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  1. Looks excellent! I would suggest trying to heat the blades a little to get a tiny bit of droop into them. The don't flex much on the Apache, but there is some. Weathering and paint looks incredibly accurate. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself about the window sealant. It is usually a giant mess depending on which PVT did the work last. Typically it is a little darker sealant color, but I have seen everything from nearly white to completely black.
  2. Interesting. I first saw this type of counter-measures on some CH-47Fs when I was contracting in 2012. We called them R2-D2s due to the way that they functioned.
  3. One of the managers I work with worked Skycranes for a long time. He would crew them and run sling load ops all over the US. He said they had a cargo pod that they would throw all their gear in to take to each location. He said he never saw the medical pod. a WHIF would be awesome. Especially a modernized version of a medical aircraft.
  4. I enjoy reading about and digging into the details of F1 for the shear fact that I am into engineering and design. I'm definitely a big car fan. The Honda I am working on is an RA273. Something awesome about classic race cars. I also have had some 1:1 vintage cars, and currently have an ongoing 240z project. It is a rust bucket right now though.
  5. This is at least what I was told while in the Army working on Apaches that had the ASPI mod, this may not be accurate now that I think of it. In any case CMMWS is better at reducing certain threats. The different paint is to keep the blades from getting damaged by heat. It was still flat black paint.
  6. Thanks! Currently get to work on some really cool aircraft. S92A SAR, CH-148 Cyclone, and others.
  7. Yup, the UES is used to replace the very expensive and fragile ALQ-144. The mod along with special paint added to the blades for the increased heat allows the exhaust heat signature to be dispersed, and sort of acts the same way the ALQ would have. This along with CMWS is a more effective means of protecting from IR threats.
  8. This video shows a couple of interior views of the pod. Youtube This site seems to have some info about the interior dimensions of these pods. Pod Loading Can't access this at work, but it may have some good info. 15th Medical I can get some info from a co-worker later today.
  9. I might know some people that have some contacts. I work at Sikorsky.
  10. Hey everyone, my name is Nick. I've recently re-fixated on modelling and started to get back into the hobby after about 10 years or so of not doing anything model related. I've still painted a few things here and there, mostly small 3D printed models or replica Nintendo cases for Raspberry Pi powered video game emulators, but I haven't really built anything. I used to scratch build a lot when I was in High School, and would love to get into some hyper detailing. I have been inspired to come back due to the desire to build a very detailed AH-64D replica of the one I worked on in Af
  11. They actually close based on vacuum generated by the engine shortly after start. The pistons sometimes would stick, and they need a little tap to get closed all the way. I am going to be working on one of these Hasegawa kits to build a replica of the aircraft I worked in Afghanistan. It's a great looking kit, but missing some stuff we had on ours. Plan to join up here and post progress.
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