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  1. Gosh...no one's happy! Here's a guy who went out of his way to make a radome that better represents an early radome and PEOPLE STILL COMPLAIN! If you can do better, by all means, make your own! Nigel did a great job on this. He didn't have to it. He could have easily made these for himself and posted pics and said, "Look what I did!" He didn't do that and offered it to the community. That's a pretty nice thing. It certainly made my B-52 look better over the MC mistakes. So, Thanks Nigel, I, for one, really like what you've done!
  2. Seeing some glaring errors! On the upper wings, that inboard hump at the engine nacelle attach point goes too far aft. The inboard hump is non-existent. The dry bay access panels that should be oval, not rectangular. The “Mae West” radio compartment by the left side life raft tubs is incorrect.
  3. I haven’t done anything with the tail besides cut 8 scale feet off of it. I’ll probably use the AMT tanks as I already have them. I haven’t done much with this model lately. I’ve been busy designing aftermarket parts to support my new business 3D Scale Design. Corrected Forward Wheel Well New Bomb Bay for Monogram kit
  4. Taking a quick re-measurement, I did, in fact, cut 1mm too far back. Not sure why I did that, knowing that the cut should have been 11 from the panel line at the windscreen. The mistake is on me.
  5. I received my test sample from Nigel to validate the "Early" nose radome correction for the ModelCollect "Early" G and H kits. Overall, the resin is very smooth and very well cast with no visible air bubbles on the casting. Removal of resin used to cast the part was very minimal and was easily removed by scoring with an X-Acto on both side and it cleanly snapped off the piece. The piece feels very solid and includes a molded in support for the flight deck. The part also has the indentations or chines that are found on B-52 nose radomes, but manufacturers fail to include. The NACA i
  6. Yep, that's a circular vent of some type. Not sure what that has to do with the radome as that vent is clearly on the fuselage and has absolutely nothing to do with the shape of the nose.
  7. Look on pages 28 and 32 of the Aerofax data graph book for an explanation of the different Panasonic EW upgrades. I’m not buying the 3 different nose radome theory. Talking to former BUFF guys, guys that were around from the 60s to the 80s don’t recall 3. Different noses, only two: pre and post EVS.
  8. Looks great. FYI, JSTARS didn't have silver leading edges...at least they didn't when I worked on them. f5guy, I do have the canoe. I may be able to help you out...PM me.
  9. Post here for the sake of duplication.... This may help...or not... (posted under "Fair Use" for educational purposes) It looks to me that the Later nose has more of a up sweep and it approaches the end of the radome. The early seems to me more gradual. The later nose doe have a more "pointy" appearance. The early nose is "pointy" but not at the same angle as the later nose.
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