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  1. I got it figured out. Anyone want to see my results?
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for pictures of light gray rescue HC-130P's. I'm trying to build on from the 70's with the yellow band around the tail. From what I can find the walkways were a darker color than the rest of the plane. What color would you suggest using for the over all gray? I did a quick coat of Aircraft Gray but it seems too dark. I kinda like Canadian Voodoo Gray. Any help would be much appreciated! Curt
  3. Yup... Harvest hawk. It's been around for a while. They have been talking about adding something like this sense I was working Gunships back in the late 90's. Nice pic! Curt
  4. Use the long engines. They apply to an E/H and all variants of said airplanes. The kit engines apply to an C-130A.
  5. The article said the corrosion issue was noted and the switch to titanium was over ruled. It was a gamble by engineering to save weight and assist stealth, not a blunder. I'm sure a serious risk assessment went on. Lockheed does NOT want to be the company that produced a corroded lemon!
  6. Back when rockets were the cats meow! Always found it an interesting plane.
  7. I was a Crew chief on this plane between 1997 and 2000. Her name is Wicked Wanda. It's good to see her! Thanks! Curt
  8. Yup. Unless they are fake! I think people who do these things mentioned above should have their judgment questioned. I'm all about custom cars, but please don't do something unsafe like put 30" wheels on a 1990 Buick that needs to have the suspension seriously modded then drive it on the freeway at 80 MPH! People who do this are guilty of recklessness and should be walking. I have a very loud stereo in my POS car, but I never play it loud in residential areas. My stereo is worth more than the car, but it makes my commute enjoyable so it's worth it. The fact that it's a cheep car also deter
  9. People who drive Hybrids and have to advertise how awesome they are for driving it by adding a sticker or a license plate frame stating how awesome and BETTER they are! I was behind a Prius with a license plate frame that said "My car starves terrorists how about yours?" I couldn't pass this guy for about 10 aggravating miles. I just about rammed him several times! I was in uniform and was able to write a message on a not book. It said "I don't starve terrorists, I kill them." I held it up as I passed and the guy didn't even know why I showed it to him. That made me even more angry... I'm s
  10. If it's an F-104G... The tail will b wrong for a USAF jet. However you can do a German one in USAF markings. Forgive me if I'm wrong. Curt
  11. But they sure look snazzy! IMHO at least! Curt
  12. Welcome back! I hope things turn around for you soon! Best wishes! Curt
  13. You need a basis to judge something that's standard. Otherwise all judgment will be subjective. I'm not a fan of F-16's If I saw a table full of them I would automatically be biased towards the other subjects available. If I am forced to judge on a standard I will be more likely to be fare. It's good to know what the rules to the game are and play to the rules if you want to win the game. Curt
  14. How about people who speed up when you turn your signal on? I see that all to much around here!
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