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  1. The F-105F is done so I am about to start this. One slight problem, I saw the "original" scheme for the Bf 109 G-6 at NASM, Wr No 160756. I really am impressed with the tan-green scheme.It says somewhere that it was a trop scheme but the museum doesn't have the trop filter. Maybe it never did? Are there aftermarket decals? I think this picture is from a French magazine. I hope I have the right head rest armor in for it.---John
  2. You'd think I'd had nuff torture with the Revell-Monogram build but I guess I am a glutton for punishment. There's 3 planes I have wanted to build for a long time, the Intruder, Bf-109 G-6 and an F-105D. I'll be damned if I will let this one beat me. I have had problems with it, it was warped big times along with it's box mate the A-6B. The tail keeps leaning to the left, I heated with hot air, water and used brute force but it still leans left, why????? Anyways I will try brute force again then maybe the hair dryer, again! The good news is the nose is on. Now to
  3. That's one wild looking unit! Will be watching this. Looks like a futuristic Six! Great job so far.---John
  4. I have more work completed. Inner gear doors on, main landing gear and wheels, fuel dump and another overflow pipe near the tail hook. The main landing gear needed massaging. I don't remember where but I read in a review that the Monogram kit has a "bowlegged" problem, it has something to do with I think the wing dihedral? Whatever it's TRUE, they need a little "coaxing".---John
  5. As soon as the F-105F is done I need to finish another one exiled to the "Shelf Of Doom". My Bf 109 G-6, 1/48 Hobbycraft kit to be finished as one of Bubbi Hartmann's mounts, yellow 1 wrk. no. 166221. I am using Eagle Cals excellent decals. It's at the ready to paint stage.---John
  6. Thanks, I forgot to put the pilot's stick in my recent F/A-18A Blue Angels build, if you don't tell I won't tell. It's a work of art Kurt. Call it "artistic freedom" and who will know. Most EXCELLENT job.---John
  7. Excellent! Is that an ANG plane? Where was it stationed? We had those at Westover AFB I believe in the 50s or 60s. Brings back memories, nice job. My goof, the F-84Fs were at Westover from '64 to '70ish.---John
  8. Cockpit is sanded again and looks good.Now I can cut MERs off the outer pylons and make ECM antennas that stick out off of the leading edges.---John
  9. Like that open missile bay! Makes me wish I hadn't given up on mine so early in it's build. I have a bad habit of that, had a NICE Arizona too. Finish it up! It's definitely a "thing of beauty"!!!---John
  10. Thanks, been there done that. I have more decalling done. I did the gear doors.Once I finish these group build models up and a few more I am hopefully going back to modeling armor and vehicles. This wing thing is getting too nerve racking, too much sanding and filling and straightening, rather do some tanks, they also take up less room. My first love was AMT 3 in 1 cars, really looking forward to a Muscle Car build!---John
  11. I started decalling, painted the exhaust petals-speed brakes, outsides are light gun metal and insides are burnt iron, and finished detail painting the bombs. The decals are the kit decals, they are miserable to work with, don't want to slide, curl over, are glossy and the blue in the tail stripe is way too light. Everything is going like a typical Monogram build, hunky doory!!!!!---John
  12. I pulled this off the shelf to find the right wing glove had split apart. I obviously didn't have enough glue or sanded it too rigorously. It's been re glued with super glue and sanded down. Now to mask the wing glove sealing bags and paint them dark gray then mask and spray the leading edges of the wings, tail and stabs coroguard.---John
  13. NICE! That's basically the colors I had about 5 or 6 years ago before I gave up on it. Should NEVER have given up, only difference is my deck was wood color. Going to look into that, keep up the good work! Most EXCELLENT!---John
  14. I am going with the scheme from the box art, it's easier just use the kit decals, Bitburg Germany 1965. No OD on the wing tanks so it makes painting easier for me also.---John Changed picture....other was D...this shows F and D.....oooopppssss! Also F in foreground is plane 304 Monogram did decals for!
  15. Are they possible and why not? Rear firing guns on B-52.---John
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