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  1. I feel your pain Kostucha. Same kit same level of progress. All the painting was done and it was sitting on the dining room table, only surface big enough to hold it, waiting for decals and weathering and final details. The cats got on the table and started fighting. They knocked it off and I caught it by the wing tip. Only one dive brake broke off. Chased the cats away and put it back. Well cats will be cats and I didn't catch it the second time. I have another tho and like any other model that got broke, I will apply what I learned and try again. Larry
  2. Stew, I actually bought a few Podracers for greeblies. If you a set of actual decals would be better than a scan, PM your address and I'll pop em in an envelope and mail them to you. I will mail them next Monday as they are probably in the garage at the new place we are moving to and I am taking the rest of our possessions up Saturday so I'll get them then. Let me know.
  3. I want that 1/48th scale Gunstar REALLY bad but I've heard nightmare stories about ordering from MIM.
  4. Hasegawa 2003 new tool. Building it now and it goes together like a dream (so far).
  5. artoor_k, I love what you've done so far. I esepcially like the turret housing in the stern. It blends the old saling ship/sci-fi elements nicely. I also plan to tackle such a project one day with a cheap Lindberg sailing ship. I plan to have massive lift generators in the ventral hull, fusion reactor housing bulge, partticle beam canon all on a wooden ship with canvas sails.
  6. Lucas, Awesome work! I like 1/144th myself and appreciate the work you did on the Raiden. I'm bookmarking this page for the trees as well. Awesome. Two points if suggestion: The sand really looks out of scale. In this scale I would probably use plaster since the grain would be near invisible. At least I would use something finer like popcorn salt. Second, from a diorama point of view, the canopy being closed with no pilot I can see (or is there one in there?) puts a plot hole in the story. If he bailed, the canopy would be open or gone. I have a Sweet P-51B that is nearly finished with a scratchbuilt cockpit, cut away flaps, and a pilot to go alongside. I just have to vacuform another canopy (the first failed) to pose open. Now you have me thinking I want to get a little more involved than just standing on a tarmac with a pilot after seeing your work!
  7. Bare Metal Foil makes a gold sheet.
  8. Here are some pictures (courtesy of yours truly) posted at Starship Modeler. http://www.starshipmodeler.com/events/ihobby_2008.htm
  9. To expound on what MadMake said, with respect, Mechwarrior was specifically the role-playing aspect for the wargame Battletech game, so that you could fight your mech in Battletech and then go buy parts and have a life outside of the cockpit in Mechwarrior. Very limited if you ask me. We played it for a while but geared towards fighting a mech it was not very adaptable for other aspects of that very interesting future setting. So we switched to HERO's system and had a lot more fun. Why the Video Game series took the name Mechwarrior when it only has aspects of Battletech, meaning no ouside the mech activity, I have no clue.
  10. I confess I am a Battletech fan. I did it for 10 years. Been out of it for another 13 years but it still fascinates me and I plan to model several 35th scale kits from the series. I have a garage kit in 35th scale of the Vulture, the Horizon vinyl kit of the Madcat and paper kit plans for several scratchbuilds I plan to make including the Bushwacker below Here is the "right center and left torso" and "head" nearly done except for the roof and some finishing. It has a lit cockpit and working motor to turn a cooling fan in the butt. The cockpit is various parts and a seat I made from stock styrene and the cushion form a 32nd Tamiya Phantom, the instrument panel and sidewalls were put together by a friend and cast in clear resin. I chopped it up for my use: Here are some other parts, waist, upper leg, lower leg parts and feet. Been on the shelf for over a year and I recently started back at it.
  11. Well my Modeling ADD hit again. Probably a hundred models started in some form or another and I start another, nearly as soon as I got it. My wife said I could have this as soon as the tax refund hit the bank so the day it was due I was calling her every 15 minutes, having her check the bank online till she said "GO!" and I ordered this from MDC in England. Only took two weeks to arrive. These are the first progress pics, about 4.5 hours of work here and there since I got it. The box and parts: The wheel wells completed: Closeup: Will post more as I go. It's my first serious multimedia kit. I've worked with resin and PE before and built a couple of sci-fi resin kits but those were 10-15 parts tops. I already see a problem that has been documented about the fit of the fuselage. Needs to be pinned and clamped well at the tail end. Otherwise the parts are awesome! Pour stubs and some flash to clean up naturally but the wheel well walls are thin, The fuselage and wings solid, the wings having cast-in brass support rods. The resin canopy is paper thin and crystal clear. Six sheets of PE, wiring included for the cockpit, decals for the canopy frame, MDC instrument decals. The thing is awesome. Am I gushing?
  12. Okay, been a bit while I was occupied with a Snowspeeder Diorama, a Captain Harlock Arcadia and a Post Apocalyptic VW Beetle (I had ADD with regard to modeling) I got some more work done on the Thunderbolt. Fuselage together and wow I am a lousy modeler cuz I had seams and ledges and massive canyons (at the wing roots) and everyone says this kit fits wonderfully. I dunno.... Here I am adding a Eduard belt to the seat and the Flaps need some filing and filling: Here is the engine and the as foretold - PITA cowl. I wired the engine but now I see a missed a cylinder - oh well: And here is the cowl on the fuselage: Off from work tomorrow with the car in the shop so I hope to model like mad!
  13. Oh sure what the heck! I was just staring at this 1/32nd Lysander that's been calling to me and now I know why - Matchbox groupbuild! So as I always say in these things, sure I'll starta model and fail to finish it :wacko:
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