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  1. Biggles81

    Any chance of a T-50/FA-50 sheet?

    The resin looks very Wolfpackish - I wonder if it was a contract - we may yet see a conversion from them.
  2. Biggles81

    CD48135 - RAAF F-18 Hornet - Part 1

    Kursad, I have to agree with Ray, some ordinary line jets in the later schemes, and especially with the recent large mission scoreboards, would be more welcome than the special schemes to be honest. Bring em on!
  3. Biggles81

    Real world painting mistakes?

    Obviously the Surface Finisher was not that vigilant...(boom boom)
  4. Biggles81

    New 1/48 Kinetic Hornet Kits

    Well firstly a Hornet appropriate left handed Litening Pod and the appropriate adaptor fairing to allow it to be mounted to the left hand cheek station on the Hornet. That is a major gap in both kit and aftermarket for a modern US Marine, RAAF and Spanish Hornet. See here for an example: http://asian-defence-news.blogspot.com/2015/10/northrop-grumman-to-continue-logistics.html Just my 2c.
  5. Biggles81

    CD48097 - RAAF Mirage III - Part 2

    Ah but Ray, I am not at home these days.
  6. Biggles81

    CD48097 - RAAF Mirage III - Part 2

    I think the time zones will work in your favour on this one Andrew. I just hope they last longer than 2 hours this time.
  7. Biggles81

    CD48097 - RAAF Mirage III - Part 2

    Oh goody, credit card locked and loaded. Ken
  8. Biggles81

    CD48067 - Mirage III in Australia

    Very nice, there will be a couple being ordered here.
  9. Biggles81

    CD48067 - Mirage III in Australia

    Just thinking the same thing myself. Very curious about the options for this one.
  10. Biggles81

    Shizuoka Hobby Show 2016

    Guess you were vindicated despite the naysayers Calum. Cheers, Ken
  11. Biggles81


    More likely Iraq, Trudeau withdraw the RCAF from ops over Syria when he was elected. Still very much current Ops in the Middle East.
  12. Biggles81

    May releases

    Oh yes! Looking forward to some of these beauties.
  13. Biggles81

    1/48 Meteor F.4 Kitbash

    Also you would need the early F3/F4 style tail for the PR10 and the combination you have described above leaves you short that one crucial piece. Just my thoughts, take them as you will.
  14. Biggles81

    1/48 T-33 decal plans for the GWH kit

    Glad you like it and will consider it for a sheet. I am sure Alex can add more info too when the time comes.
  15. Biggles81

    1/48 T-33 decal plans for the GWH kit

    Hi Kursad, Just wanted to reinforce why you need to do a TNI AU T-33A on one of your upcoming sheets thanks to a rare blue sky day. They have a pretty cool scheme, although the preserved one varies slightly from the in-service shots, note serial TS 3333 on the preserved aircraft when the inservice shot shows it as J 3333 when in East Timor in the 1970s or 80s.