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  1. Don't know if this is old-ish news but certainly good ones! 😀 Reskit upcoming releases The one in 1/35 should give the the excuse to start my Trumpeter Hind that is in deep cold storage.
  2. Great news! BTW, do you have plans for a new F-35A sheet? Lots of new USAF units using this aircraft (AK, VT, and the 4th & 421th FS in the 388 FW).
  3. Have a look here, you can do it with Mr Metallics : Natural Metal Finishes
  4. When you have your airbrush loaded and ready to roll..there's power outage...
  5. I just mix it with little Future and some drops of plain water. Beware that the finish is somewhat glossy but its more resistance to scratches that just using thinner.
  6. Umm...the HG gray in recent photos do look less purplish and/or metallic, more like a AMC Gray. Anyone care to comment on it?
  7. Will follow you thread with interest. Maybe I can get my mojo back to tackle it. Tried to start the same kit last week and lost interest in less than one hour.
  8. FYI, Mr LT its available (in stock) at ScaleHobbyist.com. Just brought 2 bottle earlier this morning.
  9. Good one, would be wonderful if marking for the Black Widow (421st FS) where included too!
  10. Before this COVOD-19 thing I worked 8-11 in the office, now I am working 10-14 hours from home. 😫 But I save the 1.5 hour drive from office so I have some spare time for some long-ovedue projects.
  11. That would be a great way to compare both products, unfortunately the MM site does not provide a Safety Data Sheets for its products. I have both and can tell you they smell, look and act exactly the same way, I have sprayed MM paint with both and they behave the same way. Hell, I have even mixed MM with Future and the resulting finish is even better and smoother than using their poly (or Createx) additive.
  12. I have both the Createx Intercoat 4030 and MM Polly additive and both are the same product. I also suspect the MM Thinner is just a repackaged Createx 4012. And Createx product are way cheaper.
  13. NOICE! This one and Zvezda's MI-24 will make 2020 the Year of The Russian Choppers.
  14. First time I used SC that's the result I got. After much thinking I realized that I was pouring the clear first into the airbrush (I use gravity feed type) and thinner second. The clear is more dense so even after a good stir part of the clear stayed on the bottom. My solution: mix the clear (or any Mr. Color paint for the matter) and thinner in a separate container and then pur in the airbrush. This technique also apply when using thick clears like Tamiya's. Hope this help.
  15. Once I tried to thin it with Future and liked the results so much that I now use it as the de-facto thinner. It has the advantage of giving the paint a lovely shinny finish.
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