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  1. I'm working on the Academy kit and it calls for an overall airframe color of FS34081 engine grey. I've not been able to locate the color as of yet. Is there a good match for this color that easily found. Would Helo Drab work?
  2. Started working on the VX-9 CAG jet and need to get some reference material for the build. What books or websites would you recommend for the F/A-18E? It's hard to get a feel for a book on Amazon. Any help would be appreciated. Randy
  3. Thanks for the quick response. Now I just need to find decals for the do-over. I'll shoot a few pics and post them soon. Randy
  4. I have an old Columbia that needed some extra care and while stripping parts of the space realized the entire orbiter needed to be stripped. I don't remember the manufacturer or scale. The spacecraft is approx. 7 inches long with a 4.5 inch wingspan. Could you advised me of the scale with these measurements. Simple math would lead me to believe it's somewhere in the 1/200th scale range. Randy
  5. I've been working on restoring an old space shuttle I've had on the shelf and don't remember the manufacturer or the scale. It's approx. 7" long with a wingspan of 4.5 inches. What scale would this be? I've decided to strip the whole thing down, had been trying to salvage the fuselage details, paint the spacecraft and put on new decals. Randy
  6. You know I really don't like builds like this because now I have to go out and buy the kit and try to build it as nice. OUTSTANDING build, to many Tomcats sitting in build piles and not enough completed on shelves. Great Job! Randy
  7. You expect them to get it right for the money. If I remember right that kit is pre "we run the show" (we being modellers) and they didn't make corrections with that type of information. \ Randy
  8. I got mine a couple weeks ago and have been working on it off and on since then. The kit is soft on detail along the body of the rocket, there is none. The decals lack the "crack" for Libery Bell 7, wrong window for Freedom 7 should be round. Some of the escape tower details are over sized but can be reduced with some careful work. The plus's are the price (my Glenco/Revell Mercury 7/Redstone Booster and extras cost about $125), size for limited space, and not having to build tube halves due to there slip molding technology. After it's done it should be a nice addition. The best part is
  9. looking at my photo references it does look like the right color. The instructions call for FS36622 Camo Gray and after applying it...hum? I might be running into the typical, "just depends on the light in the picture" thing. TIA. Randy
  10. This is an outstanding A-6 thread with alot of inspiration and good reference. Check it out I think you'll be surprized. Randy www.scalemodelworld.netshowthread.php?t=10501
  11. Thanks for all the outstanding information. That probably saved me a couple dozen hours in decals. Randy
  12. For the Eagle experts out there. Are the panels on the F-15C numbered sometimes, few, or never? I'm looking at the Hobby Decal panel numbers sheet and there's about two or three hundred stencils. Need to know if the panel numbers area 70's and early 80's thing mostly with the F-15A model or was it continued to the 90's. Just want to make it as realistic as possible, and I'd rather not put on three hundred decals. Randy
  13. I'm a regular at Sprue Brother's, he's probably gonna start charging me to come to the website. Great service and wide choices of a variety of products. I checked Hannants and didn't have any luck beyond what I have already. Randy
  14. I have the Aires cockpit for the build. I built the F-15E in 1/32 a while back it there were quite a few choices for decals. This one turned out pretty good. I'll be looking for the TwoMikes stuff. Randy
  15. I'd really like have the resin exhaust set for the build. It seems that Cutting Edge had a set a while back but their out of business. Another is decals. Not much on the market or I'm just not hitting the right places. Let me know if you have anything interesting. Randy
  16. Got the bug to torture myself and build a big ole' Tamiya Eagle. If you have one your willing to part with let's make a deal. Randy
  17. Getting ready to shot paint on this bird and it's been a nice break from difficult builds. The kit has gone together without a hitch. It offers ailerons, flaps (trailing and leading), and tail surfaces that could be posed. Would it be wrong to drop the leading and trailing edge flaps, pose the ailerons deflected a bit, and pitch the vertical stabs? I've only seen a pic or two of the aircraft on the ramp with anything but surfaces in their neutral positions. I think it could add character to the aircraft as it sits. Randy
  18. Your right the ball doesn't have much detail but the one in the kit is void of detail. It would be nice to have some stuff off the beaten path to work with. I'm looking forward to this build. Randy
  19. Pulled out the ole' ruler and measured lights for everything from 1/72 to 1/32 and ended up buying lenses from 1mm to 4mm. I've got dozens of these little suckers on the way. Randy
  20. The guy building on Zone Five is going well beyond what I planned on doing, but I bet it's gonna be a looker when he's done. Randy
  21. I found the Warbird Tech book at Barnes and Noble for about $30 and it had some pretty good reviews. Never used this series of books. Randy
  22. Bought the Super Bug seamless intakes hopefully they'll be an "easy" addition. Randy
  23. Gonna build the TRAM Intruder, just can't get away from the "greys." Is there a good replacement for the targeting ball? The one in the kit is void of detail. I know I can add some but if there's a replacement why bother. Randy
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