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  1. 42 minutes ago, Doppelgänger said:


    :woot.gif: Good mourning, didn't you mean...??? What were Kurt Barlow doing out of his coffin this early in the morning? Don't you fear the sun burning your skin to death? Go back to sleep until dusk, you ancient blood-sucker...


    Got one interesting pic of the AMK Tomcat that I'll post after work. Stay tuned!




    So old school, modern vampires no longer feed at night nor need blood...buah!

    Look at me teacher, LOOOOK!

  2. 14 hours ago, Mstor said:


    Never heard that term before. Fascinating. Of course, pics are welcome. Without them we'd have very little to argue about.


    Official definition of neffing:
    "Created in the Anandtech forums, it was a member who posted useless crap to increase his post count. Hence, the term eventually branched out in to other forums and became a popular term among forum goers. Lifers are usually a harmless bunch, not as vicious as trolls. All they care about is the postcount.. "


  3. 5 minutes ago, Ventris said:



    You answer to the people giving you money, your customers.

    LOL, you used the 'incorrect' image since he actually only answer to....

    Sorry about that, could not help.


  4. 24 minutes ago, Tapchan said:

    Right-click on the photo, choose "Copy image address" and then paste it in the new tab. Since then the image will load normally.




    The chair in the background....its color looks like a good match for the Nelli's F-16 aggressors.

  5. Yes, they are supposed to fit better , but my experience was different, so, I ended using the plastic parts. I sanded all the interior detail on the covers. and glued the covers to the wings BEFORE attaching them to the fuselage. Here are some usedull notes regarding the Eduard FW:



    and here:


    Mind you, these are for the original FW-190 A8/F8 version, the newer ones (A-2 thru A-6) are supposedly retooled version that do not suffer from  many of the original release maladies.

  6. 35 minutes ago, dylan said:

    here is the photo Martin uploaded last. because someone asked.



    now the issue about the rear of the fuselage. Yes I get to be the red line guy.


    the the top of the airbag is more or less parallel to the bottom



    the AMK kit that we have pictures of. (it could be just a test shot, and MAYBE AMK has done some retooling)

    the line is not straight .



    to me it looks like the fuselage is too thick, requiring the area between the vertical and horizontal stabs to have too much of a slope and the air bags to swoop up to seal the gap .

    More curves than Jennifer Lopez...JLO Tomcat!

  7. 29 minutes ago, jmel said:

    Depends on the era.  If you're using the new Big Scale Weasels sheet from Speed Hunter, those jets used the ALQ-119 except for the Hill II jet.  It used the ALQ-184.  The only time the 3rd TFW jets used the ALQ-131 pods was during Desert Storm when the four E-models flew from Incirlik.








    Jake, thanks for your answer. Yes, I am planning on using your Big Scale Weasels sheet, specifically the 3rd TFS Hill II jet. So, no ALQ-131 for 90 TFS jets, only ALQ-184. 

    Tack så mycket!

  8. Gents: Starting to build a 1/32 Revell F-4G, planning to do it as a 3rd TFW Weasel. Beside the GT F-4G corrections set, what ECM pod should I use?  I read in the web that all Pacific and European F-4G units used the AN/ALG-131 pod but I have seen photos of Spang Weasels with the ALQ-119 pod.

    Thanks for looking.

    PD. Here is the source of my information: http://www.detailandscale.com/scale_model_review_revell_5994_f-4g_phantom_ii_wild_weasel_1.32nd_scale.html

  9. The best 1/48 Spitfire: Eduard. Accurate, near perfect in every sense.

    The best 1/48 BF-109G, IMHO,  is Eduard. Tamiya is great, make no mistake, but I think the Eduard is more accurate. The initial release of the BF-10G-6  has some dimension issues that where later corrected. 

    FW-190? The Eduard ones are way more accurate than Tamiya but very hard to build, specially the FW-190D & A/8F-8 series. The newer ones ( A-2, 3,4) where revised and are much simpler to build.

    For the P-51D, I still prefer the Tamiya for its simplicity, I was somewhat disappointed with the Airfix although its a good kit, its implementation was crude, but that  is just me. I have read good things about the Meng one but I am in no position to comment on it because I still don't have it in my stash.

  10. 20 hours ago, Brad-M said:



    I want to get a 1/48 Mig-25 from ICM. Sprue is out and Squadron only has the Recce, so I am looking for a reliable source from Ebay.





    Well, you can get it from here:

    Edit: It is now out of stock, sorry. It was in stock a few minutes back.

    HobbyEasy in HK has it on sale:

    NOTE: I know you said Ebay but both of the seller mentioned above are reputable ones, and I have used their services for years without problems.

  11. On 10/20/2018 at 9:24 AM, 11bee said:

    I kinda like it.  An army recruiting video showing soldiers (Rangers) in combat?  What a novel concept.  Beats those horrible "Army of One" ads. 



    Of course given the poor recruiting numbers, they may be desperate to get kids to sign up these days, given that we've been at war since before some of these recruits were even born.   "Join the Army - we promise you'll be deployed to a combat zone!".   We'll see if this works.  At least the Army can't be accused of misleading advertisements. 

    No it's not...it's EA/DICE Battlefield 6 trailer leak.

  12. 13 minutes ago, ChesshireCat said:

    I have never seen an Academy M1A2!  The Dragon kits were OK at best. The first RFM had a good shape and fit, but still needed work here and there. There were things on the Meng I liked better,  but was left wanting more. The Tamiya M1's never gave me a thrill. The 1991 kit from RFM looks very good in the box, and my get the one with the interior. What want is an M1 IP, and both XM1's. Have little want for the Tusk version.

    I too have the RFM, Dragon and Meng and I think Academy win hands down. And the best part is you can do a non-Tusk version with it. I am targeting this specific vehicle in my build: M1A2 V2 in Winter Scheme  


    13 minutes ago, ChesshireCat said:

    After making the post on the A10, I did some thinking. Just who would I want in the driver's seat? No doubt Tamiya would do a nice while skimping on the very finest details. Bronco would be the opposite, but take eighteen months to get it built! Believe it or not Hasegawa keeps popping up in my head! Maybe Meng, but doubt they'll ever see the latest and greatest versions of the A10!


    To be honest every time a think in a new tool 1/48 jet I think in Hasegawa. But nowadays even Tamiya releases more new tool aircraft than Hasegawa.


    13 minutes ago, ChesshireCat said:

          I'll be honest with you and say Hasegawa should completely retool the A4 Skyhawk series in both 1/48th and , 1/32 scales.  I don't mean just the E but all of them! If they did them as well as they did the A6m5c kit, I be good for at least a half dozen and maybe more!!!!


    I concur but I doubt that Hasewaga will incur in the cost to do a full retool.


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