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  1. I am still waiting for my 1:24 B-29.
  2. What? Is Klaus back again from deep storage????? 😁
  3. You can create PLASTIC fine tubing by heat stretching hollow plastic Q -Tip handles, just like you do with regular sprue.
  4. Sorry to tell you A-10 is never a mainstream subject. - One Operator - 2 scheme only. One Operator , two, perhaps three schemes, only a few build, never saw combat (could be wrong, thou) but the A-10 is still KICKING asses. Oh the irony....
  5. Oh Great Buddha heard me, heard me: why not a new tool 1/48 A-10A/C????????? Yeah, I know, only one operator, produced in small numbers, no glamour nor air to air kills and other Tom-Cruise-like shoot but its still cool, saved a lot of grunts their asses and still strike FEAR to anyone unfortunate enough to stand in their way. Just saying...
  6. Ok, let's wait until someone do a full build to asses if its an actual error or just carelessness of the person who build it for the photo. Mine's on my way from Mega Hobby so as soon it land on my door will check it and post my findings here, if necessary.
  7. Hi Sleepy, you are quite correct on your observation. Should be a simple fix thou.
  8. Tried to contact them a few months ago for a missing part and to this day no joy too. Seems that their customer support is non-existent.
  9. You can preorder it on HobbyEasy for $50.33, that's the best price I have seen so far. I am sure that once it is released you will find better prices , specially from Asian vendor. I probably pass on this as its not on my interest list, and I have half a dozen Hasegawa P-38's somewhere on my pile'o'models.
  10. Tamiya New Kit Preview Looks like a WW2 plane or something in the same line. In 1/48. Meh.
  11. I am ok with a P-38 but NOT ok with yet another 109.
  12. On Hyperscale it was posted that: "Stay tuned for a big announcement from Tamiya later in the week! " A new tool Mazinger Z???? Sleepy: is this what it is or just coincidence?????
  13. Hi Raymond, based on your mainstream subject theory, have you ever considering doing a A-10 Warthog in 1/48? Its a quite mainstream subject that has been neglected for too long. HB did one a long time ago it many feel it missed the mark. Regards, J
  14. The Wolfpack update sets for the F-15 looks nice on the box but they have some dimensional issues,; for example, the LAU pylons are innacurrate (short in length). And I know what I am talking about because I have both the F-15C MISP and the F-15E OIF sets. Your best bet (and the one I finally took) is to get the Academy F-15E Seymour Johnson for cheap at EvilBay, these kits have the correct parts specific for both the F-15C & F-15E post-DS and TONS of weapons. You wont be disappointed.
  15. FYI, One Shot primers are just repackaged Badger's Stynelrez.
  16. A Gunship Gray F-15C??? Is that allowed?
  17. According to Trump, anyway: 2019 Fourth of July parade 😀
  18. Nice video series on the XIV, with Paul tips and some old-school modelling trickery it could (and will) be build into a nice replica of this lovely looking Spit. Mine should be arriving from Mega Hobby's warehouse anytime soon.
  19. Sorry but I got a Fastpass so I get the B-29 first and without queues....
  20. Patiently waiting for Airfix to release a 1/24 B-29 with full bomb bay detail....
  21. You will burn in Wakanda for what you had said , I have a box that says 'Its not a toy, intended for children 40+'...
  22. Looks more like a toy ....
  23. Danke vielmals Shion! Even on my monitor your provided color combination looks spot on.
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