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  1. In reference to this thread I thought I'd let you know that commencing 17 May 2023 NAS Pensacola will allow non-DoD ID civilians access to the National Naval Aviation Museum and the Pensacola Light House Museum from 0900 to 1500 daily via the West (Blue Angel Parkway) gate. Access will be permitted as long as there is parking space available at the National Naval Aviation Museum. See this WEAR TV 3 article for details and visitation rules and regulations.
  2. I have found a set. Thanks I’m lining up a 1/32 scale 4th TFW F-4E and would like to hang some AGM-65s on it. If anyone has these and is willing to part with them I would be willing to pay 10.00 plus shipping to Pensacola Florida USA. I don't want/need to spend $30 plus shipping on 2 H sprue sets from the kit. Lord knows I have enough left over AGM-65s and ALQ-119 pods left over from the A-7D, F/A-18C and F-4E/RF-4C kits. Or speaking of left over arms from various kits I might be able to trade you something for them. If you are interested ple
  3. Hey guys, Just a heads up for anyone who is planning a visit to the North West Florida/Mobile Alabama area this year between March and November. While you most likely won’t be able to visit the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola you could still catch a Blue Angels practice show from the Pensacola Light House Museum. The Blues usually fly their practice shows on Tuesday and Wednesday most weeks during their posting to NAS Pensacola. It’s a cool little Museum located just south of the Air Station (just across the street form the Naval Aviation Museum). It is also a really great way to
  4. Hi Niels, After looking at some photos of the SUU-16/SUU-23 and MER on the F-4 center line station I can see that the gun pods and MER stand off from the bottom of the fuselage a greater distance that the AN/AXQ-14 pod. It seems that the AXQ-14 pod has a spacer of some sort that gives just enough clearance to prevent the pod form making contact with the bottom of the fuselage during flight. My guess would be that it is similar to the one used on the AN/ASQ-153\AN/AVQ-23 Pave Spike pods and would be bolted on to the AQX-14 pod as well since the picture of the pod mounted on the inb
  5. Hi, I know it's a little hard to see, but from the below picture it would seem to be the same center line pylon used for the MER or SUU-16. This one shows the pod attached to the inboard wing station It doesn't have any special adapter or spacers and this was what I found in other pictures of the pod hung on F-15s, F-16s and F-111s. Hop this helps
  6. While you may be right, the last I heard (almost a year ago now) was that State Senator Doug Broxon was negotiating with the US Navy and Florida Dept. of Transportation) to construct a "raised road" down Blue Angel Parkway from Sorrento Blvd. all the way to the Museum as well as expanding Blue Angel Parkway form two to four lanes south of US 98 to Sorrento Blvd. Understandably this met with some resistance from the US Navy and most of the other state senators and representatives outside of North West Florida. I haven't heard anything else on the local news lately other than Dougie's droni
  7. As long as the Expiration Date on your CA card is less than the date you try to get on board NASP, you won't have a problem. And unless you're the Waltons, it will cover every one in your immediate family. You are allowed to "escort" up 15 additional people. Just make sure that all adults in your party have a valid form of ID (Driver's License or State ID) with them.
  8. So on the 1/72 Mustang, is it an A or a B? Should I believe the picture or the title?
  9. None of this bothers you or any one else in Australia?
  10. Hi Bomber101, Yeah that's the problem with the newer Revell pictograph instructions... Anybody remember when the instructions had actual descriptions of the steps as well as drawings? This is why I go to scalemates.com to see if they have an older set of instructions... If you go to the link below you'll be able to download a set of instructions from the 1970s Monogram version of the kit. circa 1970 Monogram instructions The link above shows this as bandi-monogram kit so sometimes it takes a little poking around but most of the time I have fo
  11. Hi Gary, Thanks for the response. Great to hear. I have set up the notification process at Sprue Brothers. Have a great day, Mark B.
  12. Hi FastEagle12 Thanks for the response, but the problem is that the shapes of the fuselage cross sections in the intake areas are noticably different between the kits. This causes all sorts of fit issues when trying to use sets molded for Tamiya kits on Revell kits and vice versa. In light of the radio silence, I think I'll be doing some engineering on this build. Thanks again Mark
  13. Hello Gary, I was wondering if you were planning on making any more of your intake trunks for the Revell 1/32 F-4E/F-4F/F-4G/RF-4C kits? I will be getting back to a build that has been on the shelf of doom for several years this summer. Thanks and hope you are doing well, Mark B.
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