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  1. I don't quite understand this. The previous version with full AA missiles is L4820, which is different catalog number compared with this AG version L4823, isn't it?
  2. The owner is seeking oversea distributors but with slow progress, because of the international logistic serious delay and fare cost up. The only realistic option so far is to buy it via some transfer purchase website from China Taobao.com
  3. Hi everyone! We are still in the middle of National Day hoidays but here comes some good news for all Flanker lovers. The 2nd 3D printing high detailed landing gear from Detail & Wonder Studio is now ready: 480606 1/48 Su-35 "Flanker E" landing gears for G.W.H kit This time not only the landing gear and mud guard, but also the lamp bows are also included. Needless to say, same as Su-27 gears, the reinforcement stainless rods are also in place. Will be on sale in China domestic market in late October and in Japan in November. The 3rd
  4. The wingtip downward angle is well presented on 3D design, as shown on below output pictures. Talking about your concern, I believe it is caused by one piece upper/lower fuselage/wing part deformation during injection, because of the large size and shape(too flat and thin). If you cut the wings by seperate parts from middle, like Su-33, then there will be no deformation issue like this. So in my understanding, under current plastic injection mold technology limitation, this is very difficult to avoid as long as fuselage and wings are made by one piece part.
  5. Thought modellers shall have better observation. A bit dissappointing.
  6. Hi guys The long waited Detail & Wonder 480601 1/48 GWH Su-27 "Flanker" highly detailed landing gears will be released in August 2021. Sample painted by myself. Have a nice weekend.
  7. Oh yes, almost forgot this which I post on Facebook. One important tip for all Flanker builders: The pitot tube is not in the vertical against the end of radome, it is 3 degrees up against the radome center line. Yes no matter which varant you build, its ALWAYS 3 degrees up against the radome center line. I also attach the real size of the PVD-18 pitot tube which I measure it myself in Shenyang Aircraft Corporation more than 10 years ago, since some people questioned the kit part size is accurate or not. Believe me, this small feature will make your model looks so differen
  8. As ijozic said, content itself is totally same. The package(high quality printed box, decals, etc.) makes the overall feeling different.
  9. So the delivery man is already knocking everyone's door in China domestic market. Received my 5 boxes today. 🙂 The feeling of checking formal kit, is so different than the feeling when I got the sample kit several months ago.
  10. Thanks for the support. Unfortunately I'm not building the 27 at the time, since I'm enjoying building 1/700 ship models recently.;) Maybe I will start building it after my current building plan is finished, hopefully this year.
  11. 15th June in domestic market. Manufacture is suspended by those blo*dy 1/144 B-52G kits which were supposed to be released in April.
  12. A small building hint for GWH 1/48 Su-27 kits: do NOT fill the panel line. I intentially break parts by panel lines.
  13. A small building hint: do NOT fill the panel line. I intentially break parts by panel lines.
  14. Under injection now. A bit delayed due to April production delay(the new 1/144 B-52G and other 2 re-issued kits). Shall hit domestic market end of this month or beginning of June.
  15. Su-35 decals used new formula so they are fine. All decals in the kit since then(2018), are all good. Including some re-issued kits using new boxing, the white/blue "Finnish" color ones.
  16. The uploaded version seems to be compressed to lower quality due to forum attachment size limitation, so if you guys are interested in originl high resolution version I can upload to some online file share website.
  17. Hi guys Here comes the last part of GWH 1/48 Su-27 R&D record: the difference between the single seater and two seater. Far more than the addtional seat added! Check it out. That's all for the R&D booklet.
  18. Unfortunately that is not true. Su-30SM ejection seat is K-36D-3.5, which is very close to K-36D-5 used by Su-35 and Su-57, but very different than K-36DM used by Su-27/MiG-29. As far as I know there is no K-36D-3.5 aftermarket product, the short cut could be use the K-36D-5 seats. Both are very similar,almost no obvious external difference. Just my 2 cents.
  19. It was designed as printed material to be added in the first edition of the kit. But since the weight will increase a lot which will add more cost on postage, they decided to disclose it online freely. This month in China mainland. Surely not, if you have checked my post on 3rd April showing real plastic parts. I took very clear picture of the vertical fins. To be continued!
  20. Hi guys Returning from 5-day golden week holiday so finally find some time to upload the final part of the GWH 1/48 Su-27 Flanker R&D booklet. Hope you find it informative and useful. Enjoy!
  21. More R&D content added: fuselage, vertical fins and stabilizers. Enjoy the reading!
  22. So here comes the R&D booklet for L4824 Su-27 "Flanker B". Worth a readthrough to help you better understand some special feature of the vanilla Flanker. To be continued.
  23. A little update if you are still interested. The updated canopy part with no more additional gates on the bottom, 0.4mm thickness, no distortion by same thickness and beautifully engraved rivets/panels. I will receive my 10 boxes of final product version next week.
  24. Thanks all. The Wan Chien A2G cruise missle was added as special bonus parts only in 1st edition. But you can still buy the seperate weapon set as well.
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