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  1. In the new Speed Hunter Graphic's Test Viper sheet there is mention of a certain BLOS antenna for the OT-marked F-16. I did some web search but did not found conclusive info about the mod. Anyone has a little more info on it and how I can simulate the mod in a 1/48 scale F-16? Thanks for reading.

  2. I've been doing a search for two days, and for whatever reason, none of the major players stateside; it seems have any of the Hasegawa 1/48th E/A-18G's. Was there a mad rush, and some of youse gize snatch up all that were on hand and Mr. H. stop sending them to the good ol' US?. Sprue Bros, Scalehobbyist, etc. have none in stock. Anybody know where one can be found that doesn't have to be shipped by boat or air to get one in my cramping hands...(cue the Fred Sanford arthritic hands look). it seem almost like they stopped selling them stateside, what's up?. Even on Evil-bay the prices are well E-bayish and the shipping well..that's par for the course.

    Got mine here about two weeks ago:


    But sometimes they list as 'in stock' and that's not the case, I always drop them a line just to know. HTH.

  3. It's everywhere. Consider that many Dragon 1/35 scale armor kits are retailing for $55-70 for a model that is considerably smaller than many 1/48 scale aircraft. I suspect many modelers are making some very difficult choices in how they spend their money.

    Well, at least most of the Dragon armor kits include PE parts, molded-on zimm, metal barrels and cables and sometimes figure sets that, if you bought those separately, would inflate the price to exorbitant levels. For most of the Tamigawa kits you have to buy aftermarket cockpits, seats, wheels and decals to accurately detail missing and/or wrong kit areas. Do not misunderstand me, I love Tamigawa aircraft models but for the price I consider armor modeling a better price to content value.

  4. I expected something like this to happen, as has been seen with previous "new" model kits that are to be released in the near future. No surprise that the discussion is turning into "that" yet again, eh? Makes me wanna comment on the cost of resin aftermarket stuff that's being sold but I'll keep quiet on that...

    I'll wait and see what Kinetic comes up with. I'm one of those modelers just happy to see something new in plastic. By the way, is the Kinetic E-2C Hawkeye decent? Haven't seen much in the way of builds. I'd really want one but will buy one direct from Asia as they are cheaper there than in the states. :jaw-dropping:

    Yep, it is a very good model, not perfect as the..umm..Tamiya’s F-16s..but shows Kinetic efforts are paying off. The cockpit is good but will benefit with a resin one (as the Tamiya F-16). I got two from Lucky and even with shipping it was cheaper that one here in the States.

  5. Just read the news today on Z5, a new EA-6B will be most welcome. Better hurry and start selling my old RM copies on EvilBay. LOL.

    And, on a side note, looking at the posts regarding the EA-6B on Z5 makes me think that there is someone that would rather see Kinetic crash down in ‘chinese communist’ flames that to try hard and improve their products. This guy has been so ‘offended’ by kinetic’s f-16 releases that he is practically on a crusade to tarnish Kinectic (and Trumpy and Dragon) reputation there and every modeling forum he posts. Personally, I don’t care if models are produced in a democracy, a theocracy or a slaveocracy nor the designers speak Chinese, German, Rumanian or Klinglon.

    Ahh, well, just my moment of INlucidity due to breathing resin dust…

  6. Eduard indeed, its name is in the left bottom corner of the fret. I just ordered some as it will save me tons of work trying to paint all of those knobs and switches.

    For September Eduard has announced pre-cut masks for the Kinetic kits so they will surely release additional PE for those kits very soon. And I am quite sure that with some minor trimming they will also fit the Has cockpit which will be double bonus!! :worship:

  7. You must be a mind reader Thomas, as I always thin with isopropyl alcohol. :blink: Can't say that Gunze are really expensive either as I purchase enough from overseas to ship free. :o


    Greg: From what overseas seller did you ordered GZ paints? I am having a hard time finding even in Japan....

  8. Several points:

    1. Great pics! Can you post more?

    2. Please note that not all the PRANG's F-16 were ADF. The bird on your first pic did not have the slicers.

    3. Is that an 131 ECM pod on the center station of the first bird.

    Many thanks for your posting!


    Regarding point #1: I will try to dig some more PRANG pics from my hard disk and post here. On point #2, although all 198th FS F-16's where ADF not all carried the IFF antennas, IIRC I saw one plane without the topside slicers but still carrying the bottom one. And, yes, that's a 131 ECM pod.

  9. You guys are a bundle of information for me! :deadhorse1: Like I said earlier, I have the Tamiya -C Blk 25/32 kit, so I will have to just make those blisters for the tail base and try to get close. My kit budget for the quarter is done, so I have to work with what I have. It's kind of nice to know I have the option of using the other ordinance. Can you guys tell me if the stuff like the ECM pod or the AAQ-28 pod would be used? And as far as Aim-9s, would the -M or the -X be appropriate for a PRANG unit? I'm just no thip to this F-16 stuff.

    To add to andres comments, most if not all of the PR jets always carried TER, myself never saw a Bucanero with AAM other than Sidewinder. The following photos are not the best but shows typical PR jet configuration with TER, wingtip winders and two fuel tanks.

    HTH ;)




  10. 1) Tamiya 1/32 F-16C

    2) Academy F-111F w/Verlinden Detail Set

    3) Afterburner's F-15 Lakenheath and F-18 Gunfigther decals

    4) Aire's 1/48 F-15E Burner cans

    5) Dragon 1/35 M1A2

    6) Dragon 1/35 King Tiger w/Zimmerit

    7) Dragon 1/35 Desperate Defense Korsun figures

    8) Italeri 1/35 Opel Blitz

    9) Bills, bills and more bills.... ;)

  11. I think the NEW Italieri version of the F-16A (with the Nordic Babe on the tail) has the ADF stuff added to thier sprues - bird slicer, fin bulges, not sure of the Sparrow and associated pylon though. It has markings for the Italian AF and I believe the Texas ANG - so you know which box it is.

    I'm still looking for it as I want a ADF OOB to do some of the Guard units from the 80's and 90's


    As I was said before, you can try the new Cutting Edge F-16 ADF conversion with the HAS F-16. As for the Sparrow pylon, if you build a Puerto Rico ANG bird, you don't need it as the unit role was purely ground attack. All the Vipers I saw at the Muniz ANGB using carried the standard one.

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