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  1. You could use brass wire if your soldering skills are good and construct one this way using the kit as a pattern. Otherwise plastic rod from one of the suppliers in the UK.
  2. Grab one (or more) you'll not be dissapointed recieved two in the post from the UK last week, big box full of great parts. Can't stop looking but stopped myself from starting a build as I have other stuff on my desk.
  3. Hi Guys. I got two Merlin kits aweek ago and have been playing around with the main rotorhead and I think I may have come up with an idea to aid transportation once built. The main rotorblades have two locating holes where the pins from the cuffs parts 59 + 60 hold the blades in place. Cut a slot from the root end connecting the two holes, this should allow the blade to be slotted into the cuffs reducing the likelyhood of dammage during transposrt. Otherwise I think the kit is a cracker, lots of detail once you start looking at the parts and very well engineered. There are possibilities for a
  4. Having just received my Merlin kit, which incidently is a beauty as good if not better than the Lynx. To convert it to anything but a version with the ramp is going to be a mission. Then even the ramp version depending upon the window layout will require major surgery, as it will entail modifying the cabin internals too. I believe there may be a Royal Naval conversion available sometime later in the year, most of the major componants of the kit require extensive re-engineering.
  5. If you go the the-blueprinter.com there are lots of scale drawings, you'll probably find the Comorant there and then you can compare them to the kit. I think some new PE window surrounds and windows might be the easiest route to take. The forward fuselage and rear are depending on the role are all similar (ie, ramp or no ramp).
  6. Go over to Britmodeller and look at the Pinned Lynx threads/posts and then into the Modern Aircraft seaction Under Construction Lynx7 is doing an AH version build thread, any qestions I'm sure he'll gladly answer.
  7. In the book Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm by Ray Sturtivant, there is a b&w drawing of the crest. I can take a pic and email it to you, if so let me have your details
  8. Looks like a pop of the Hasegawa kit form the 70's, not the best Huey around, it looks underscale. I much prefer the ESCI kit in 72nd and 48th scales.
  9. In the box is the standard Italeri Merlin HC1/2 and probably a new set of markigns for the movie.
  10. I went through the Italian guys build thread and I think he tacled it in the correct manner as he saw it. Look at he tail cone and tailrotor pylon it sat in a box atop the fuselage, good thinking. The forward cabin extension was handled just as 'easily', with the scored and bent plasticard, The the rear fusealge, not many other ways you could haev tackled that bit. Most importantly was he gave it a go, because if you want something badly enougth you will find a way to make it. Isn't that what our hobby is all about?
  11. Hi Troshi. I think you might find the Wessex HAS Mk3 from Italeri is the 72nd kit re-issued as per the pics on IPMS Deutscheland site and the pic of the box art as part of their Falklands anniversary edition. However with the new 48th scale kit, I would not rule out a new HAS Mk3 Wessex as the HU Mk5 kit is 80% ready.
  12. I went and had a look at the build thread, what a cracking conversion.I think the guy has it just about spot on but then I see he has some serious reference material! Makes me want to give it a bash.
  13. John the Bladerunner at Scaleworx was working up a conversion/new kit of the G but it was pushed to one side. I think we may have lots this one!
  14. Regarding the AM PE set mentioned above, I think you better tell the guy in Oz to do some research, just from a quick glance I can see 60% or what he had drawn above is incorrect. I'd hate him to produce a set and it get panned. Just trying to help.
  15. Hi Guy, It looks as Attack Squardon maybe the saviour of the less know helicopter as they have just relesed the Fire Scout. Which I think we can safely say woul dnot have been kitted by any of th emainstrean kit manufacturers. Maybe we should start sendign them requests for odd ball/less acceptable helo subject. We could qualify it by saying we could help with drawings and reference material?
  16. Just been browsing over on IPMS Deutchland site pics of Nuremburg Toy Fair amongs the pics I spotted the above. Lets hope it's the definitve Cobra.
  17. Hi Austin, That's some gun that ship is toting, I presume it hasn't yet seen service/action, can you expand on it, please?
  18. Hi Jose. many thanks for your input and the pointers as to the changes, especially the rear cabin wall and the dimension difference. I've already got a build underway (temporarilly on hold) of a -60B into one of NAS Widbey Islands rescue ships. I need to resuect it, otherwise it will just sit! Thanks again
  19. Magic guys, many thanks for your help, really apreciated. had a good look a the kit and some scanning on Google, looks like a nice kit.
  20. Hi Guys, I picked up this kit at or club meeting yesterday, I'm not too clued up on the various Seahawk variants. Any clues/help in regard to AM accessories etc, that I might need to enhance/bring it up to date? I will of course visit google for photo reference. The kit decals look fine but I see they are for two ships serving in 1991, twenty years ago! Thanks in advance.
  21. I think this is excellent work and an oppertunity/opening in the decal market that has been totally ignored since Italeri/Revel released the H-34 kits. So guys after at least ten years without any AM 72nd H-34 decals, you'll have to be a litte more patient. More power to you drawing pen and thanks for filling the void.
  22. Have you checked www.scale-rotors.com see if there are any picks of finished Apaches there. I think the Hasegawa kit declas will suffice, there aren't too many markings on the Brit Apache.
  23. I think mention was made on BM that Airfix have all the tech reference for the Navy version. So it may well be dependant on good sale of the HC kit before they commit to the Navy version. Lets hope for both.
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