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  1. New in sealed package, Guns, Props, and Anchors. 25.00 plus shipping
  2. Box still shrink wraped, 30.00 plus shipping
  3. Kit is new in box, has metal parts. 30.00 plus shipping
  4. Kit is new in box still shrink wraped. Price reduced to 30.00 plus shipping
  5. Sprues still sealed, kit has metal parts. Kit is new. Price reduced to 20.00 plus shipping
  6. New in box , Parts sealed Price Reduced to 15.00 plus shipping
  7. Tamiya P-51 parts still sealed Price reduced to 15.00 plus shipping, Special Hobby R.O. 44 Romeo Biplane float fighter, Parts sealed Price Reduced to 20.00 plus Shipping.
  8. Still have both kits, I'm lowering the price on the Bf109G-6 to 19.00 pus shipping also.
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