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  1. Hi I am looking to trade for this kit , have air and armour each pay own postage pls leave a message for me here and I can send a list of my kits and reminder I do live in Ontario Canada for shipping purposes thanks Mike or I can be reached at golden3@rogers.com
  2. love it , nothing better than a mossie portrayed on tarmac or in flight like this
  3. Hi I have air and armour to trade for the kit , each pay own shipping I do live in Ontario Canada pls contact me at golden3at rogers.com or here on the board thanks Mike
  4. Hi I am looking for a 1/32 Tamiya corsair if possible in the deal.. and if there is a difference can throw in cash thanks Mike my kit is mint bags sealed etc.
  5. wow really nice build, very impressive , can we see a pic of all your birds together tks Mike
  6. Hi as said wtb the spit , I live in Ontario Canada and will pay by pp thanks Mike
  7. do you still have the tornado sorry I never got back to you but I was called back to work and it gets all encompassing at times and you forget everything sorry Mike

  8. Hi if you have a spare canopy for sale / trade I can pay by pp thanks I live in Ontario Canada mike
  9. Hi saw a few of these for sale lately and now I have the urge to build one after all the great reviews on it, so if anyone has one for sale or trade pls drop me a line at golden3@rogers.com or here , I have armour 1/35 and air in 1/48 and if it is reasonable in price can pay by pp.. thanks mike cain Ontario Canada
  10. DAve sent you a list and one more after that did you receive , I don t have your email address still on folder so used the ARC messenger email.

    thanks mike hope it worked

  11. Hi I have air armour and accessories to trade for this kit and would like to keep the kit trading in Canada due to ridiculous shipping rates nowadays pls let me know if you have a he lll by revell for trade thanks mike Ontario
  12. great job fooling us but where was lorne greene or leslie neilson , for the next set of photo shop pics , that was amazing... great work mike
  13. hi i have run out of stuff for trade, i have had a tamiya f 16 in both scales but am trying to thin out my air and stick with armour mainly but l like the mig so,as said i the bf 110 by eduard in a g and e version and they are loaded otherwise i am out sorry ... hope you get what your looking the

  14. i just checked the instructions and it says they were printed in 89 and yet i have 2005 advertising flyer in it so you can decide, i have some classic air frame kits like the blenheim two versions of the f5a and f5b too, or a academy su series it is a big nice kit... checked in a pile in my garage too


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