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  1. Ha! Thanks... looks like I’m going the aftermarket route...
  2. No problem. Glad I could help out.
  3. I'm currently working on a G conversion now: I decided to order the ModelCollect kit anyway. I received my "Early" B-52G kit yesterday. Starting to see some issues using this kit to represent an early B-52G. A couple of this immediately jump out: The fairing on top of the fuselage. That easily removed. The straps running down the sides of the fuselage. Once again, easily removed. The one thing that does bother me is that there are no Hound Dogs in the kit. G's, especially on alert, were loaded with Hound Dogs. It's cool that the bombs are there, just disappointed in no Hound Dogs or the correct pylons..
  4. Nest up is correct the completely inaccurate forward wheel well. This is going to be A LOT of work to make accurate. First cut out the wells. B-52s don't have the deep wells in the forward wheel well. The aft does... Next, looking at references, start build up the well from scratch
  5. Working on putting in a real bomb bay into the Monogram fuselage. I understand this kit was done back in the late 1960s, but you'd think Mono-Vell would have updated it through the years...
  6. Test fit of both sides. Test fit of the G engines to the monogram strut...that's some work...
  7. The steps...cut off the Monogram "D" nose, cut off the AMT "G" nose and splice together. Believe it or not, there was very little sanding to get the two sections to match.It was almost like the two sections were made for each other.
  8. A project I've had on going in my mind for almost 20 years started today... It's mostly going to be the Monogram kit. 1/72 B-52G Stratofortress - Monogram/AMT Kitbash. Background: My dad worked G model BUFFs in the early 1960s at Beale AFB, California. The movie A Gathering of Eagles, was filmed at Beale while my parents were stationed there. My mom is in one of the movie scenes. My dad was the NavAids shop chief. I always wanted to build a Beale B-52G. The problem is that the AMT G model kit sucks. It suffer from gross errors from being misshaped to being too narrow, wings in flight, etc... I did recently picked up the new Modelcollect Early G model...that will wait for another day. I've had both the Monogram D and the AMT G in the stash for many years. The thought was to bash the two together. Using the Monogram D for the base kit and the AMT G as the donor. I just never knew if it would actually work. Well today, I decided it was the moment of truth....I was surprised to find that the AMT section was almost a perfect fit to the Monogram kit. Now theres going to be a lot more work to do besides grafting on a nose. The Monogram kit isn't the most detailed kit when it comes to wheel wells and the bomb bay. Not to mention the tail gun. I'm not sure if I'm going to scribe the entire kit. My scribing skills aren't the greatest. Then again, I'm in no hurry to finish this, it's been 20 years in the making. Additionally, I'll be using the AMT engines and Hound Dogs.
  9. I've been away from ARC for a long time. It's time for my return!

  10. After discovering that I had installed the engines incorrectly on this model, it was relegated to the Shelf of Doom. My resolution for 2019 is to finish this WeatherBird. I have too much time invested in it just to let it sit. So, today, I took it off the shelf and I am reworking the engine nacelles....pics coming soon!
  11. 165435!!! I built that aircraft! That was the first Osprey solely built at the Amarillo Military Aircraft Assembly Center. Gosh, that was back in 1999. Where did the time go! I've got one in the stash to build.
  12. FYI, you technically can't convert a C-135 to an E-8. The Revell kit is a C-135 not an E-3. They're completely different airframes. E-8s are 707-320 airframes. E-3's aren't even really 707s, they're E-3s. The forward windscreens are bigger than a stock 707. A 707 forward windscreen falls through and E-3 opening. The fuselage is different and the wings are different. If you don't care about that, then by all means keep up the good work.
  13. Ahhh...0597. I took delivery of that bird back in the day. Too bad what happened to it. It ended up being dismantled on site.
  14. Looks like you had a great production run this year!!
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