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  1. Hey guys and gals I'm looking for decals for my 1/72 Italeri B-52H, none of the options in its sheet caught my fancy. It can be from any base, but I really want a Gunship Gray Buff, not armed with ALCMs. I'll try to scratchbuild a pair of HSABs, since I could not find any resin ones. I guess that Caracal Decals' sheets would be perfect to me - and they ARE available here in Brazil, but at outrageous prices and has too many options. And I will build only two Stratofortresses, a D and a H, I don't need a full sheet. But any manufacturer will do. I'm willing to buy it
  2. Hi folks I need four LAU-129 launchers for a project I'm preparing. Tamiya F-16 has them on two "E" sprues and they're not used in the Thunderbirds F-16C. Does anyone have these parts available for sale or trade? BTW, I also need some unused parts of the 1/32 Academy F-16I Sufa, specifically the pylon and adapter for the Sniper XR pod and the small navigation light mounts, with ECM. Cheers and TIA!! Sergio Menezes
  3. Yeah, that was one of the pics I found after posting here. I'll build it using the Tamiya's 1/32 kit and already ordered a pair of BRU-57 smart racks in resin. But I don't really like the loadout in the pic, can I do it with a TER + two GBU-12 or a single GBU-31 in the port wing? Also: can I built it with stations 2/8 empty or with only AN/ALE-50 in one of them ? Cheers and TIA again!! Sergio 😊
  4. I thought so, but the pics I found let me confused... πŸ˜–
  5. Hi, Bill, sorry for taking so long to answer. Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I did it before but didn't get any result, just one pic of 0361 before it arrived at Spang. But I did it again and found lots of photos this time, I probably goofed with something. No need to be sorry for reminiscing, I always like to hear stories from people who used to work with what the majority of us, modelers, only see in air shows...☺️ Thanks again!!
  6. Hi, guys I want to build this Spangdahlen Viper but I have a doubt: in April '13, was it already in Have Glass finish? And does anyone know what was that donkey's story? ☺️ Cheers and TIA!! Sergio Menezes πŸ™‚
  7. Great!! That solves my doubts and a problem. I got my Snakeyes from VideoAviation and asked Maurizio if he could add two extra bombs. He said OK, but forgot it, so I only got the normal 8-bomb set. With that MER configuration, those eight bombs will be enough, since I will use three on each MER and one on each outside rack!! Sergio 😊
  8. What was the reason for that "crossed" configuration?
  9. Those must have been some tough times, Gary, I'm sure...
  10. Guys, I understood that on the Skyhawk one MER position would remain empty, so as to not interfere with the MLG door. But I couldn't really see how many bombs the MER was carrying. Would it carry five or 4 bombs?
  11. Yes!! And that is a thing makes the subject even more interesting!!
  12. Whoa, Rex!! Thanks a lot, I'm having a great time reading all your stuff and I'm just in the beginning!! I really love that kind of info!! πŸ˜„ I'm currently building a USN A-4F and two USAF F-4Es. I want to load the Skyhawk with two MERs on the inside rack and a single bomb on the outside rack. with a drop tank on the centerline. One Phantom will have two MERs on the outside rack and TERs on the inside racks, plus an ECM pod, the other will have only missiles, an ECM pod and drop tank on the centerline... I'm sure I'll get some ideas from your material... Thanks again, ch
  13. Were they plain and simple OD? Or there were variations? Another thing, was it common to see regular Mk 82s and Snakeyes loaded on the same jet, i.e., an A-4F Skyhawk? Cheers and TIA, Sergio
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