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  1. Hi Eric, While I have not built a Titanic or any other civilian ships for that matter, I usually paint the vertical surfaces first then mask them off and then paint the decks. After painting the decks and vertical surfaces I usually go back and paint any deck details such as the bits, bights, anchor runs etc with a small paint brush.
  2. Actually USAF F-4Es and F-4Gs had the straps applied in the late 80s and early 90s as well.
  3. It might help if you gave a little more information as it kind of depends on which F-4E (early/late/) you are starting with which F-4F (early/or ICE mod) you want to end up with what F-4E kit you have and how detailed do you want to get.... Generally the differences are F-4F's have unslotted stabilizers Slated wings (Agile Eagle modification) long cannon muzzles not TIESO units on leading edge of left wing Early F-4F only carried AIM 9 Sidewinders whilst the late ICE modified F-4F carried AIM-120s. HTH
  4. Thanks Don. Yeah if I remember correctly, that area was where I was having difficulty getting the halves to touch. I also took part of the thick srpue runners that had been attached to the hull halves and sanded it flat on the bottom and then cut it into half inch or so lengths. I glued them in as braces across the joint in this area after as well just because I was paranoid about the seem opening up in this area later on. One thing I have found that comes in handy are these trigger grips: I got a set at the local Hardware store for $8 or so dollars...
  5. Hi Don, It's posted over on the Model Ships.com site at http://www.modelwarships.com. This link takes you to the completed article and there's a link on that page to take you to the build thread on that site. http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/bb/bb-39/Arizona-429-mb/index.htm Thanks for looking Mark B.
  6. Some close ups: Superstructure and foremast Mainmast Boat deck Stern with Kingfishers and AC crane All in all a fun build. Comments and questions welcomed. Thanks for having a look and have a great day.
  7. Here are some over all shots of the battle wagon.
  8. Well I actually finished this back in 2016. I apologize for not posting the finished project sooner.. At any rate (glacial in my case) here are the finished boat cranes installed on the boat. Here we have the completed catapult on turret #3 And the stern catapult
  9. Hi ch4vetrep, Sent you an PM about this. Do you still need some?
  10. Hi apatish, I sent you a PM on this. Let me know if you still need the kill markings. Cheers!
  11. BrockyTaz

    f-4D ADC

    Thanks. So it was a CoG thing then. I was wondering because sometimes heat and humidity mean adverse aerodynamic performance and other times they mean adverse electrical circuit performance.
  12. BrockyTaz

    f-4D ADC

    Not meaning to hi-jack this thread, but one of my middle names is "rampant curiosity" but this statement makes me want to know what the weather had to do with the # of AIM-7s? Was it a weight thing or was there something about the AIM-7s in the front bay on hot humid days? If a weight thing, did the birds sit alert sans center line tank as well? TIA
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