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  1. Hello Lol It was the best audio I could find so far for this example. But I plan to record the actual APU of the aircraft. I'll let you know. Decals I just did them in Adobe Illustrator, I have this friend that prints them for me - Jon Ochoa from Ochoa Decals. I can do any decal in illustrator but it takes some time.
  2. Hi Fellas... I swear I didn't plan this. My other build - the Hawker - was always intended to have a display base because of all the project's electronics. I was fiddling around with the Hawker on how to arrange it on possible base dimensions and then it hit me. I realized I have a Resin King Air 200 which I just recently bought (and I'm dying to build) and this Arii Bonanza that I brought at Modelfiesta about 15 years ago... so like one thing lead to another and suddenly, this obscure, forgotten kit I had lying around in the stash was thrown to the forefront of the most ambitious mod
  3. Update: Current state of affairs Decals are done. Engines have been painted and detailed as well. Replaced Kit fan disc (left) with 3D printed version with correct Spinner cone and number of fan blades. Cabin window masks removed, check on another light test. Nose gear detailed Work has commenced on detailing the cabin door.
  4. Thank you. Oh, and y'all wonder why the Tablet speaker inside the model??? https://youtu.be/h7XIhg4dhDg
  5. Current state of affairs. Decals were designed by yours truly, printed by Ochoa decals. Panels washed with Tamiya panel line washes, gray, dark gray and black on the ones that have sealant. Next up gloss coating the decals so work on the metallic portions (cockpit framing, APU exhaust, wing and horizontal stab leading edges) can commence.
  6. THank you! I enjoyed particularly that. My money on the gear offset is on for Xwind landings... not that they'd help much.
  7. Thank you! Thank you! And thanks to all the other good modellers here. But if I drew some ideas for how to build stuff, I definetly point the finger ScalePhantom Phixer, the Madman Pierre Greutert. Thank you! Totally agree on the Corporate aircraft. But I'm defintly detailing the sheet out of whichever I get my hands on!! Thanks. Yeah, it's very noticeable if you leave it Out of the Box: It's like Yes.... but no.
  8. Hello Daniel Wait, what?? I had no clue of that. I guess only a serious worker on the aircraft would know that. Heck I've got several hundred hours on the type and I didn't know that!! You have some reference I could chew on?? I may be able to fix it since the wheels are not glued to an axle in the model but rather flat to the brake discs. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Thanks :) I was used to PE but this was like 3 miles down the road. And I appreciate it cuz I feel I'm on a higher level. Weathering on the other part... heheh
  10. Hello people. I'm an airfoil guy - that means that if it has wings, I'll build it - that includes Formula 1. However, on the LHS they threw a Dare challenge to all of us that build Cars to build a tank and those who build tanks to build a car... and just because I once heard the name Merkava and it stuck, and I knew it was like a sports tank (turret in the rear) I thought how hard could it be?? So I started this build on a dare. Again, I HAVE NEVER built a tank before. and I RARELY build models that require substantial weathering, so this particular build has me a bit tense.
  11. Hello, fellas!! It's been a while since I last posted here. Good to see some familiar names. Anyways, I've been posting my builds mostly in FB, but this one I've been posting it in several places and I'm pretty proud of it. Won't be finished until a couple of weeks, though. Man, I remember the day I posted here I was enrolling in flight school. So I guess it is only fitting this build sees some light here. Build is Sword 1/72 U-125 JASDF converted to it's civilian Version, the HS-125. Especifically, the plane I fly for a living. Several modifications had to be done, specifically e
  12. MOAI VINCENT we need to preach you more!!!!
  13. Theres a zvedza md-11?? Im doing Welsh models' and I'm enjoying it, but I' extremely curious on EE's kit
  14. hey dudes I'm currently building a Welsh Models MD-11 in 1/144, but the kit's tires are not what I'd like. I plan to use the tires from a Revell A340, apparently they're thr correct size. However, I'm also building a DC-10-30 and I'm trying to leave them at the same level of quality. Therefore I'm in need of tires, 10 of them, from any A330/340/380 from Revell in 1/144 that was either built as in-flight or trashed. Can anybody help me? Thank you
  15. Thanks Soooo... does anybody have a Spare set of Heavy Airliner Tyres?? At least 4?? :(
  16. Hi people. by chance, would anybody happen to have an A330/A340/A380 or 747 in 1/144 that you either built or trashed?? I need tyres :( 10 to be precise. thank you!!
  17. Hey man thanks for the reply. Seems to be depending on the subject. Now if Incould only determine what FS is that :(
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