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  1. Gents: The first images of the upcoming 1/48 P-51D Royal Class boxing are published on the Hobby Search web site:

    Eduard Royal Class P-51D

    Looks like the J sprue will have the metal 110-gal tanks but not 100% sure as the images are not sharp (they are better visualized in a smartphone).  And, only ONE marking option for a Pacific VLR bird. Finally, since they are reusing the D sprue from the previous P-51D kit it seems that it will not have the Uncle Dog antenna location slots nor the tail antenna locations  common to the VLR aircraft. I could be wrong , thou...


    Eduard will also include a resin (or plastic) PSP base, which is a nice addition. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Falconxlvi said:

    Jon would freak if he knew you thinned it with future, lol, but I’m glad it works for you.  Out of curiosity, have you tired the poly additive?  It does the same thing you are describing but is made for MM paints. 



    Yes, I have tried it but to be honest I haven't seen a huge difference in the final finish (it flows better thou).  Also my polly bottle is totaled, it went from a liquid state to a goopey gel.

  3. 40 minutes ago, Falconxlvi said:

    Thanks!  I used Mission Models US Interior Green - I think it’s a great interpretation.  I’m glad you like the metal finish as well.  I used burnt sienna oil paint as a filter on some of the panels.  


    Thank you 🙏🏻 


    Great, thanks for answering my question.  I agree, MM Int. Green looks spot on, in fact, I am using it to paint the cockpit and interior parts on a Hasegawa P-38. The only change I made was to thin it with Future and a few drops of its proprietary thinning. makes the paint flow like butter and gives it a superb eggshell finish and makes, IMHO, more durable.

  4. On 9/20/2019 at 8:23 PM, adamitri said:

    Sniper pod.

    the launch rails are too thin plus they only give you two. 

    Tail reinforcement plates.

    The antenna on the spine behind the cockpit may be different.

    Oh and depending on the engines, you may need different compressor blades.


    The shimmy damper added to the front landing gear.

    GPS antenna.

    Short front CFT pylon.

    I also read somewhere that current F-15E  nose cones are different, something about  the newer AESA radar updates but I am not sure.

  5. On 9/21/2019 at 3:55 PM, Quixote74 said:

    If you can't find the cut piece or fabricate a reasonable replacement, why not find decals for a post-1993 unit? Should be plenty of options out there.  Most fighter units had started the transition to the "Mod Eagle" scheme by that point so you can have a neat contrast with the Soesterberg bird in Ghost Grays if you build that one later.

    I considered that but I really want to build an early USAFE bird. And, I sacrificed one of my crappy Academy F-15's I have in my stach and have now a brand new tail hook n' cover already attached to the Hase Eagle. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Quixote74 said:


    While I can't give you a 100% definitive answer, I can say that none of the F-15As or Cs I've seen during or immediately after Desert Storm had the fairing removed.  This change was originally unique to the F-15E (which was brand new at the time) and was only adopted on the fighter variants well after ODS.


    Thanks for your reply. The more I look at photos of DS Eagles the more I am convinced that most if not all of the F-15A/C's of that era still have the fairing installed. The problem is that have already cut the fairing from my Hasegawa F-15 and glued the Wolfpack replacement parts in, and now I cannot find the chopped pieces. 😪

  7.   On 7/19/2019 at 9:29 AM, nachjager said:

    Hi Raymond, based on your mainstream subject theory, have you ever considering doing a A-10 Warthog in 1/48? Its a quite mainstream subject that has been neglected for too long. HB did one a long time ago it many feel it missed the mark.



    Sorry to tell you A-10 is never a mainstream subject. - One Operator - 2 scheme only.


    One Operator , two, perhaps three schemes,  only a few build, never saw combat (could be wrong, thou) but the A-10 is still KICKING asses. Oh the irony....

  8. Oh Great Buddha heard me, heard me: why not a new tool 1/48 A-10A/C????????? Yeah, I know, only one operator, produced in small numbers, no glamour nor air to air kills and other Tom-Cruise-like shoot but its still cool, saved a lot of grunts their asses and still strike FEAR to anyone unfortunate enough to stand in their way.


    Just saying...

  9. 16 minutes ago, Sleepy said:


    "Should be" and "is" are two totally different things.  And honestly, in 2019, should it be necessary?  I have memories of Eduard's Bf109G disaster.  How it's possible, using CAD design, for a basic mistake like this to happen (assuming it's not just the builder's error) is inexplicable to me.  It's as obvious an error as putting a three bladed prop on a P-51D to me.


    Ok, let's wait until someone do a full build to asses if its an actual error or just carelessness of the person who build it for the photo. Mine's on my way from Mega Hobby so as soon it land on my door will check it and post my findings here, if necessary.

  10. 9 hours ago, Sleepy said:

    Compare the photos.  The model looks like it’s standing on its tiptoes.  The struts appear in the photo to be mounted at 90 degrees to the wing chord plane, not angled forward like the real thing is.

    Hi Sleepy, you are quite correct on your observation. Should be a simple fix thou.

  11. On 7/31/2019 at 8:23 AM, viper730 said:

    Saw a couple more Pre-order links pop up and the USA MSRP seems to be $80.00... JAC Hobbies is selling the kit for 60.00 & Tower Hobbies has it for 64.00....If the 4320y price that was shown in the preview pictures is the real Japan MSRP Price I may have to but mine form overseas.

    You can preorder it on HobbyEasy for $50.33, that's the best price I have seen so far. I am sure that once it is released you will find better prices , specially from Asian vendor.  I probably pass on this as its not on my interest list,  and I have half a dozen Hasegawa P-38's somewhere  on my pile'o'models.

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