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  1. what colors can i mix to get an aged concrete look?
  2. ive forgotten. which type of alcohol do you use to clean up fingerprints and stuff. The denatured or Isopropyl? thanks all ! Pat
  3. anyone know yet where the 2011 one will be held?
  4. can you all tell me how to remove old paint from a model? ive forgotten,LOL..
  5. i removed chrome off about three trees, using Oven off. but ileft the stuff on them for like 24 hours. I went to wash and scrub the stuff off, all the main chrome stuff came off, but in alot of places, in the nooks and crannys, its a yellow color How do i get rid of that stuff now? ive tried to scrub it off with a old toothbrush but it wont come off.
  6. when u clean ur airbrush cups, what do you all use? im using q tips, but after im all done and go to paint, seems like it blows out small fibers.
  7. on the Andrea flesh paint set, what do i thin that acrylic with?
  8. to anneal PE, do you just hold the sheet and run it over a candle? is that the idea? and for how long do you do it?
  9. Would that be de natured or Isopropyl alcohol?
  10. im not an acrylic user, but what do you use to thin them and clean ur brush or airbrush?
  11. I have a small jar i made up of it last Saturday. And i was gone all week and came back and the stuff was still ok. I made a fairly big batch of it, and so far its still good. Like this one poster said. their might be air bubbles in it after you sand it down, but nothing a small swipe of regular putty can take care of. This method is really good also if you have a deep sink hole and you want to fill it up. When i made mine. i just cut the sprue pieces up small and put them in the jar, poured a little cement in, enough to cover them up and let it sit. although the curiosity got the best of m
  12. no more dangerous than using it just as a regular glue as far as i know.
  13. Heres the cement I use here it is after the plastic has melted. i gave it about 4 hours ish. the longer u wait the better, just to be sure its all good and melted. here i have put the plastic putty on a couple sink holes. the good thing is, the plastic is the same color.
  14. all you do is put small cut pieces of sprue into a small jar of like testors liquid cement. wait a while, i waited about 3 hours for mine to fully melt. all the plastic sprue pieces you put in will melt from the cement. or take and pour a small amount of the liquid cement into a small jar, i use the small 1/4 oz ones. drop in your sprue pieces and wait. then when its "cured", and all melted ,just dab on a sink hole or whatever and it fills it right up and melts into the surrounding plastic. Then sand and you cant even tell the difference, unlike with putty
  15. ive just found that melted plastic in liquid cement is probably better than any putty on the market! im sure its been said here before but i just wanted to put my worthless 2 cents in.
  16. are those Iwata sprint jet compressors any good?
  17. im just now starting my greyhound. Right now im working on cleaning up the drive train :D
  18. Thanks, I did that. let it sit in the vinegar for about a half hour
  19. I believe its the 4 - 7, although i could be wrong.
  20. do any of you prime your Photo etch?
  21. Only a 23 1/2 hour drive from Mississippi here. LOL But hey, im a truck driver, so i can handle the drive
  22. and a double Wooo HOO.. the wife has given me the ok to go the Phoenix show next year!! It was also a great pleasure meeting alot of you
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