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  1. Revisited when I found a Standard missile in my stash. And a more recent Killer to go with this Hunter.
  2. Definitely not a copy of the Hasegawa AH-64. I just compared instructions for both, and they're completely different.
  3. As have Airfix - in their VF1 Wolfpack boxing, And Matchbox - as depicted here. Neither are brilliant kits - but you might get lucky asking for leftover decals.
  4. This may not be entirely representative - as I don't build with open cockpits etc, but here's my way of transporting my 1/72 Phantoms anywhere. That's a rack made from a breakfast cereal box, inside a printer paper box. I did have to raise the lid a bit for Phantoms! For WW2 bombers like Lancasters or B-17s the paper box is modified as the rack - leaving the wingtips exposed. For a 1/48 Phantom I built a jig in a paper box lid. This held the model securely with no weight on its undercarriage.
  5. A-4E Aggressor aircraft were without hump. As others have pointed out, you will need photo refs to get details like RF probe and nose steering pump right, but most kits have all the bits for either version.
  6. Good luck for the future Mark - I wish you well. Thanks for running this GB, you enthusiasm was inspirational. I hope that the future works out and enables you to return one day, Thanks, Tim
  7. First the complimentary reply: Lovely looking model, and great size comparison with the B-52 - very well done. Now the ironic reply: Spruce Goose - Howard Hughes' baby. One of his other babies being TWA - Pan Am's biggest rival! Great boxart!
  8. Yes - well that box that my models are sat on did! I built my grey and white U2s in 2007. I built my Black/Silver U2D in 1987 - that box didn't have NASA decals, so check if you can.
  9. For the U2 there's Dragon Lady by Chris Pocock - a right riveting read and plenty of reference photos. I used the cover for my copy was used to colourmatch the TR-1A pilot's suit.
  10. There are a few pictures in Vietnam Air War Debrief. Farm Gate looks like a standard solid nose, 8 gun Invader without turrets. If the Revell/Monogram kit can be built without turrets, it looks like just check aerials and apply different markings . Farm Gate aircraft suffered fatigue problems and were all grounded. On Mark B-26 Counter Invaders were developed and introduced afterwards.
  11. Not really - the parts breakdown is very different in that area. The gills are actually on the fuselage parts. Only then would you find if the fuselage sections are similar. Easier to find the kit for the version that you want to build. Here's an Airfix TBM-3 that I finished last week Airfix from 2004 Here's are My Academy TBF-1s. First a TBF-1 in Atlantic scheme. This one has the early cowl gun represented with a decal. Then a TBF-1C. These and TBM-3s had a 50cal in each wing I've got another Academy kit to build as a FAA aircraft. Something else that anyone with the Aca
  12. I just perused the Airlife book Century Fighters. No Voodoo slats shown in there either.
  13. I've broken out the instruction folders this time. Italeri: Upper fuselage joint just behind cockpit, lower fuselage joint just ahead of main gear. That upper joint was a bear to eliminate. Academy: Separate nose just ahead of the cockpit. As others have pointed out - this kit has recessed panel lines. Monogram: Separate nose ahead of the cockpit. Raised surface detail. The only one with crew (astronaut) figures.
  14. So would I - just wasn't available the day I found that one at a bargain price! However I do have this Airfix P-61B as well. The Dragon kit is massively superior.
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