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  1. Hi Kursad, I note you only have two pentagons for the TNI-AD Apache. I have attached a photo that shows a third on the underside between the wings. I hope its not too late to add to the artwork.
  2. Lovely an AAAvn Corps Foxtrot. Another must get....
  3. A nice choice there - I will be getting one.
  4. It's common across many Commonwealth countries, not just Britain and Canada. The Air Force and Navy are "Royal", but whilst there are many Regiments and Corps which are Royal (eg the Royal Australian Regiment was one example) the Army is just that eg "The Australian Army" or the "New Zealand Army". On top of that Aviation Corps are generally not amongst the "Royal" Corps eg the Army Aviation Corps (AAC) in Britain which fly the Apache, and the Australian Army Aviation Corps (AAAVn).
  5. Oh very nice Kursad, looking forward to some RAAF subjects - hopefully some P2V-5 options as well as the SP-2Hs.
  6. The resin looks very Wolfpackish - I wonder if it was a contract - we may yet see a conversion from them.
  7. Kursad, I have to agree with Ray, some ordinary line jets in the later schemes, and especially with the recent large mission scoreboards, would be more welcome than the special schemes to be honest. Bring em on!
  8. Obviously the Surface Finisher was not that vigilant...(boom boom)
  9. Well firstly a Hornet appropriate left handed Litening Pod and the appropriate adaptor fairing to allow it to be mounted to the left hand cheek station on the Hornet. That is a major gap in both kit and aftermarket for a modern US Marine, RAAF and Spanish Hornet. See here for an example: http://asian-defence-news.blogspot.com/2015/10/northrop-grumman-to-continue-logistics.html Just my 2c.
  10. Ah but Ray, I am not at home these days.
  11. I think the time zones will work in your favour on this one Andrew. I just hope they last longer than 2 hours this time.
  12. Oh goody, credit card locked and loaded. Ken
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