants at the bottom along with all of the usual details All items from non-smoking home Please email me directly @ dinsdale.pirahna106@gmail.com, it's much easier to keep track of everyone this way than via PM's ****************** MAIN LIST, Items 1/48 unless noted *****AIRCRAFT****** Academy Su-27B $35 Inc. Eduard exterior PE and Cutting Edge cockpit Airfix 1/72 Lancaster B.III (Special) The Dambusters $20 Black Box RA-5C Vigilante cockpit set $25 Eduard 8100 Mirage IIIc $30 regular edition, fuselage and wings off sprue 1123 Mirage 2000D/N $25 fuselage, wings and other parts off sprue, complete Classic Airframes I-153 Chaika $20 Great Wall Hobby MiG-29 9-12 'Late Type' $50 have 2 Hasegawa PT 33 A-4M Skyhawk $30 09083 Arado AR234B-2 Bomber package $40 ($63 value if bought new) Inc. Squadron vac canopy, Eduard 48-399, Aires exhausts and resin bombs (unknown vendor) 09906 F-16D Block 52 Advanced $30 09357 F-14A 'VF-154 Millennium Special' $25 09677 F-14B 'VF-103 last flight' $25 box nicked on one end 09388 F-14A 'Bicentennial' $25 P18 F-14A Pacific Fleet Squadrons $25 Have 2, box cut on one end 09803 F-16D Block 52+, Hellenic AF $35 P8 F-15E Strike Eagle Prototype $15 (NOTE - this kit can only be built as an F-15D/DJ, it DOES NOT have the CFT's 1/72 02120 B-47E Stratojet $20 'Air Research and Development Command' Heller 80417 RF-84F $15 Italeri Mig-37B $20 old "what-if" companion to the F-19 kit 1/72 C-119C w/ light truck $25 Kinetic Mirage IIIE/O/R/RQ/EE/EA $40 Su-33 $55 Kitty Hawk SA.365D Dauphin $25 (box a little torn, kit ok) F-35C $50 Monogram 85-5311 F-80 $8 85-5518 F-102 2 complete kits in 1 box, both are Case x wing $20 for the pair Neomega Saab J-29 Tunnan $30 resin kit with vac canopy and decals Planet Models XF10F-1 Jaguar $55 resin kit Revell A-6E Intruder $15 wings and fuselage off sprue, complete F-86D $12 non-parabrake tail version F-101Bx2 $14 F-106 $10/ea recent reissue, bagged kits, complete w/decals Have 4 F-18 Blue Angels $5 have 2 1/72 Advanced Technology Bomber $12 old 'what-if B-2 kit BIG BOX 1/32 F-4G $20 BIG BOX Revell Germany 1/144 04271 Boeing 797-800 TUIfly HaribAIR $15 1/144 04070 B-2 Stealth Bomber $10 1/72 A400M Grizzly package $45 Inc. Master refueling probe, Eduard masks and Eduard 00721 PE Fuselage and wings off sprue VERY BIG BOX Roden 1/144 C-141B $20 Tamiya Hawk Mk.66 'Swiss Air Force' $20 Italeri kit with new decals and white metal pilots Swordfish Mk.1 $45 Clear edition, original issue Inc. PE bracing wire set 61059 F-117 $30 1/100 B-52D, bagged kit, kit decals questionable $40 Tarangus A32A Saab Lansen $55 Trumpeter 1/32 F-105D package $130 Inc. Aires cockpit, Eduard Canopy mask, G-factor brass gear, corrected resin tail, Master Model pitot, Fisher Model 3000lb bombs x 4 $250+ if bought new BIG BOX ********FIGURES*************** Airborne Miniatures 120mm sniper team $45 figure pour stubs removed $70 retail USMC Door knockers $45 2 figures with plaster base $80+ retail AMT Mr. Spock figure $12 2009 retooled reissue Andrea 80mm 'Naughty Balloons' metal and resin $35 Brickworks 1/20 Mercenaries Woman Pilot B Floating $15 resin, pour stubs trimmed Cretaceous Creations of America 1/15 T-Rex $225 $275 retail 1/1 Infant Stegosaurus $150 $190 retail Live Resin 35002 - US Army modern Soldier $8 Moebius 1/8 Mummy $15 main parts dry fit together, complete MRC Anubis from 'Stargate' movie $10 parts off sprues, complete Pegasus 1/18 Great White Shark w/diver $15 everything prepped for assembly RP Models 100mm John Basilone bust $30 Polydata/Geometric Star Trek Next Generation 1/6 vinyl figures $75/set You get: Troi, Worf, Picard, Data, LaForge, Riker Will not break up set 2 Boxes torn from moving accident, kits are fine *******ARMOR**************** All 1/35 unless noted AFV Club AF3502 M730A1 Chaparral $25 AF35126 M1126 8x8 Stryker ICV $25 one wheel hub off sprue AF35109 M109A2 $30 Bronco CB35100 Buffalo 6x6 MPCV $45 inc. DEF model sagged resin wheel set Dragon 3531 M1A1 USMC Heavy Armor $30 3556 M1A2 SEP V2 $30 (have 2) Buy the pair for $50+shipping 3534 M1 Panther II $25 3523 M270 MLRS $15 original issue, rough box, some parts loose but complete 3520 SS-1C 'Scud' $25 BIG BOX Meng VS-003 GAZ-233014 STS "Tiger" $20 TS-004 AUF1 Howitzer $25 Tamiya 35133 Modern US Army Infantry $5 89736 USMC AAVP7A1 with UGWS $20 submarine motor version Tamiya Modern US Military Equipment Set $5/pair Trumpeter 02319 M198 155mm Medium Towed Howitzer (Late Version) $12 ASLAV-25 $12 *******SCI-FI*************** AMT Interplanetary UFO reissue package $25 bagged kit, includes Paragraphix PE set 1/1400 NCC-1701D $40 Includes Acreation gray Aztec decals and PNT detail decals (registries, lifeboats, etc.) Acreation set was one of the early ones before his quality control issues. Main hull parts off sprue, complete 1/537 Classic Enterprise $10 recent reissue Bandai 1/850 USS Enterprise Refit $40 Assembled, lost one of the lower hull plugs Lights work, includes stand and instruction book 1/72 A-wing $22 have 2 Captain Cardboard 1/12 2001 TMA-1 Astronaut With Monolith Base $55 all parts primed, monolith sealed and ready for paint 1/12 2001 One Man Space Pod package $175 $236+shipping if purchased separately Heavy box Inc. Paragrahpix Upgraded Decals and Console Films Delta Quadrant manufacturer out of business 1/100 Oberth Class Starship $25 resin w/decals and stand 1/1000 Bonaventure Cruiser $40 1/144 Archer Class Scout $40 FCY 1/60 Battletech MadCat $100 all resin, heavy kit Fine Molds 1/72 Millenium Falcon $125 Original issue, BIG BOX same kit as Revell 'Master Grade' Y-Wing OOP $25 Hasegawa 65789 Robotech VF-1A/J Valkyrie "eggplane" $8 Main parts off sprue, complete F-22 Raptor Eggplane $8 major parts off sprue, complete MPC 8734 AT-ST 'Return of the Jedi' boxing $5 Polar Lights 1/12 'Robby the robot' movie poster edition w/Altaira $45 inc. Paragrafix PE detail set Revell Germany 1/500 USS Enterprise 'Into Darkness' package deal Inc. Paragraphix PE set $100+shipping if bought new $60 BIG BOX Skyhook Planet Express - gear down w/base $30 primed *******REAL SPACE**************** Airfix 1/144 Shuttle stack $20 2011 issue, main parts off sprue inc. Warbird tile decals Dragon 1/144 Space Shuttle w/747 $35 Revell US 1/144 4544 Space Shuttle Discovery w/boosters $15 rough box, some parts off sprue, checked and complete, kit decals questionable 1/144 Space Operations Station w/shuttle $20 some parts loose, inventoried complete and rebagged by me BIG BOX New Ware 1/144 Lockheed Starclipper $75 all resin kit of a proposed shuttle design $103 if bought new *********AUTO****************** Revell 1/87 NY Central hudson Locomotive $5 Testors 1/28 Big Rigs series tanker (shrinkwrapped metal kit) $5 AMT 1/25 'Royal Rail' show rod $5 chrome stripped, kit is complete and unstarted *********Decals************ $6/ea $2 to ship any quantity in padded envelope with backing if you're in the US, no extra charge to ship with a kit. 2 Bobs 48-140 F/A-18C Rampagers 48-091 F/A-18C VFA-83, VFA-113 AERO-Master 48-761 F/A-18E New Bugs of the Fleet, VFA-143 and Royal Maces Caracal 48004 F-100C/F ANG service Super Scale 48-835 F/A-18A/C VMFA-321 and VA-37 ***********Trade Wants by scale*************** 1/48 Hobbyboss FB-111A (this version only) Hawk F-90 (super long shot, can be bagged as long as it's complete, not looking for a collectors item) Collect-Aire XF-90, XF-108, XF-103 (would trade in your favor for these) TanModel Republic RF-84F Thunderflash Trumpeter F-106B Delta Dart x 2 Italeri H-21C Shawnee "Flying Banana" 1/72 Amodel Piaggio P.180 Avanti Matchbox PK29 A-4M Skyhawk Marines (this specific kit) 1/35 AFV Club 1/35 U.S. MIM-23 HAWK All kits are unstarted and in their original bags/boxes except as noted. All kits may exhibit some shelf wear and/or dinged corners unless noted. Shipping plus VAT/Customs is extra to the prices noted below, will go via USPS at the speed of your choice and charged at cost from zip code 24060 No UPS/FedEX shipping, too many problems with their costs. Note that entries labeled "BIG BOX" will be more to ship cross country or overseas because of the size. Willing to help keep costs down via double boxing kits, etc. I will do my best to ship by no later than Saturday of the week I receive payment but that may be delayed due to my work schedule or weather issues. Will advise if there is a delay. VAT, customs duties, etc. are not included Payment - Paypal preferred, USPS Money Orders will do as a backup. No checks or cash.
  10. kenlilly106

    How cool is this photo...

    History on F-106 (5)80795 Nov 1959 - 158th F-106 produced by Convair at San Diego CA 04 Dec 59 - To 27th FIS Loring AFB ME 22 Jun 60 - To 94th FIS, 1st FGp, Selfridge AFB MI 17 Jan 61 - To 94th FIS, 1st FWg, Selfridge AFB MI 05 Mar 62 - Blew tire, sheared nose gear at Selfridge 07 Mar 62 - To AFLC team at Selfridge for repairs 03 Oct 62 - To 94th FIS, 1st FWg, Selfridge AFB MI 24 Jan 69 - TDY to ADWC Tyndall AFB FL 10 Feb 69 - Bailed to GD/Convair San Diego CA, Six-Shooter Prototype with Bob Archibald behind the stick. 25 Sep 69 - To ADWC, 4750th Test Sq., Tyndall AFB FL 01 Jan 75 - To ADWC, 475th Test Sq., Tyndall AFB FL 01 Oct 79 - Command change from ADCOM to TAC 15 Oct 83 - To ADWC Tyndall AFB FL 02 Apr 84 - To San Antonio ALC, Kelly AFB TX 30 Oct 86 - To B-1B Chase Program, Palmdale CA 03 Mar 87 - To Davis Monthan AFB AZ for storage FN116 07 Jan 92 - To AEL Inc., East Alton IL for drone conversion 08 Apr 92 - To Tyndall AFB FL as QF-106 drone S/N AD180 11 May 94 - Shot down on 1st NULLO by an AIM-7M