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  1. Jesus Christ , I would KILL to have this (and your previous one with the Black Window F-35A) sheet in 1/48.....😍
  2. Looks like a Sniper pod but with a rounded, bomb-like nose...umm..interesting.
  3. Thanks Kursada!!! That fits my bill perfectly. I may end hand-painting it, or doing some sort of airbrush template for painting because my Photoshop skill sucks.
  4. Hi St0rm: thanks for your reply. I think you are correct, I miss- identified the squadron. Looking hard at the photos the ones who had fin cap art are from the 4 FS, not the 34. Looks like the 4th and the 421 are the only ones that have fin cap art.
  5. Gents: I am currently building Meng’s 1/48 F-35A and I am planning to do it representing 34th FS markings. I have been collecting photos of some current squadron jets and I noted that on the vertical fin, on top of the ACC badge, there is some sort of artwork or fin flash markings I cannot see in detail in any of the photos I have found on the web. Does anyone have a clear close-up photo of one of the 34 jets sporting these markings? Thanks in advance.
  6. Heinkel HE-177 Pages!! I wanna be part of history so BUMP! BUMP!
  7. For me is quite easy: 1-Work 2-Family 3- I am an old-school movie fan who prefers to see the movies in theater with family instead of Netflix, so that means less free time at home.
  8. I have done it, and never had any issues. X-22, once fully cured its rock hard and durable. Hell, I even mix X-22 with Gunze and Tamiya paints, it gives the paint a hard eggshell finish look and, to me, makes the Tamiya nearly scratch-proff.
  9. Mountain Home F-15E Nose Art Link Don't know if this has been posted before but, there are some nice F-15E nose art in the link above that I haven't seen before. The one with the 'Punisher' nose art is specially striking.
  10. Welcome back. PD. Will Jennings return? 🐡
  11. Noice!!! What color brand did you use for the nose blue?
  12. I would LOVE to have the 388th FW F-35 decal in 1/48. 😍
  13. The Wistlin' Dixie noseart reminds me of the Wee Speck art in WW2 P-47.
  14. A fellow modeler uses .008 bronze rod as antenna, I tried once and was more than satisfied with the results. This type of wire is very fine, hair-like but rigid I. He also use it for rigging WW1 planes. https://www.megahobby.com/shop?search_query=008+Phosphor+Bronze
  15. In the past I have successfully striped Future, Aqua Clear, and AK's Gauzy Agent using pure ammonia that I got cheap in Walmart (I sue the piss-colored one). Great Value Amnonia
  16. Thanks for the link. I guess if I want more info. will have to buy the companion book that came out with the Real Color release.
  17. Just for curiosity I ordered a bunch of colors from the new AK Real Colors Aircraft line,and one of the german aircraft colors, RLM83, came up ...umm..blue? I know, I know, I am stepping into a deadly minefield but I find it odd, since I have this color for other manufacturer and all of these are represented as a dark green color. And, to add more intrigue to this topic, AK's RLM66 is represented as a dark greenish color that looks to me more to RLM83(!!). Anyone else share my concerns?
  18. FYI, it is available now at Sprue Brothers.
  19. Just received an email that the decals have been shipped! Happy happy happy!
  20. Umm.....AMK's Weapons Set is listed as 'in stock' at HobbyEasy: https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/xg2xtngbl4jnxl4g9ajt.html Thank God I clicked on the above link because for some unknown reason in the Related Items section under I found this: https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/0ioie6q2n3qij1aia7pq.html For $ 35.10 I think is a good value.
  21. It should be available soon. When Wolfpack Designs releases a new product it usually takes 2-3 week for the distribution chain to supply it to the retailers in Asia, more here in the USA. Perhaps LuckyModel will have it first.
  22. Kawabonga, at last! Ordered (and the Weasel sheet too!).
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