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  1. Thanks guys!! Brad I used Modelmaster paints on this build. Rod
  2. Too cool, very nicely done. Thanks for sharing. Rod
  3. That came out great!! What paints did you use? Thanks for sharing. Rod
  4. That looks TUFF!! Nicely done sir. Rod
  5. Thanks Neeko, look forward to seeing it done. Rod
  6. As anyone built one of these? And if so, how was it. Seems like that kit has been under the radar. Rod
  7. Particle board that I painted. Thanks for the comment and question. Rod
  8. Nice looking jet and build. Rod
  9. Very cool, nice presentation. Rod
  10. Viper316


    Hi, Here are a couple of pics of my quick build of an H-34. I had not built a copter for a few years so I thought I would build one. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
  11. Nice work!! Really like your presentation. Thanks for sharing. Rod
  12. AS a former 144th viper crew chief (84-316)I dig it!! I am sure General Flaugher (Ret) would dig it too. Rod
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