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  1. I have now done Wilhelm Schilling's G6..
  2. Last night I completed the F2.. So 3 down and 2 to go..
  3. Have completed the navigation lights and rescribing.. and I have painted up the basic colour scheme of the G10..... and the G14 So 2 down and three to go to this point..
  4. Very neat and build - looks great.
  5. Got all the fusalages complete together with spinners, and we forge on. Painting of base camo next!!!
  6. That is sure coming along just swell Thundergrunt, very nice indeed mate. Geoff
  7. Looking good Bill - loved the Dora that snuck in there. Geoff
  8. Very, veryyyyyy nice indeed. Lovely work there Dave.
  9. Hi guys, I must thank you all for this thread because after looking at some of your neat and well laid out work areas, I decided to do something with my mess. So I converted this... to this... Thanks again for the inspiration to do it. Geoff
  10. Excellent work there Greg - very well done man! Thats a keeper. Geoff
  11. Thanks for looking and comments. The G10 fusalage and cockpit are now complete up to this point and can be put aside while the other 4 catch up. I think it'll take at least one week before i"m back so hope you are all enjoying your builds - till then :D
  12. That's looking awesome Greg, some very neat building there mate. Geoff
  13. I have decided that finishing what I started was more important, than time-consuming, intricate detail, so I have put away the metal and resin and I have now almost completed the G10's cockpit with a very minimal of extra's. The O2 hose is the only extra detail as will be the Aires seatbelts. This kit is extremely basic so i will also add some dials to the panel too and once the belts and panel are in, we can close up the fusalage and start on the next one. Once I have all 5 kits to this point, i'll come back and progress again. The prop is also done. Thanks for looking. Geoff
  14. Hi Aaron and other guys, I am a very new fast mover builder - props are my thing, but I must say that my second completed jet was Academy's F15E in 1/48th. While building it I tried to get some constructive critisim on the kit and quite honestly if I had to consider all the faults that were pointed out to me on this kit, I would have ended up using only the wheels and scrapped the rest! So I decided to do it out the box with no extras or kit bashing and i'm real glad I did because I like the result!!! Looks like an Eagle to me. I'm not passing judgement on rivot counters, accuracy freaks o
  15. The seat is extremely well done Mike, looking forward to your progress.
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