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  1. I've been away from ARC for a long time. It's time for my return!

  2. After discovering that I had installed the engines incorrectly on this model, it was relegated to the Shelf of Doom. My resolution for 2019 is to finish this WeatherBird. I have too much time invested in it just to let it sit. So, today, I took it off the shelf and I am reworking the engine nacelles....pics coming soon!
  3. 165435!!! I built that aircraft! That was the first Osprey solely built at the Amarillo Military Aircraft Assembly Center. Gosh, that was back in 1999. Where did the time go! I've got one in the stash to build.
  4. FYI, you technically can't convert a C-135 to an E-8. The Revell kit is a C-135 not an E-3. They're completely different airframes. E-8s are 707-320 airframes. E-3's aren't even really 707s, they're E-3s. The forward windscreens are bigger than a stock 707. A 707 forward windscreen falls through and E-3 opening. The fuselage is different and the wings are different. If you don't care about that, then by all means keep up the good work.
  5. Ahhh...0597. I took delivery of that bird back in the day. Too bad what happened to it. It ended up being dismantled on site.
  6. Looks like you had a great production run this year!!
  7. I went off my usual beaten path of aircraft and went mostly Sci-Fi this year. Enjoy! Revell Millennium Falcon Revell T-65 X-Wing "Red 5" with Shapeways 3D printed Death Star tiles. Revell T-70 X-wing "Ralph Mcquarrie Throwback Scheme" MPC AT-AT Battle of Hoth Diorama "Good Shot Jansen"
  8. You aren't kidding! You almost better off buying your favorite Bandai kits and casting those tiles. At least for the price you get an excellent model and a death star tile.
  9. I picked this up on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby along with the Darth Vader TIE fighter. Of course, this is a snap-tite kit, so I wasn't sure what I was getting when I got home. I remember reading reviews on this kit way back when and for the most part, I recall them mostly positive. The kit comes pre-painted in Luke's Red 5 markings. Overall, it looked really good. Good enough for me to decide to leave it as-is. I decided to go with a burnt-umber acrylic wash over all the pieces. Once dry, I wiped off the excess and sprayed the pieces with dullcoat. This was going to be an in-flight built, so I closed the landing gear doors. The nose had a very good fit. The mains just required both sides be glued together prior to attaching to the lower engine nacelles. I decided to paint the engines Tamiya gunmetal and apply a black wash to enhance the detail. That cannons were washed as well and I painted the two of the cannons rings yellow just to give the model a little more color. Once everything looked good to my eye, I assembled the kit. Construction is very easy and the fit on this kit was excellent! In the past, I have scratchbuilt my Death Star tiles. I was trying to get this on ready for a contest and just wouldn't have enough time. I had heard about Shapeways. They sell 3D printed modeling accessories. I went to their website and did a search for "Death Star Tiles". To my surprise, there was all scales of tiles. The ones I decided on didn't have a scale, but are very similar to the tiles included in the Bandai kits. Here they are laid out. They come white, which makes painting them a breeze. I painted the tiles an overall neutral gray. I applied a black wash to the tiles and glued them to the base.
  10. Looks good. Depending what Black you doing the upper door is either the small port hole or the larger square. Pictures posted under "Fair Use" for educational purposes. This aircraft Production Number 58. I put this one through flight test. Note the "Have Glass" paint job. Note the small window. This is a Block A aircraft. This is a Block B aircraft. See the larger window.
  11. SNOW! Woodland Scenic Snow and Woodland Scenic glue with a little water. I mixed to the consistency of soft serve ice cream and then spread with a cake decorating spatula. During application, I used some artistic license to replicate snow. I pressed the walker into the base so I could locate it in the desired position after it dried.. I made a foot template from sheet styrene to make the tracks.
  12. I had to re-position the legs. ILM mimicked an elephant walk for the AT-AT. My original placement didn't look right.
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