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  1. Hello there! Any plans for width with ESSS ans external extended range tanks for this kit? Thx for info...
  2. Thx HeavyArty! I asked Chris from Cobra Company but he sad that he have no conversions for my Blackhawk! Doesnt matter so i have to scratch the most ... Thanks for help and Infos. Greetings ec-135
  3. Hello ! Need Information for conversion kits to make a S-70 Austrian Blackhawk ... There r a lot of self defence parts mounted.. Pls tell me if there are a conversion kit available.. Maybe snowskids also available... Thx EC My link My link My link
  4. Hi sorry i have been a while sending you the Hobbit files i had forgotten i have sent you them to your email also i have added an image of what i need printing in white


  5. Hello again!1

    Have you sendet the data from the Hobbit 777??

    Would like to print them :-)

    Pls ?

    Thx and send me too what you need!!


  6. Gratulation! Really nice looking Cockpit!! Cant wait for more details.... Greetings
  7. Really like your build !! here cool pic for you! greetings
  8. Hello. very cool i looked for longer time to find any informations to can do this conversion. I will make the dreamlifter including an loaded body from the dreamliner.if there is someone who has more detail and infos for convert a 747 into the dreamlifter, pls pm.. greetings
  9. Thx for Info I 'm also from Ipms Austria,but i look for the 1st paintigscheme. Then can i make a decalssheet with 4 versions...
  10. Hello I would like to do the Boeing 777 from Air New Zealand "THE HOBBIT". New help for Infos about Decals Thx for Info
  11. Hello together! Maybe someone can help ! Look for some pictures from one of the first Kleeblatt painting on Jet Ranger . This had a face painted on the Nosesection of the Heli! Pls help
  12. Sure ! Write me on my e-mail on the page and i will tell you! Greeting
  13. You r welcome! If you need decals for the Austrian Blackhawk,look on my homepage.. www.brent-air-decals.at Greeting
  14. Hello I sell a lot of my Helis.... http://www.ebay.at/sch/eurocoper135/m.html?category=99913&cmd=ViewItem&ih=011&item=320889970411&rd=1&sspagename=WDVW&_trksid=p4340.l2562
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