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    to many addictions to list but a few are turkey & deer hunting,sufering the net,building models.
  1. hi mike i have them hows 9.50 sound. i did get the spicher decals to thanks for those. give me some time i have a huge decal sale list going up. i have gotten totally out of building airplanes. its just armor from now own.
  2. well lets just say you guys have been great in helping me get the stash down and payments out for my bills. here is whats left of my 1/48 stash. their props,jets and one helo that i know i wont be building. and now for the fun part i ship priotiory mail and i for now i will only take a us postal m/o and paypal at this time and again thanks a bunch for helping me out take care rob. 1/48 hasagawa ah-64d apache longbow with colo photo etch set. 35.00 av-8b harrier II plus with a bunch of aftermarket goodies 35.00 f/a-18e super hornet 40.00 academey p-47d thunderbolt nose art big a** bird 1
  3. all kits and a set of decals were mailed today,be on the look out for the brown truck.thanks and bump for the week
  4. well these have got to go guys i need some fast cash for my bills since work has cutt my hours. rumur has it thier may even be some layoffs coming next month. yall know how the retail biz is not so good right now. and now for the fun part buyer pays shipping and i do take money orders but it must be a us postal money order and i do take paypal. so here is what i have and again thanks for looking. take care rob. thier all 1/48 hasagawa av-8b harrier II plus with color photo etch and a few other goodies $50.00 ah-64d apache longbow with color photo etch $40.00 f/a-18e vfa-27/115 45.00 a
  5. i have been thinking about getting the woodland camo for some figures that i wantt to try it on. look over on the armorama site. thiers a guy named heavyarty he has used them on some of his figures and has said a few good things about the item.
  6. i am not totaly sure but what i have been reading about this tank most of the crews were.
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