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  1. Can I ask what the problems were with the resin?
  2. Did the F-8 and F-105 carry the Mk 82 Snakeyes, and if they did was that the norm or exception? Does anybody know when they were rolled out, or the year that differentiates the “early” and “late” airbrake fins. The reason I am asking is because I am looking at the ones for sale on the Eduard site and am trying to decide if I should just get the standard Mk 82’s or not. I searched the web and could not find definitive info or pictures. Thank you.
  3. WTB: Fightertown Jolly Rogers decals set #48073 F-14. I know this is a longshot, but I’m hoping somebody may have a full or partial said they don’t need anymore. I can pay with PayPal. Thank you, Jeff jnemmers1@cox.net
  4. habu2 thank you that was very interesting and insightful. ESzczesniak, if you do have a kit or parts I would be interested! just drop me a message. If you need my email just let me know. Thanks guys
  5. Thank you for your input guys, that helped me get it figured out!!
  6. Hobbylink has the first one, Ultracast has the second one.
  7. Thank you guys, you gave me some really great leads and I appreciate it. I will have to start saving my money!
  8. Viper, you are correct, it is the C. Thank you for the information.
  9. Can I convert a Tamiya F-16 to an Israeli Barak? I have the Tamiya F-16D 25/32. I also already have the Skunkmodels IDF weapon sets. I can get the larger intake from the block 50 set. My main concern are the wingtip mounted missiles. Does anybody know how I could mount them, or is this even an issue? Thank you, Jeff
  10. Can anybody tell me what the best modeling reference books there are for the F-14. I am interested in color photos and color schemes including color plates. The only reason I am asking is because I went a little overboard (and over budget) trying to find good B-52 books and I don’t want to go there again. Thank you, Jeff
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