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  1. Hey dont forget something for me too Jarrod!! Mike
  2. Why not just switch to 1/48 scale and use the Neomega conversion set?? Just a thought. Mike Reeves
  3. Great work!! I have a couple dozen ESCI/Airfix Viggens so i will follow your progress cloesly!! Mike
  4. Emil, The CMK wheel bay should be just fine. The landing gear and retraction mechanisms are nearly identical if not completely identical on both versions of the Hawk. HTH Mike Reeves
  5. Hanriot HD.11 from Eduard as well as a Revell Germany EF-2000 and a 1/48 Hasegawa A-4KU.
  6. Spectacular!!! Simply spectacular!! I am looking forward to following this build. Superb work Leo. Mike Reeves
  7. Craig I am a firm believer in one good turn deserves another and you my friend have been known to help people out too. Thanks for the kind words.
  8. Bought some stuff off of Pig, great deals and quick shipping. In fact I am just about to Paypal him some more money right now!! Thanks Pig!!! :blink:
  9. Chris, The name is familiar. What was his job? Looking forward to the link. Cheers Mike
  10. If you need help with any Bitburg jets let me know. I was stationed there from 1988 - 1991
  11. Tim is definitley one of the best there is!! Very Highly recommended as a trader.
  12. I couldn't agree more!! One thing about Jarrod is that he ALWAYS comes through on deals. I am fortunate to call him a friend in the 1:1 as well........all because of a trade in 1999!!!
  13. Well this may be the best tutorial I have ever read. I am currently building a pile of WWI kits for my unborn son, for his bedroom, as well as myself. I am typically a kerosene burning builder myself but I have always had an affinity for WWI aircraft but like most, rigging scared the crap outta me.......until now!! I may post some pics of my experiments very soon. Many thanks again!!! Mike Reeves
  14. WOW Andy!! Can you say prolific?? I hate F-14s but you sure did a bang up job on all of them. I really dig the TBird and the Mustang! Superb work. Mike
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