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  1. Ok. Thanks for replying, Cag_200. But what can I do to get the information I need for assembly? Harrier's wing, for example, has a structural problem. It would be great if I could have a reference of what would be the best solution for this.
  2. Hello everyone from the ARC Forums group. My name is Afranio Prado and I live in Brazil. I am mounting a 1/32 Harrier GR Mk 7 and I need help on some points of this project. I have already assembled a Harrier II Plus AV-8B and now I would like the English version of this plane. I know there are changes that should be made in English Harrier but I am having difficulty accessing the details of these fixes. A member of the group, John Wolstenholme, assembled this kit and tried to see the photos posted here, but the photos are “blurred” when I open the threads. I don't know why this happens. T
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