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  1. I've had this airbrush for over 10 years and never had this problem. I've cleaned it...checked the compressor...changed needles and nozzles and I still have paint coming out spitting and covering like sand paper. I've searched Google and got a lot of thinning problem but I know this isn't the problem. About 5 yrs ago badger changed out the seal on the inside maybe it's bad again? Just looking for help
  2. I'm building Tamiya's 1/48 Krupp Protze and I want to do a desert finish. This might be a stupid question but I know the desert color was applied in the field.. Was the undercarriage painted to? I understand the top but what about under it? Shouldn't be the German grey?
  3. luftwaffe1

    Fokker Dr 1

    Hello gents... Simple question. Best 1/48 Fokker Dr.1?
  4. Just read step 2.... Im in Texas. Not going to happen sorry
  5. 1% not finished? Lol I can't see it! Looks amazing and love the finish. Outstanding work! You got to be proud of her...
  6. Dude don't worry about it...she's a beast!! Looks amazing great work. If that bothers someone they need to get checked lol
  7. Wow love the finish! She looks the part... Keep up the great work! Amazing
  8. Sweet finish!! She looks amazing! Would love it if Tamiya would do this in 1/48. Keep up the great work!
  9. Wow.... What at finish! You got to be really proud of her. Great work!!
  10. Wow great job! The finish is amazing... Love the nazi flag on top! It's a great touch
  11. luftwaffe1


    It's not the struts I was looking for because your right sir they look like they could easily be scratch built. It was the mistel nose with the warhead. That's what I'm looking for. But thanks
  12. luftwaffe1


    Yes, I understand there's mistel kits available. I have the Revell Ju-88 and wanted to pair it with a Bf-109. I just need the mistel conversion but It looks like I'll be bidding on eBay soon lol
  13. luftwaffe1


    Hey guys I was wondering if y'all could help me. I searched online only to find nothing. Does anyone know of a manufacture who makes a 1/48 conversion for a Ju-88 mistel? Thanks...deep in the heart of Texas
  14. been building models for the last 15 years... build in quarter scale both aviation and armor from WW2.

  15. Great job on a huge plane!! Very impressive... can I ask how long did it take you to finish her?
  16. That's a beautiful 190... Great job. You must be very proud of her. It's a nice change from jets but you still have a clear canopy to worry about lol
  17. Great job on the 190. Looks very impressive and I love the finish. Once again great job... You must be very proud of her
  18. Very impressive!! I've never thought about doing a wheels up model until I saw yours. Love it great job
  19. Amazing work... Love the finish. I like the subject too you don't see many Egyptian spitfires... Great job
  20. Dude don't worry about the comments that Dora is beautiful!! Amazing job and great finish. I'm sure it happens to everyone in here. Great job again
  21. Dude thats sick! And I mean that in a good way lol very impressive amazing work
  22. I'm going to say AMAZING!! Eduard has a great track record and plus with a the aftermarket accessories it's going to be a dream lol I'm going to go broke
  23. I'm going to say AMAZING!! Eduard has a great track record and plus with a the aftermarket accessories it's going to be a dream lol I'm going to go broke
  24. Wow looks amazing!! Love the finish looks like it just came back from the front!! Love it
  25. Hey guys I'm looking for a American online distributor for RB barrels in 1/48 scale? .... I'm building a1/48 ICM sdkfz 222 and want to swap the barrels out. I'm new to armour and lost lol thanks
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