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  1. That is awesome! Looks very real! I have an Airfix 24th scale Stuka to build and will use yours for inspiration! Cheers...Ron
  2. Just ordered the engine nozzle's and covers for the SR-71! My kit should be here tuesday! Cheers...Ron
  3. I liked the JAWS paint on the A-10. Yours is awesome looking! Great job! Cheers...Ron
  4. That's a good lookin Weasel! Even has the center wing stiffener too! Cheers...Ron
  5. Edwards AFB flight test Phantom! Cheers...Ron
  6. That is awesome! As said by Jack King....the voice of Apollo Launch Control! Cheers...Ron
  7. The A-10 is an awesome airplane! I watched them work over old tanks on the range at Ft. Hood before the "slick" C-130's came across the drop zone...yes it was a exercise but still pretty impressive. Later when I was a MC-130 loadmaster the A-10 guys would fly with us for protection and it was cool to watch them scissoring across the top of us going to the drop zone. They were with us to suppress threats ahead of and around us. During Desert Storm Gen Horner's son was an A-10 pilot (a captain at the time) out of Woodbridge, England so I bet he was just a bit concerned
  8. I have the "A" model ordered...White over gray Edwards AFB flight test bird or a Nellis SEA cammo bird....haven't decided yet! Cheers...Ron
  9. A Clark AB Phantom!!! I remember seeing them (E and G) fly from there. Most of them had sharks mouths though! Awesome job..... Cheers...Ron
  10. Those are awesome! My two favorite Tomcat squadrons too! Cheers...Ron
  11. There was nothing like standing on the beach and watching a big Saturn V go! Saw three of them...Apollo 9, 10 and 11! Thanks dad! Great work so far! Cheers...Ron
  12. That would be Sgt John Levitow...loadmaster Medal of Honor wearer. He was rehabed and flew C-141A's at Norton AFB. Later he was discharged. I met him at Travis AFB when he came through to see another loadmaster that was in the 4th SOS with him and was at the time fling with me in the C-5A Galaxy. He had shrapnel wounds in his legs. The parachute flare was smoking from the shell hit and he tossed it out the door and it ignited going under the tail of the aircraft. Cheers...Ron
  13. Wow...that is awesome! The paint...wheels...fabric for the drogue look really real! I have the S-3A in my stash. Want to build it as the 1976 red white and blue S-3. Those decals are probably shot by now. Again...great job! Cheers...Ron
  14. That's awesome! Paint and cammo look really real! Cheers...Ron
  15. I just got a "notice" last night that the 72nd 1B decals are available. I purchased a set. I have the Martins Models resin IB to build so I guess I can go with that. I had already purchased the 72nd scale Saturn 1B desk model. It looks tiny next to the 72nd Saturn V! Cheers....Ron
  16. Standing by on 243.0 as well. I have a squadron F-111 canopy to use on my HB "A" model if I need to. Cheers...Ron
  17. Awesome X-1 Jay! Another way I saw the frost from the LOX I got from a guy that had built an X-1 was to make a mask...spray some clear...while it's wet he sprinkled baking soda in it and then sprayed the white over top. It dried bumpy like frost and then shot gloss over that. I want to try that on my X-15. My dad was at Edwards from 1958-1964 and I met Chuck Yeager at the gun club there. He later gave my dad an autographed picture of him standing next to the X-1 to give to me. I still have it in a frame. Definitely a historic aircraft in an exciting ti
  18. Pete you have built some really nice Lunar Modules! My dad was with NASA at Houston (assigned while still in the Air Force) and he worked the engines on the Lunar Module. Apollo 9, 10 and 11 were his three. He took us to the Cape to watch them launch in the big Saturn V. That's something I'll never forget! I have the build plate off of LTA-2 and his Lunar Module contractor model. He's gone now but I can walk out at night and look at the moon and know my dads work is sitting up there. I really enjoy your spacecraft work and it's a tribute to all the engineers t
  19. No worries! The virus is spiked here and I'm working from home again too. Stay safe and I'd like a CRL as well! Cheers...Ron
  20. They were LUU-2 parachute flares. Hand launched out the cargo door opening. They were stored standing up in an aluminum bin on the right rear of the cabin. Extra 7.62 ammo was stored in front of the guns to help maintain weight and balance on the aircraft. The flares had a timer on the top and a lanyard that clipped to a ring on the floor. When tossed out the lanyard started the timer and pulled the cap to deploy the parachute before the flare ignited. Hope this helps! Cheers....Ron
  21. Has the "BONE PARTS" guy closed up shop? I've emailed him with no response..... Cheers...Ron
  22. Awesome "Triple Nickel" Eagle! I really like the AS blue... Cheers...Ron
  23. Awesome Gulf of Sidra Killer! Cross the line and the big cat will get ya! Cheers...Ron
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