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  1. Thank y'all very much for the info, Helmsman I went exactly that way. Thanks again
  2. Zup Dudes... I bought this kit in a recent hobby show, and Immediately knew I wanted to do it VIP transport. But I quickly ran into the issue of the version. I've been working on it last couple of days and I'm almost there. But I was wondering if I'd cast copies of the eventual finished product there would be enough interest on most of y'all?? Will probably obtain at least a dozen... idk. Anyway, here are some pics.
  3. The point of asking is because I WANT to paint it Russian Interior. Preferrably the SU-27, not the turquoise one. Though I will get that as well. Thanks
  4. Hello Fellas I know, I know, this has probably been asked before but I cannot find a definitive answer. But then again, Russians being Russian, they have 0 standards and just paint as they go. Anwyay. I'm doing a What-If Macross Plus YF-19 with MiG-25 Tails, F-18 Landing Gear, and Some weird ordinance. Just for the Lols. The sceme will be SPlintered Russian Winter with Blue, white and gray. That I do know However, I'm not sure if the Russians have stopped using that funky Turquise Green they used to have in the Cold war and have gone to more normal Grayish interiors???
  5. Hello Fellas I asked in the forums on March 15 about Decals in 1/72 for a T-45 for a big project I'm doing (an FBO diorama with mostly civilian aircraft) but You get to see some Goshakws every now and then. I started looking for decals for a Kingsville bird. And then I saw THIS. ANd I said why the heck not? So here it is. First aircraft started and finished in 3 years. Been building a Tank and F1 in the mean time hehe. Exhaust pipe out of brass tubing. Pitot tube and antennaes out of brass sheet. Tail hook Brass tubing as well. Decals are DrawDecals. Mr. Hobby Paints (except the
  6. Thank y'all This turned out even better than I expected. YEEHAW!!!! Thank y'all for the little extra push 🙂
  7. Hello People Quick, dumb question Gloss, semi Gloss, satin, flat. Etc. I’m building the Texas Kingsville NAS T-45. According to my reference, the plane is Glossy. Just enough to reflect itself - engines on fuselage and stuff. Plus a dark blue color and red both reflect better than white. Anyway, I build mostly civilian airplanes - which are a bit glossier, and Formula 1 which are super glossy. My question is: If the glossy scale is Formula 1 and Muscle cars are a 10, factory Civilian Aircraft are around 8, Semi Gloss (Tamiya) being a 5, and Flat Dullcoat being 0, How would
  8. Yay nice but the seller doesn't ship to the US. I'm screwed 😕 Thanks Gregg but this is 1/48 😞 need 1/72 Thank you both.
  9. Hello fellas. I’m currently building a T-45 Goshawk for this mega project I have in the works, 1/72. ALMOST out of the Box. Couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I need some pointers. I’m trying to make the build either Corpus Christi or Kingsvillr NAS based. I’m mostly into civilian and F1 builds right now so I have no idea what to look for. And yes I’ve googled but I get way too many pictures of which most are from just about any NAS around. And I need them to be specifically Corpus Christi or Kingsville, any markings will do as long as they’re based out of there than
  10. Quick question, do you have the Portrait Blade / force / speed settings for Tamiya backing tape??
  11. Hello Fellas With model master out of the picture, do Testors paints remain?? Particularly the Decal Bonder spray.... for home made printed decals.
  12. Hello Lol It was the best audio I could find so far for this example. But I plan to record the actual APU of the aircraft. I'll let you know. Decals I just did them in Adobe Illustrator, I have this friend that prints them for me - Jon Ochoa from Ochoa Decals. I can do any decal in illustrator but it takes some time.
  13. Hi Fellas... I swear I didn't plan this. My other build - the Hawker - was always intended to have a display base because of all the project's electronics. I was fiddling around with the Hawker on how to arrange it on possible base dimensions and then it hit me. I realized I have a Resin King Air 200 which I just recently bought (and I'm dying to build) and this Arii Bonanza that I brought at Modelfiesta about 15 years ago... so like one thing lead to another and suddenly, this obscure, forgotten kit I had lying around in the stash was thrown to the forefront of the most ambitious mod
  14. Update: Current state of affairs Decals are done. Engines have been painted and detailed as well. Replaced Kit fan disc (left) with 3D printed version with correct Spinner cone and number of fan blades. Cabin window masks removed, check on another light test. Nose gear detailed Work has commenced on detailing the cabin door.
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