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  1. Hi Dave, does the sale include the yet to be released 1/48 F-35B sheet?
  2. Today I went to HW USA website and found it somewhat...odd. Anyone know something? Thanks.
  3. Mine acted the same way but I give here a Snicker bar....
  4. Strange, I updated the microchip firmware but still the yellow eyes. What'sUpped Bill Gates and he referred me to someone named 99...googled it but the only one related to is a guy named Toto.
  5. Got first shot on Sunday. One eye turned yellow and developed x-ray vision but otherwise no side effects.
  6. Nope, but Kitty Hawk is going to release a 1/19 B-29 with full interior and 29-man crew plus a bonus commemorative coin of Mar-A-Lago...
  7. Well, at least is not a another BF-109 😄 .....but seriously, another Phantom?
  8. Just got a set of 3 for $9.99 free shipping from Amazon (Prime of course, 😉).
  9. I learned a long time ago to NOT mix Mr colors and thinner inside the airbrush cup. The paint is more dense and will clog the AB. Try mixing in a separate cup. I use Aztec gravity feed cups with a toothpick inserted in the tip of the siphon tube. Mix the paint/thinner, remove the toothpick and pour on the AB.
  10. OMG, what a brilliant idea! Will get some from Amazon right now.
  11. Your dreams are my dreams. It is up to our Russian friends (Zvezda) to make these dreams come true ,as we can count no more on hasegawa or tamiya.
  12. Agreed, the Eduard one is inaccurate (plastic is gray instead of magenta, too much ejection pin markings in the canopy frames, et al).
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