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  1. Whoa, good to know that temp range doesn't warp your kits. I was thinking of putting stuff in my basement as well and I certainly dont have to deal with temp fluctuation as that big. Anyone else out there storing their kits in various box orientations?
  2. Hey Everyone, First off, Happy New Year. Its almost here! As part of my New Year's resolution I'm trying to clean up and organize my stash...as of right now there is a lot more than I remember buying... As I was organizing I've been trying to lay my kits flat but I'm running out of space fast and would be able to store more if I put them on their sides standing vertically be it on the long or short side of the box...is there any detrimental effects for indefinitely storing them like that? I assume no right? Am I just being cray-cray? Thanks!!!
  3. Hey All, Where have those bought the Zvezda ISDs? Ebay? Any specific seller, I see a few that sell without the box to save on shipping is that the route you guys went? Thanks and Happy New Year
  4. I always had previously called myself a plane nerd, Aviation geek...Avgeek rolls of the tongue much better :)
  5. Hi All, Is the Fujimi 1/72 F-14 discontinued? I'm kn the market for some 72nd F-14s and I remeber the Fujimi F-14s used to be plentiful and cheap....now not so much.
  6. I wish there would be a throwback Thursday or something to show the old Wings episodes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wings_(Discovery_Channel_TV_series)#Original_Series
  7. Star Wars only, there is always time to do a Star Trek one separately.
  8. If its true that the way points were entered before ATC sign off then unfortunately this is less plausible.
  9. We've actually only been in the house for a year or so. ACtually now that you mention it I havent see any cracks at all in the concrete slab. Maybe its always been this low compared to the sidewalk.
  10. Hi, CTS-V, I actually think its clearance is better than my camaro. I have lots of street parking so it doesnt matter that much, I'd much rather park in the street than have the garage dictate what types of car and then I would have this be a longer term project. Im sorta just wondering if a repoured entrance will get it done for now. I guess for that I could just go to a concrete contractor and see what they think. And the reason I was thinking of moving the garage is I think there could be some newer laws that might take effect if I tear the garage down. I guess I could check with some
  11. Hi All, Im getting a new car and actually want to keep it in the garage. Only problem is that my current car (2002 Camaro) always scrapes on the way into and out of the garage. The issue is that is seems like the garage has sank a bit since it was built. Heres a a picture: Its not too visible but the side walk is higher than the entrance to the garage so when going from the street to the garage the sidewalk acts as a "hump" for lack of a better description. So Im not really sure what my options are...Does the garage need to be jacked up and a new entrance/garage slab poured? I think wha
  12. Hi All, I'm trying to get an early jump on Spring cleaning. I'm thinking that my unbuilt models take up too much usable space and would like to store doubles and some models I am not going to get to for awhile either in the basement or in the storage spaces on the second floor. Whats the best way to store kits? Take out the decals and store the boxes in plastic storage boxes? Does it really mater if all the models lay flat or is OK to store on the side? Do I even need plastic storage? Regular cardboard moving boxes OK or I guess at least the plastic boxes offer water protection. Just w
  13. Prepare to geek out when you get there. I went to Tokyo this Summer and its funny that you mention Yodobashi and Yellow Submarine because those are the two stores I spent most my money. Prices were good at both, I came home with a dozen or so kits. What blew my mind was the Gundam kit prices....I wish I went nuts on the Gundam kits. But Tamiya was nicley priced, I got a bunch of good deals on some TAmiya cars and various other plane kits and did I mentioned Gundam kits were really really cheap. I wish I had bought some perfect grade kits to take home. As for the staff I did run into a fe
  14. Thats pretty funny. In the first picture I was thinking oh he's using a blunt...then I saw the closer pictures...lol
  15. lol, this must have been a horrible season for you :P/> Im sure Peyton would be smart enough to get a snap in 20 seconds.
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