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  1. Hi All I was looking at the Famous Russian Aircraft books on Amazon earlier and was astonished by the prices being asked for some of the older books - for example the MiG-21 book going for £1262 and MiG-29 for £1516!! Surely no one would pay prices like that? The MiG-21 book is also on ebay and is listed as poor condition!! I was thinking of selling mine, and of course would be overjoyed if it went for over £1000 but that hardly seems likely! Does anyone know what, realistically, it might be worth now? All the best, Joe
  2. Hi I have ordered a couple of Hobby Boss AH-1's as a start, but can anyone suggest useful (and hopefully not too rare) 1/72 kits for some other IAF helicopters I'd like to have a go at? I'd like to do a Bell 212/UH-1 - there is a Revell kit but don't think its right, and I'd also like to do a CH-53 if its feasible. Thanks Joe
  3. Hi Dave, Many thanks for the reply, look forward to hearing from you. All the best, Joe
  4. Hi Would anyone be able to help me find two parts that were missing from Revell kit 04319 (I believe this was a Hasegawa kit originally). The parts are numbered D11. I have contacted Revell but as the kit is now sold out they are unable to assist. I am able to pay with paypal if your not UK based. Hope somebody can help, Kind Regards, Joe
  5. Apologies for the bump, but I have just taken delivery of this book, and my first impressions are that it is excellent - Its true that some of the photos have already been used elsewhere, but many of them are new to me, and there are some nice shots of Blackjacks after dark and the aerial views of the bases are very impressive, especially the spread of Engels on pp126/7. I think possibly my favourite image has to be on pp250, of a Tu-95 and 2 MiG-29's overflying Moscow though. Joe
  6. Many thanks for the review, I think I will definitely have to get a copy - have already ordered the Cold War book - where would be best to order from? Amazon doesn't have it at present, and when I added it to the cart on the Crecy site got a warning about the sites security certificate...where else is good? Thanks Joe
  7. Thanks for the replies - wasn't sure if it was out, as Amazon have a habit of announcing a release date and then if the book over runs then they say its out of stock - so I have emailed Crecy to clarify. Will have to order the Cold War book as well though, I think. Joe
  8. Hi, I have been searching for some reviews of the above title, but can't seem to find any...I was wondering if anyone has the book and if so whether it is worth getting? I am always keen to pick up stuff on Russian bombers, in particular the Blackjack. Many thanks Joe
  9. Many thanks for the reply - will try that...I hope to get started on the kit sometime this week, work permitting!
  10. Hi All, I am planning to build a 1/144 Tu-160 as a sort of preparation for tackling the Trumpeter example I have stashed away - I have recently had some good results spray painting with Halfords paint for some cars I repainted, and thought I would get the white I would need for the Blackjack from there as well, as I am going to need a fair bit of it - is there a particular type of white I would need or should I just go in and ask for 'white'. I have found the paint they mix in the shop better than the stuff on the shelf. Thanks Joe
  11. Sorry for the bump, but it looks like the V-12 is close to release, there's some box art (I assume) on the Hobby Terra site: Joe
  12. This slab of a book arrived today, and I thought the edition on the Flanker was huge! I haven't had much chance to look at it in depth but it seems to follow a similar pattern to the previous titles, the chapters in this are: Introduction p3 Part 1: The Origin of the Family p7 Part 2: Off to a fine start p55 Part 3: The Interceptors p93 Part 4: Mass Production p127 Part 5: The Trainers p193 Part 6: Experiments And Projects p 213 Part 7: Beyond the Great Wall p249 Part 8: In Soviet Air Force Service p341 Part 9: MiG-21 At War p359 Part 10: Face to Face with the Adversary p403 Part
  13. Its not a Russian plane but it is sooo tempting! The mouse pointer has been hovering over 'add to basket' on Sprue brothers site, but I really ought to wait for a UK retailer to get them, rather than have to pay the customs charges...
  14. I confess I know virtually nothing about the Draken, nor much about any other Saab aircraft, but this sounds like a very nice kit and perhaps worth looking out for.
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