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  1. Thats awesome! My dad was stationed at Edwards back then and he took us

    down to Palmdale to watch the "roll out" of the B-70. I saw it fly in to Edwards 

    to start it's test program. You reproduced the supersonic heating that burned 

    the paint off perfect and the drag chutes and runway reall add to the real feel. 

    Great job on an awesome airplane! 



  2. Great job on the AC-J! I've been in a couple of them here at Kirtland since the

    gunship crews go through J model academics here. I think the flight deck has 

    2 CSO's side by side with no bunk up against FS 245. The microwave is there

    though! You can use prop blur for the turning props. Having both MC and HC 

    crews in the 415th SOS here the MC crews pretty much fly in OCP's and the HC

    crews wear flight suits. I was a MC-130P loadmaster at Kadena in the 17th SOS

    and now it's a AC-J gunship squadron at Cannon. I need to build one to go with 

    the 17th SOS AC-119 when it was a gunship squadron in Vietnam. That new gunship

    is pretty lethal. Will watch your progress as it develops to own the night.



  3. Yes...the 20mm vulcans were removed. The ECM blisters are off of a B-52.The searchlight aft of the 105mm gun 

    was also removed and plated over. My favorite is still the AC-130E...20MM vulcans...40 mm and the 105. Painted in

    SEA paint on top and black sides and bottom. My old MC squadron (17th SOS) is now an AC-130J gunship squadron at Cannon



  4. She's looking good! A bit wrinkleybut aren't we all that were born in the 50's! 

    A Lt. pilot and I were talking the other day and he said the B-52 was big. I told him

    when we'd we'd fly into Guam and park the C-5 you could watch the old D model

    BUFF's roll down the runway in a cloud of black smoke and disappear off the cliff

    to be seen a minute or so later climbing up to go fly. When my dad was at Edwards 

    when I was a young guy I'd watch the B-52 taxi out with the X-15 under it's wing.



  5. Happy 4th of July! Today is the anniversary of the Israeli Air Force raid

    on Entebbe to rescue the hostages of the hijacked Air France airliner.

    The C-130's finest hour! Probably less than a year later I was parked

    on that same ramp in Nairobi, Kenya to offload 8 brand new F-5E 

    Tiger II fighters the Kenyan AF bought. 



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