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  1. Thats awesome! My dad was stationed at Edwards back then and he took us down to Palmdale to watch the "roll out" of the B-70. I saw it fly in to Edwards to start it's test program. You reproduced the supersonic heating that burned the paint off perfect and the drag chutes and runway reall add to the real feel. Great job on an awesome airplane! Cheers...Ron
  2. After they banned smoking in the airplane guys who did smoke would sit up on the door with a half cup of water for ashes and blow the smoke out that vent. It would stay cracked just a bit to maintain pressurization. LOL! Cheers...Ron
  3. That's awesome! Love those tri-color land based Corsairs! Cheers...Ron
  4. Lookin good! You already have it closed up but that recessed circle in the cargo door is the depressurization outflow valve. It opens with a butterfly plate. You could probably just paint it really dark gray after she's painted. Cheers...Ron
  5. That boomer has really scuffed up the refueling receptacle....LOL! Cheers...Ron
  6. Hey! Don't talk about my girl like that! LOL!! Cheers...Ron (C-130E/MC-130P/MC-130H
  7. Great job so far! Funny how the VooDoo back end looks very Phantom-ish! Cheers...Ron
  8. Great job on the AC-J! I've been in a couple of them here at Kirtland since the gunship crews go through J model academics here. I think the flight deck has 2 CSO's side by side with no bunk up against FS 245. The microwave is there though! You can use prop blur for the turning props. Having both MC and HC crews in the 415th SOS here the MC crews pretty much fly in OCP's and the HC crews wear flight suits. I was a MC-130P loadmaster at Kadena in the 17th SOS and now it's a AC-J gunship squadron at Cannon. I need to build one to go with the 17th SOS AC-119
  9. Great job so far! My dad was in the Air Force with a guy he went to high school and college with that retired as a Eastern L1011 captain. I was wearing my Eastern L-1011 t shirt yesterday too. Cheers...Ron
  10. Yes...the 20mm vulcans were removed. The ECM blisters are off of a B-52.The searchlight aft of the 105mm gun was also removed and plated over. My favorite is still the AC-130E...20MM vulcans...40 mm and the 105. Painted in SEA paint on top and black sides and bottom. My old MC squadron (17th SOS) is now an AC-130J gunship squadron at Cannon Cheers...Ron
  11. Love it! Well worn and exhaust stained war horse! I'm sure it was a beautiful sight to the survivor on the ground waiting for the H-3's to come in for pickup. Cheers...Ron
  12. The decal sheet prop tip colors are wrong as well. The MC/HC/AC-J the blade tips are a light gray color. Cheers...Ron
  13. I loved flying on Eastern Airlines when I was young. 727's and Lockheed Electra's.
  14. Some nice pictures! Thanks again for sharing! Hope you get to feeling better Cheers...Ron
  15. Never too many! Some great builds! Thanks for sharing.... Cheers...Ron
  16. 1/48 B-24D "Lady Be Good" The old girl has a tragic history but all but one crewmember was found and returned home and parts of her are in the AF Museum. Cheers...Ron
  17. You could build the 37mm with Jane Fonda sitting on it! Cheers...Ron
  18. That's awesome! Love the faded center of the panels! Cheers...Ron
  19. 64-14858 was a "catch a falling star" airplane at Hickam during the Corona program. It went on to become a MC-130P Combat Shadow with the 17th SOS at Kadena. I have a lot of time in that old girl. Cheers...Ron
  20. HC-130 from the 33rd rescue squadron at Kadena supported the splashdowns in the Pacific. C-141A transported equipment and brought the Gemini/Apollo crews back to Houston from Hickham AFB. Cheers...Ron
  21. That's awesome! The build...the base and blurred runway are really giving it the rolling look. The piece of wreckage really adds to the intrigue of the model. Great job! Cheers...Ron
  22. She's looking good! A bit wrinkleybut aren't we all that were born in the 50's! A Lt. pilot and I were talking the other day and he said the B-52 was big. I told him when we'd we'd fly into Guam and park the C-5 you could watch the old D model BUFF's roll down the runway in a cloud of black smoke and disappear off the cliff to be seen a minute or so later climbing up to go fly. When my dad was at Edwards when I was a young guy I'd watch the B-52 taxi out with the X-15 under it's wing. Cheers...Ron
  23. That's awesome! Texas guard 101's are my favorite too! Cheers...Ron
  24. Happy 4th of July! Today is the anniversary of the Israeli Air Force raid on Entebbe to rescue the hostages of the hijacked Air France airliner. The C-130's finest hour! Probably less than a year later I was parked on that same ramp in Nairobi, Kenya to offload 8 brand new F-5E Tiger II fighters the Kenyan AF bought. Cheers...Ron
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