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  1. Good one, would be wonderful if marking for the Black Widow (421st FS) where included too!
  2. Before this COVOD-19 thing I worked 8-11 in the office, now I am working 10-14 hours from home. 😫 But I save the 1.5 hour drive from office so I have some spare time for some long-ovedue projects.
  3. That would be a great way to compare both products, unfortunately the MM site does not provide a Safety Data Sheets for its products. I have both and can tell you they smell, look and act exactly the same way, I have sprayed MM paint with both and they behave the same way. Hell, I have even mixed MM with Future and the resulting finish is even better and smoother than using their poly (or Createx) additive.
  4. I have both the Createx Intercoat 4030 and MM Polly additive and both are the same product. I also suspect the MM Thinner is just a repackaged Createx 4012. And Createx product are way cheaper.
  5. NOICE! This one and Zvezda's MI-24 will make 2020 the Year of The Russian Choppers.
  6. First time I used SC that's the result I got. After much thinking I realized that I was pouring the clear first into the airbrush (I use gravity feed type) and thinner second. The clear is more dense so even after a good stir part of the clear stayed on the bottom. My solution: mix the clear (or any Mr. Color paint for the matter) and thinner in a separate container and then pur in the airbrush. This technique also apply when using thick clears like Tamiya's. Hope this help.
  7. Once I tried to thin it with Future and liked the results so much that I now use it as the de-facto thinner. It has the advantage of giving the paint a lovely shinny finish.
  8. Stynylrez and/or Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 Black. For metal part such as Fruil tracks I use Rustoleum primers in rattlecans.
  9. Oh sheit, just when I paid a fortune to get some Cobra Company resin for my venerable Monogram MI-24 this news comes out, as usual. 😫🥺
  10. Those F-35 markings would look awesome in 1/48......😍
  11. Happy Birthday ARC! I remember joining because someone was selling a DML 1/48 TA-152 cheap. I still have that model, unbuild, somewhere in my stach. Seems like yesterday.
  12. This one went under the radar but Two Bobs just released a new decal sheet covering the F-15E's of the 391st FS (Bold Tigers) during their deployment to the Middle East. My two favorites , Leonidas and Black Widow, are there. NOICE!
  13. NOICE!!! No sharkmouths on this sheet?
  14. Thankfully I was able to get one copy of the original 1/48 AH-64E issued by Hasgawa a few years ago, which has the current 'sugar scoop' exhaust shield in the sprues. The much widely-available Taiwanese version (kit #07432) does NOT have the sugar scoop pieces included.
  15. Took 9 days to be delivered to my PO box (Shipped on October 4, 2019 and delivered on the 12th) . NEVER had any problems with HobbyEasy but be aware that they sometimes takes 4-5 days to process and ship an order.
  16. I received my copy last week from HobbyEasy and it is signed in gold Sharpie by Sio.... 😁 And no, no NHC map was altered this time.
  17. Gents: The first images of the upcoming 1/48 P-51D Royal Class boxing are published on the Hobby Search web site: Eduard Royal Class P-51D Looks like the J sprue will have the metal 110-gal tanks but not 100% sure as the images are not sharp (they are better visualized in a smartphone). And, only ONE marking option for a Pacific VLR bird. Finally, since they are reusing the D sprue from the previous P-51D kit it seems that it will not have the Uncle Dog antenna location slots nor the tail antenna locations common to the VLR aircraft. I could be wrong , thou... Eduard will also include a resin (or plastic) PSP base, which is a nice addition.
  18. Yes, I have tried it but to be honest I haven't seen a huge difference in the final finish (it flows better thou). Also my polly bottle is totaled, it went from a liquid state to a goopey gel.
  19. Great, thanks for answering my question. I agree, MM Int. Green looks spot on, in fact, I am using it to paint the cockpit and interior parts on a Hasegawa P-38. The only change I made was to thin it with Future and a few drops of its proprietary thinning. makes the paint flow like butter and gives it a superb eggshell finish and makes, IMHO, more durable.
  20. As the fellows across the pond would say, "NOICE"! I like the subtle weathering and the 'oxidized' look of the metal finish, which I find more realistic that the chrome-mirror finish some modellers portray. Did you use Model Master enamel for the interior green?
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