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  1. Nice work on your link. Love your F-4s . Had a quick look at Hannants web site. Looks like the three sheets do not have any Greek ones; hope they come out with some more in 1/48. As the two new 1/72 sheets have some nice different markings. X72314 has a Hellenic Air Force FG6693 of 116. Pterix. I have a bit of a interested for Greek WW2 history as my dads uncle was killed in Crete on 20th May 1941. Survived the First World War, Turkey, western front. Have a a great day.
  2. Yes Lucio a nice Italian airforce one as well. 😃😃😃😃 Xtradecal has 3 nice new sheets coming out X48208, X48209 and X4810. Looking good for us modellers. cheers thanks Steve
  3. My thanks to HobbyEasy team for arranging a shop credit. With good people like them I will pre order kits in future. Will be using the shop credit towards a Kittyhawk UH-1N which has its own problems, and most likely will cause some more along the build by myself. Why buy it and give up on the AMK Tomcat, because it’s available, appears to be the best version out at this stage, and it has some cool looking paint jobs over service life. Above all I am a plasticholic with too many unmade/part finished kits. Modelling has come along way since the late 70s, only wish I could complete them as quick and be as happy with the result now of those less than accurate kits like the Matchbox Tomcat. Have a great day cheers Steve from NZ
  4. I am over the AMK Tomcat. Just ask HobbyEasy if I can get a shop credit. Really have enough Tamiya/Hasegawa ones in stash, but if it turns out to be ok once released, may reorder one in future. I did like some of their earlier kits. Cheers Steve
  5. Hi all, day off in NZ and courier just arrived with the box of the F-104 G. Had a quick look, overall looks nice, no flashing, like how they done the gun port. I am a slow builders, might find one of my Hasegawa kits and build one with the Kinetic one. Agree that the wheels look a bit flat, but then I am no expert on the Starfighter, just a big fan. Have a a great day cheers Steve
  6. Lucky has the Starfighter showing as in stock. Coolest can not wait for my one to arrive in NZ.😃😀
  7. Hi Raymond, thanks for the update. Looking forward to the one ordered from Lucky. Always need another Starfighter in the stash, just so many great schemes to chose from. Hope you sell heaps so a F104C and D come out. Cheers Steve from Gore NZ 😃
  8. Hi Jeff, no worries. Not sure what happened, and I am still learning different functions with the ARC web site. All the web searching so far has only turned up what appears to be old sites, or information with any of the conversions. Like most plastic loves the stash at home will keep me busy for awhile, especially at my slow build rate. So will just keep an eye out for one. Many thanks for your great help. All the best cheers Steve
  9. Hi Jeff, Have been away for work last week and have just caught up on your replies. Sorry about the miss coms, as I pushed reply to your e-mail. Any way thanks for the great offer, hope the new person benefits fro the conversion. Cheers Steve Here is a copy of e-ail I replied to your one sent to me. Me To ARC Discussion Forums Jun 9 at 5:44 PM Hi Jeffry, many thanks for your great offer, just between work and limited free time been trying to see what options are available for the canopy. I will get back to you. Thanks again happy modelling Cheers Steve
  10. Hi Derek, many thanks will try to catch up with Fox 3 Cheers Steve
  11. Hi Ben, Many thanks for the great detailed reply. Been trying to hunt down a Fox 3 Studios or C&H Aero Miniatures conversion on the web. was not aware of the first conversion on your list. All of the web sites appear to be old and not been updated for a number of years that I have come across. Will give you info a try, many thanks and happy modelling, Cheers steve
  12. Thanks Paul, have read some of the info on ARC for the F-100F, you wouldn't be able to tell me a supplier that has some of the F-100F conversions available by any luck? Thanks Steve
  13. Hi all, Managed to have picked up two Monogram 1/48 F-100D kits here in NZ. One with some after market goody's will I hope if I get my act together be an early D for Vietnam. The other kit would be nice to build a F-100F. I believe there are some conversions for the Monogram kit, but have been searching the web for awhile with no luck of finding a supplier. Are they all out of production? So has anyone out there used the cockpit area of the Trumpeter F-100F and installed it into the Monogram kit? Or does anyone know if it is possible to use the Trumpeter fuselage and added it to the Monogram nose, tail, wings? I have never seen the Trumpeter kit in the fresh, and will have to order one from overseas. Thanks for help cheers Steve
  14. Hi all, Been reading about some of the crews in Vietnam, and would like to build a F-100D. Would like some feed back on the Trumpeter’s 1/48 F100 kits please? Have heard that the intake is wrong and maybe the wheel? Are there ready available replacement parts, or is it better to one buy a monogram kit and cross- kit or just buy and build the Monogram kit? Thanks Steve
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