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  1. Thanks guys. Knew this would be the place that would know.
  2. Hi guys Anyone tell me is there a big difference between the C-17A Globemaster Royal Air Force / Qatar 1:144 and the C-17A Globemaster III Model Kit 1/144 Revell. Is the outer shell the same ?, Is there any difference in shape. Biggest difference I can see is the £30 price tag. Cheers
  3. Looking to do a spinning blades effect on 1/35 0h-6 littlebird. Have seen previously people using plastic disks to represent the effect. But can't find any links. Any suggestions Many thanks.
  4. Thanks for the clarifying the P's and the H's :) Must admit, hadn't thought of the finished size. ( will consider the scale now )
  5. Stick it in for a Nobel prize you certainty to win that. Fantastic finish. Truly inspirational. Thanks for all the photos and sharing.
  6. Hi all thinking of doing a Heinkel 111 ( not sure what version yet ). But looking for some advice with kits, and aftermarket suggestion. Thinking that eduard masks are essential, thoughts. Also whats the difference between the Revell and the Monogram? Many thanks.
  7. Pleasure to look at :-)
  8. Same footage is on youtube :-)
  9. So do love the paint job, but the undercarrage looks wrong, should have flatter tyres thats one hell of a bird http://www.allworldwars.com/videos/IL-2%20Pilot%20Manual/How-to-fly-IL-2-Sturmovik-1943.html Some great footage. Noce model
  10. Bit late but love the look has put me off doing the mustang because would even get close to that bad boy
  11. Now that looks like $20 million worth of ah-64. outstanding :-)
  12. Oh no that deserves an exhibit on its own. Suggest the turner prize, better than an unmade bed :-)
  13. Just popped in to see the progress, and just loveing it. What are you going to do with the model, after winning every modelling award? Many thanks for taking the time to share :-)
  14. INSANE :) really fantastic :)
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