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  1. I received my copy last week from HobbyEasy and it is signed in gold Sharpie by Sio.... 😁 And no, no NHC map was altered this time.
  2. Gents: The first images of the upcoming 1/48 P-51D Royal Class boxing are published on the Hobby Search web site: Eduard Royal Class P-51D Looks like the J sprue will have the metal 110-gal tanks but not 100% sure as the images are not sharp (they are better visualized in a smartphone). And, only ONE marking option for a Pacific VLR bird. Finally, since they are reusing the D sprue from the previous P-51D kit it seems that it will not have the Uncle Dog antenna location slots nor the tail antenna locations common to the VLR aircraft. I could be wrong , thou... Eduard will also include a resin (or plastic) PSP base, which is a nice addition.
  3. Yes, I have tried it but to be honest I haven't seen a huge difference in the final finish (it flows better thou). Also my polly bottle is totaled, it went from a liquid state to a goopey gel.
  4. Great, thanks for answering my question. I agree, MM Int. Green looks spot on, in fact, I am using it to paint the cockpit and interior parts on a Hasegawa P-38. The only change I made was to thin it with Future and a few drops of its proprietary thinning. makes the paint flow like butter and gives it a superb eggshell finish and makes, IMHO, more durable.
  5. As the fellows across the pond would say, "NOICE"! I like the subtle weathering and the 'oxidized' look of the metal finish, which I find more realistic that the chrome-mirror finish some modellers portray. Did you use Model Master enamel for the interior green?
  6. Also: The shimmy damper added to the front landing gear. GPS antenna. Short front CFT pylon. I also read somewhere that current F-15E nose cones are different, something about the newer AESA radar updates but I am not sure.
  7. I considered that but I really want to build an early USAFE bird. And, I sacrificed one of my crappy Academy F-15's I have in my stach and have now a brand new tail hook n' cover already attached to the Hase Eagle.
  8. Thanks for your reply. The more I look at photos of DS Eagles the more I am convinced that most if not all of the F-15A/C's of that era still have the fairing installed. The problem is that have already cut the fairing from my Hasegawa F-15 and glued the Wolfpack replacement parts in, and now I cannot find the chopped pieces. 😪
  9. Gents: does anyone here knows if the F-15's flown by the 32 Tactical Fighter Squadron (Soesterberg) during Desert Storm have their arrestor hook covers already removed? Lots of photos about this squadron in the web but NONE that show this detail (at least none for the DS/immediate post-DS period). Thanks!
  10. I am still waiting for my 1:24 B-29.
  11. What? Is Klaus back again from deep storage????? 😁
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