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  1. I'd have to agree. With the new Tamiya Tomcat now being available, I wouldn't really be seriously tempted by the Hasegawa kit, unless it was a really good price.
  2. Seems good to me. Thanks for taking the time.
  3. Tiger, Jagdtiger, StuG, SdKfz 251, and Panzer IV, I like them all. As for tanks (German), my favorite, naturally enough, is the Tiger, for tank destroyers, the Jagdtiger, no question about it. (In fact, the 1:16 Trumpeter Jagdtiger is on my short list of kits to acquire.) The Schiffer books in the Legends series are a great value, in my opinion; great photos, glossy paper stock, hardbound, good prices and with easy to read descriptions. I highly recommend them. This is by no means all of the Tiger references I have, but does reflect the general spirit of th
  4. I'm almost sorry to say that I buy very few books for reading, spending most of my available hobby references cash instead, on pictorial type publications, like this.
  5. That would be terrible indeed. Now that I've managed to hide them all, the forums are much more easily read, which please me a bunch. Thanks again, folks.
  6. OK, thanks a bunch for that. (I realized after the fact that is was actually a thread to look for, not a forum as such.)
  7. I hated to have to resort to hiding them all, but if that's what it takes, then that's OK by me.
  8. Do you have a link by any chance? I don't see a dedicated book forum here. Thanks,
  9. And it worked! Thanks a bunch, I appreciate the help.
  10. Thanks. I'll give that a try. Stay tuned.
  11. It seems like every time I try to hide a signature, I get a " There was a problem ignoring this member's signature" message. Any idea what's going on with that? Thanks a bunch,
  12. OK, thanks, Jake. I hadn't realized that was one of your criteria, but it does make sense.
  13. Doctor Microtools used to sell the same stuff, or at least very similar, but I haven't seen it for years now.
  14. While I like the Prowler OK, I really prefer the Intruder. Any chance of a volume on the Intruder, Jake? I'd buy that in a New York minute.
  15. I switched to Tamiya white a few years back, and now will use little else, aside from mister surfacer and liquid putty, both of which I also like quite a lot.
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