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  1. Just for curiosity I ordered a bunch of colors from the new AK Real Colors Aircraft line,and one of the german aircraft colors, RLM83, came up ...umm..blue?  I know, I know, I am stepping into a deadly minefield but I find it odd, since I have this color for other manufacturer and all of these are represented as a dark green color. And, to add more intrigue to this topic, AK's RLM66 is represented as a dark greenish color that looks to me more to RLM83(!!).


    Anyone else share my concerns?

  2. Just now, airmechaja said:

    So is the C available now or not? :dontknow: If so, from whom?

    It should be available soon.  When Wolfpack Designs releases a new product it usually takes 2-3 week for the distribution chain to supply it  to the retailers in Asia, more here in the USA. Perhaps LuckyModel will have it first.

  3. 16 minutes ago, KursadA said:


    1. Because the folks with the reference photos are not sending them to me. Unlike fighter/bomber aircraft that can be photographed often during exercises, transits, air shows etc.,  Army/Marine helicopters are usually only photographed by personnel at the base.


    2. Because the Regulus/Snark sheet will be the only choice for several hundred desperate folks who have been waiting for a decent sheet for the kit in their stashes, whereas the Apache sheet will just be another addition to the wide range of decals already available to the thousands of people spoiled for choice.


  4. 2 hours ago, Doppelgänger said:


    Hell, YYYEEEAAAHH!!!, Nachjager! YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHH...!!!:punk::punk::punk: That's my mate!

    Beggars can't be choosers, but could it be Jessica Alba (or Jessica Biel), Jaime Koeppe or Sommer Ray instead?

    Not a g-string, but a common thong in fluorescent yellow/green colour, please.





    No f**** way , Scarlet OR NOTHING ELSE....😁😁

  5. 1 hour ago, Doppelgänger said:


    :hmmm:I must be confusing the TV series with Stephen King's novel then. Wasn't Danny Glick who visited the teacher upstairs, when he stayed at Ben's? Or was it Mike Ryerson the one killed by Danny?

    The scene which disturbed me the most on the TV series was when Barlow came out of nowhere inside Mark's house and killed both his parents. I still recall the sight of Barlow when Mark promised to kill him *shudders*

    I also wouldn't be able to sleep with the lights out for quite a while.

    In the novel, isn't it Ralphie Glick the one sacrificed at the Harmony Hill cemetery so that it all starts in Salem?

    Great novel that is. That one and The Stand.

    Cheers jager,



    Yes, I am referencing the TV series, the Barlow character in the novel was more human, suave and "in love with his voice". The one on the TV series was evil inhuman parasite.

  6. 2 hours ago, Doppelgänger said:


    Yes, but David Soul killed you anyways, then he went telling Starsky about it... :rofl:


    That was Danny Glick, who then killed his brother Ralphie.

    By the way, have you seen AMK's last revised pic regarding the rear flanks on their F-14D kit? 




    This is mould #sex; I mean, six...





    Haha! Yes, killed by David Soul was one of lowpoints of my life. Still have nightmares about it. And, nooooooo, the "Look at me teacher" quote was uttered by the vamp on that creepy rocking chair scene (that, and the one with  Barlow  in the jail scared the shoot out of me when I saw the series as child, I was unable to sleep without the light off for about two weeks 🤣).

    I was planning to buy just one copy of the AMK F-14 but now it seem I will buy 69 copies...yikes!

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