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  1. The kit is the older Hasegawa kit coupled with the old Condor A-4c conversion. The conversion kit gives you a new nose (solid cast chunk), new intakes, new antennas, main wheels, and the blisters required mostly for the Argentine birds. Oddly enough the kit did not come with the windscreen wiper. The first order of business contact Harold of AMS resin to procure a windscreen wiper. (Thanks Harold) Now on with the build……The Hasegawa A-4 being a bit seasoned as kits go, fit together really well. I did a basic scribe to the airframe. I removed the floor plan from the kit tub to accommodate a
  2. All decal orders have shpped. Thanks, Rob Colvin
  3. All decal orders have shpped. Thanks, Rob Colvin
  4. All, There were a few aircraft I wanted markings for but the other mainstream decal manufactures did not make them. As the decals were drawn the ships kept growing until I had enough for 2 full sheets. That said I printed 250 sheets of each. After they are gone that’s it I am not going to reprint. Take a look at the links below......please forgive the page design. I am not a developer. http://capdecals.com/uploads/Skyhawk_001.pdf http://capdecals.com/uploads/Skyraider_002.pdf http://capdecals.com/Page_2.html The instructions have not been printed yet. For all those folks who would rathe
  5. Superscale makes a couple sheets...if you can find them.....sadly there is not a whole lot out there for the F4u4. Here is one I did My link
  6. Deep down...they all want to be Phantom pilots....LOL I could not resist Some of those in 32nd would be nice. Rob
  7. agreed....was wondering the same thing...Also what are the marking options other than 232?
  8. Thats the one.....Can anyone speak to the quality/ fit? The parts in the pic look good. Thanks, Rob
  9. I know the kit with the corrected parts just came out....However I have a few of the earlier release with the later vert stabs.....Who did the conversion parts that were recently posted here?....I have searched all over and came up with exactly squat....lol Thanks. Rob
  10. I would love to see this kit in 32nd......it looks sharp. Rob
  11. I need a set or two myself.....and idea on ETA?
  12. In for some 32nd......Any chance you might do a Ga Ang, Fla Ang, or St Louis birds?
  13. C&H did a 1/32 TF-104 conversion for the hasegawa kit.....
  14. I did some of this to a harrier myself... I seem to recall the outboard pylon being short. Nice work thus far. Rob
  15. Sharp...Looking forward to seeing it at MCO! Rob
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