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  1. Hello. Sorry to disturb. My name is Marian Madalin, a male engineer from Bucharest, Romania. I want to build a P51 Mustang Replica for display, I have some sponsors here who help me with free materials and services. I want to use the drawings of mr. Marcel Jurca to do the parts and assembly, but the drawings are in PDF, and I want an assumed, responsible, serious volunteer CAD engineer to help me redraw the drawings from the PDF and put them into DXF files, so it can be easily cut on CNC from plywood, aluminium, steel etc... I have some progress on the frames and formers (pictures in private).
  2. I am opening a new aviation museum, totally 100% nonprofit and I was curious if some members from here can join forces and build for me, as a sponsorship, a full size replica or mockup aircraft, from very cheap and accesible material . Thank you very much.
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