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  1. St. Louis Museum of Transportation
  2. Recently, while visiting my mom, I discovered dozens of old prints and negatives I did not know existed. I scanned this negative at a high resolution and can read B-52 on the box, probably the Revell kit. I remember my cousin had most of the Revell USAF models displayed on the top of his dresser. Looks like another cousin might have received a model kit as well. My back is to the camera, looking on with envy no doubt. This would be circa '59 - '61.
  3. 1977 - 49th TFW static display at Holloman AFB and Crested Cap deployment to Ramstein AB.
  4. Arriving for static display at Springfield, IL air show circa early '90s.
  5. Here are some ABDR patches
  6. My in-laws work at a resale store. My father-in-law helps check in the books. Everything has to be put out on the floor for a certain period of time. After that time the workers can buy things at their stickered store price. Someone donated all these books. Some still have original price stickers from hobby shops. They never sold so my father-in-law bought them for 79 cents each. They were my Christmas present. Surprisingly, I didn't have any of them.
  7. My mother-in-law wore this pin when she was a young girl in Sedalia, Missouri.
  8. I have the MARINE F-4J kit and would like to trade for the USAF C/D kit.
  9. B-17fan

    PT crusiser

    I realize you're probably thinking of things much different than these, but as a Cruiser owner, these two caught my attention at a midwest auto show last summer.
  10. B-17fan

    '63 Impala SS

    This year is the 40th anniversary of my high school Class of '72. Back then my best friend had a '63 Impala SS. I'd like to surprise him with a model at our reunion in August. Should I go with the Revell or AMT kit? Also, his car had a 283 with a two-speed automatic, according to his brother. Is there any model kit that comes with a 283 that I could put in the SS? Thanks
  11. Location: 183rd TFW, Springfield, IL. Date: unknown
  12. I'm hoping someone can identify the AGE, and its purpose, in the background of this photo. It obviously has a cab and the door is open. This would have been the F-4C era at the 183rd TFG, circa early to mid '70s.
  13. Continuing the subject of SEA camouflage patterns. I know there were countless variations of the T.O. paint scheme, most were subtle but a few quickly stood out. For instance 648 was repainted locally by the 183rd Corrosion Control shop. It was easy to spot for quite sometime thereafter. 505 has an interesting perimeter of medium green on the r/h side of the aft fuselage, no strip of tan beneath and below the national insignia on the r/h side of the fuselage, and lacks the tan band surrounding the aft canopy - interesting differences. The photo of 899 is added as representative of the standard pattern and it also abounds with yellow AGE.
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