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  1. Ahhh, the good ol' days of working on the roof. Sometimes I really miss the action of carrier life. Lots of good memories. Thanks for the post. Chris
  2. Well I'll be bringing a few entries and it'll only be the third time I've entered something in the Nats. I don't mind if I place or not. I like the fun of showing my work. Also I'll be vending at the Nats this year and there will be plenty of great deals to be had so drop by the Hobby-Connection table. :) This will be the first and only time I vend at the Nats and I'll only be vending at our local club show in September to sell off what I don't sell at the Nats. After that, Hobby-Connection will be no more. I plan on opening my bike shop very soon. By the way, any special request for orders? Chris
  3. A6ETRAM


    Patience my young Jedi. The intruder will show itself in due time. :D
  4. Well PhantomTwo, aside from the BRAC thing, we are doing well here at St. Louis. Still busy and now about to get busier since we will be transitioning to work on the Spirit when our jets leave. Chris
  5. I'm all done registering. Now I just need to get there and have fun!
  6. I'm up for a dinner meet. I missed getting together with the group at Atlanta so this will make up for it. Since I'm vending at this years Nats, hopefully we can make the dinner time after the vending room closes or at least close to closing time. Chris
  7. I hear ya' and feel your pain. Chris
  8. Yeah, Those are the F-15C's from my unit (131st FW) of the MoANG. Just as we got rid of our A's and acquired the C's, we get placed on the BRAC list. So, by 2009 our jets have to be gone. Chris
  9. Kelly, I'll give you my donation when I arrive there. Chris
  10. :D Looks like I won't make the GB deadline folks. The last few weeks have been too hectic with preparing for my wedding and my cancer fight. So my F-8 and A-7 lay without decals and I'll have to finish them up when I return from the honeymoon. It was great working on the two projects side by side though.
  11. :) Yeah, I hope I can have a few more days to get my two jets done for this GB. I just clear coated the F-8 and it's ready for decals as well as the A-7D.
  12. I'm just wondering why I haven't been placed on the Good Trader list. I've been selling and trading here for quite some time and I've given some great deals and many have been repeat dealings. I'm never rude and I've even given away stuff to guys who are in need of parts or spare decals. Hope you don't mind if I toot my own horn here, but I seem to go un-noticed and I'd like others to know how great I am to deal with. Chris
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