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  1. You're right Ray, I am sure they will arrive eventually - it might be a bit of a magical mystery tour for them though - I move to Jakarta on 1 Dec. Be nice to have them in hand before the removal happens rather than rely on the Auspost mail redirect to there. Not Kursad's fault in any way of course, the damn virus is having strange impacts. Good thing that the next set I am hanging out for is the new F-22 set with the HIANG option which looks like it won't be this year.
  2. Yes my order from 18 August has been sitting in the Chicgao International Shipping Centre since 25 August - I wonder what it means for that one ever getting to me. There was no suspension on shipping back then either....bloody USPS.
  3. Some F-15SG tail fins from 2011 and 2016. Looking forward to these decals.
  4. The marking is indeed brown - it indicates low explosive or rocket motor when used on ordnance. In this case there is a low explosive gas generator in the head to power the guidance fins, which are usually fitted just before or after the bomb is hung on the jet.
  5. Hi Kursad, I note you only have two pentagons for the TNI-AD Apache. I have attached a photo that shows a third on the underside between the wings. I hope its not too late to add to the artwork.
  6. Lovely an AAAvn Corps Foxtrot. Another must get....
  7. A nice choice there - I will be getting one.
  8. It's common across many Commonwealth countries, not just Britain and Canada. The Air Force and Navy are "Royal", but whilst there are many Regiments and Corps which are Royal (eg the Royal Australian Regiment was one example) the Army is just that eg "The Australian Army" or the "New Zealand Army". On top of that Aviation Corps are generally not amongst the "Royal" Corps eg the Army Aviation Corps (AAC) in Britain which fly the Apache, and the Australian Army Aviation Corps (AAAVn).
  9. Oh very nice Kursad, looking forward to some RAAF subjects - hopefully some P2V-5 options as well as the SP-2Hs.
  10. The resin looks very Wolfpackish - I wonder if it was a contract - we may yet see a conversion from them.
  11. Kursad, I have to agree with Ray, some ordinary line jets in the later schemes, and especially with the recent large mission scoreboards, would be more welcome than the special schemes to be honest. Bring em on!
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