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  1. Jutst a head ups, if you still need parts for the Eurofighter in both 1/32 and 1/48, give this seller a shot: Wolf 3D Resin Parts I got the inner pylons for both scales and they are WAY better than the PH ones. HTH.
  2. Indeed, 3D printing is the future of modelling, not only on aftermarket parts but surely on complete models soon, especially for those of us who have limited time for modelling (daily life and family comes first) and cannot spend a whole week sanding, fitting, more sanding, discovering that the resin shrinks, cursing, fitting again, and then priming and painting.
  3. There are still some available in this US seller: 1/35 Caracal Decals #32026 AH-64D/E Apaches
  4. From what I have seem, and comparing with photos from the web and Jake's book on the A-10, it seems to be fairly accurate, and represent the latest variant with all the new gizmos avaliable.
  5. Your observations are correct, here are some photos from my sample, the dark circles are the ejection marks highlighted with Tamiya dark brown panel liner. To be fair, they are quite shalow and hard to see. Someone will surely come with some aftermarket replacement but as you said, these things should hot happen with today's injection molding tech.
  6. I have read in other sites that Academy's new decals are excellent, on par with Cartographs' best. Dusan Lekic (Scale ModelAircraft on YouTube) commented that in his Academy 1/48 A6M2b build review (Academy 1/48 A6M2b Build)
  7. Sorry that I didn't answered your question earlier. No, I have not, only the military colors.
  8. I would recommend the MRP line of scribers. This one: NPR Scriber Narrow is excellent, I use it as my primary scriber and have zero complaints. Expensive for sure but worth it.
  9. MCW Finishes makes enamels for popular FS colors. I have used them and they behave like old MM but IMHO with better results, since they use automotive-grade ingredients. I thin with Levelling Thinner and the resulting finish is smooth as butter. MCW Finishes They are expensive, thou.
  10. Hi Dave, does the sale include the yet to be released 1/48 F-35B sheet?
  11. Today I went to HW USA website and found it somewhat...odd. Anyone know something? Thanks.
  12. Mine acted the same way but I give here a Snicker bar....
  13. Strange, I updated the microchip firmware but still the yellow eyes. What'sUpped Bill Gates and he referred me to someone named 99...googled it but the only one related to is a guy named Toto.
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