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  1. Jake, arguing with you makes me uncomfortable but in your own "The modern Phantom guide" you wrote that the F-4G fleet recieved DMAS only in mid-1980s. And if you look at the cockpit diagrams given in T.O. 1F-4G-1 (ed. 1993), you will see that the cockpits without and with DMAS had far more differences than just "some labeling of switches", the most notable of which IMO was keypad on the rear right side panel.
  2. MENG kit has wrongly shaped nose cone - ogival instead of straight (BTW Italeri made the same mistake with their new F-35B). According to online photos Tamiya's cone is of perfectly accurate shape. Just my 5 cents.
  3. I compared a lot of modellers paints with the original fs36375 color card. In terms of accuracy the best choice is Model Master Acrylic 4762. But I can't call the paint user-friendly.
  4. It's a mistake for sure. There were no F-86F in Korea in 1951. As for The Paper Tiger, it has slatted wings at the day Fisher scored his last kill.
  5. An example of painting instruction, just to close the discussion of which colors Russian VKS use. As you see we can use not only RAL but also FS color range. Sorry for the offtopic.
  6. OK then. I'm sure that you, from Wisconsin, know which paint we use here in Russia better than me. What would you say if I state America does not eat pizza because it's an Italian meal? Once again: the upper surfaces of the "eggplant" aircraft were/are painted RAL 7015. But you can continue to guess the right color by looking at photos.
  7. The eggplant scheme was introduced in 2011 by the then MoD Serdyukov (who tried to buy israeli UAVs, italian armored vehicles, french Mistrals etc) without any research of how effective it was. And according to the scheme aircrafts should be painted RAL 7015. Yes, we do have our own color range but we also can paint planes any colors a customer wants. So RAL palette is widely used here in Russia because of its availability and prevalence in the world. So planes were painted in RAL 7015, this is not my speculation but firm fact. To accept it or not to accept is your own decision.
  8. Actually RAL 7015 is pretty dark color. This is how it compares to Model Master FS 36118, for example.
  9. In fact RAL 7015 Slate Grey's used for upper surfaces of the Eggplant camouflage scheme. The paint is available from many paint manufacturers (automotive sprays for example). Hope this helps
  10. True, but externally Su-25M1 and Su-25K are identical. On the other hand Su-25SM (which is exclusively Russian AF's version) has quite noticeable differences.
  11. That's right, the decals're printed by Begemot.
  12. One have to be registered to see...
  13. Hi, While working on our decals range we realised that we spend too much time preparing instructions instead of making new decals. One of a challenge is translation. So we decided to ask for help. Can somebody help us on a regular basis to translate our instructions into proper English please (or to correct our pidgin English)? The main requirement is to do it as quickly as possible without delaying for many days. We can offer free decal sets for this. Thanks in advance, Yury www.missionmarkdecals.com
  14. Hi, Can someone name the colors of stencils and insignia of US modern two-tone F-16s, please? I allways thought them to be 36270 on darker areas and 36118 on lighter ones. But some photos show insignia significantly lighter than vertical fin painted in 36270. For examle: I'm confused. Which color of insignia then? 36375?
  15. This type of camouflage was also called "Afghanskiy" as it was developed especially for the Afghanistan's terrain.
  16. Better these (traffic!) :) "White 20" is a relatively freshly painted plane and "White 06" is pretty weathered one. Note how the fresh dark green and dark brown were "close" to each other, demarcation line between them was just barely visible.
  17. I'm sorry to say but the profile is wrong. In fact so called "green" camouflage scheme consisted of two green colours as well as sand and dark brown. Just search for photos of the Czechoslovakia's AF Frogfoots and you'll have the idea what the green scheme was. "Something dark" on the tail is dark brown.
  18. Ooops! They did it again. I mean BOA printed our decals just superbly. Again :) Now we only have to finish the instructions. I hope it's a matter of 10-12 days. Yury
  19. Ukraine had 49 flyable MiG-27M and D on storage but never operated them.
  20. The rest: The last jet A3-20 wears standard lo-viz camouflage. But we just couldn't pass by the Kangaroo :) Decal was sent for printing yesterday. Will be available in early May. Yury
  21. You can buy our decals from these stores or directly from our site. The decal contains options for seven different aircraft and includes one full maintenance data set and additional all-black stencils for "Charlotte". Regards, Yury
  22. The set will feature options for 6 planes in non-standard camouflage schemes. Here are 3 of them: I'll show other jets in a couple of days. All the best, Yury
  23. Hi, Our new decal is 99% ready and will be sent for printing next week. Best wishes, Yury
  24. Another one from Op. Allied Force: And a couple of planes which took part in peacekeeping missions over Bosnia in 1995: ** Photos were found in the web.
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