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  1. I had the same problem spraying AK and Mig colors, even after adding flow improver to the mix, so I moved back to enamels (Model Master) and lacquers (Mr Hobby).

    One more thing: In my very personal opinion,  Mig and AK colors are way off, specially the ones trying to replicate USAF and Navy modern colors. To me, they are great for those  pretty and overpriced European modelling magazines.

  2. 15 hours ago, ChesshireCat said:

    First of what does 1/78 scale have to do with 1/48th scale?


    We would have take a second mortgage or win Power Ball to buy it if GWH or Tamiya did it!!! I would rather see someone else.


    Have not seen the Academy M1a2 kit, but if it's as good as their Panzer IV; then it's a home run! The RFM kit is not bad, and heard the Meng was very good.



    Honestly, I just wrote 1/78 just for the fun of it. And I agree, a Tamiya A-10 would surely cost an arm and leg (but I would pay for it anyway!). Hasegawa has the skills to do one but we first have to convince the japanese anime and manga herd that an A-10 would look cool with pink and neon camouflage scheme.


    Regarding the M1A2, I am currently building one to replicate a current overall green vehicle , and its a gem of a kit. Most part fit without glue, and the included Def Model tracks area  a pleasure to build. I was so impressed that I ordered 4 more. 

  3. 19 hours ago, Doppelgänger said:


    And don't forget about AMK's promised 1/48 Victor tanker, to be released on January the 1st, 2019. Think they'll meet the release date in time, as promised?  

    Eehh....a Victor tanker in 1/48????? As 54 would say: That would be HUUUGEEEE, BIG plastic, LOTS  of plastic..lol

  4. 2 hours ago, Doppelgänger said:


    Yes, but why in 1/78th scale, I wonder? Don't you rather want Lady Gaga in 1/48th scale wearing a thong, sitting on the front seat of the AMK Tomcat kit cockpit?

    I mean, her face would look exactly like Tom Cruise's in Top Gun, when he's shown boarding the Tomcat - his face looks like he's got the faintest idea what all those dials on the IP are there for. And it still does today!


    1/48 would result in a quite big nose... 

  5. My thoughts on the AMK F-14 'controversy':

    1) We need Tamiya and/or GWH to do a new tool A-10C.

    2) Sierra Hotel Models is panning to do a 1/48 A-10C cockpit for October (doesn't say what year...)

    3) Academy 1/35 M1A2 Tusk II /V2 is by far the best modern armor model I have the pleasure to build.

    4) Will AMK included in the initial F-14 release a 1/78 resin figure of Lady Gaga?

  6. Maybe I am being  bit sarcastic with this comment but.....AMK should have announced a new tool 1/48 A-10A/C  as 'coming soon' , maybe show some CAD drawings , anything to lure Tamiya into doing a A-10.

  7. I also use Eduard and Montex masks just because I am lazy too. Something I always do when using canopy masks: spray some clear gloss before spraying the final color, this acts as a sort of 'sealer' that prevent paint seeping. Also, if using Montex mask (or any other vinyl mask) , after removing the actual mask pieces , carefully remove the remaining 'skeleton' frame and put it over Tamiya  40mm tape and using a fine point pencil,  outline the canopy frames, cut with scalpel and have a duplicate mask set for free. If you are really careful you can reuse the template many times.


  8. When we got hit by Hurricane Irma here in PR my storage room outside of my house withstood the winds but got a lot of water under the door but no damage to my stash..but… Maria blew one of the windows and wind and water trashed all the storage contents, including my 300+ stash. The plastics bags with the sprues, for the most part, where undamaged but the boxes, instruction booklets, and decals where wasted. I also lost two compressors and a LOT of aftermarket decals. It’s a real mess but I am grateful that my house and cars did not suffer mayor damage.

  9. On 7/3/2017 at 8:00 AM, Mr Matt Foley said:

    I almost did the same...shipping costs changed my mind..


    Ummm, I  paid only 13.29  for the kit and some misc. photo etch and it took only 5 days from Taiwan to the States. Cheaper that Squadron, that's for sure.

  10. On 5/24/2017 at 10:48 PM, Vaildog said:

    I think in particular the light ghost gray is a good match.  To my eye most manufacturers tend to be too dark.  I've become a huge fan of the Mr Paint brand but their ghost grays appear too dark to me.

    The ghost grays from the aqueous line are more accurate that the Mr Color line, too much of an blue hue in my opinion.

  11. 14 hours ago, Fayfaychu said:

    I dont quite like these AMMO paints to be honest. They are very liquid and tends to run when sprayed a wee bit too heavy. Thin coats mean free hand camo required several pass that can be sometimes beyond my skill level.

    Same here, IMO most of their colors are sci-fi at best, some colors spray great but most runs watery and do not adhere even to primed plastic. I have switched to Mr. Color for most of my modern jet painting but still use the  grays (26375, 36320, 36118 & 36270)  from Testors Model Master line, they are still the most accurate one available.

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