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  1. Growing up in Jersey City, NJ, my Dad took my brother and I to Campbell's Model Hobby Shop on Baldwin Ave. right near the Jersey City Medical Center. As my Dad was friends with Mr. George, we'd have run of the place. I still remember getting certain kits like the Matchbox F4U-4 Corsair and the Monogram 1/32 Weasel. Also the Monogram metal D-Day paratrooper. Good times...
  2. This guy got me for $117. I am going to AG route. Screw him.
  3. Great job! What decals were used for this?
  4. From where it is placed if the bugger survives not getting run over I'd say he's earned it LOL
  5. Great tip! You learn something new every day!
  6. You can also consider a small amount of two part epoxy such as Apoxie Sculpt or Magic Sculp to fill the gaps
  7. Awesome, just what I was hoping to hear! Thank you!
  8. I am hoping to model F-16C 83-1148 of the 177th FW from Atlantic City (Two Bobs "Let's Roll" Vipers set)and have the Hasegawa Aggressor kit (09616). I am guessing the aircraft in the kit is supposedly a Block 30 or 32. Assuming that I use a good aftermarket cockpit set, would there be any external accuracy issues I'd have to address to make this reasonably close? Thanks for looking!
  9. My biggest problem with Columbus is the pricey venue. Even if you don't stay there the parking will cut into vendor money!
  10. My fervent hope is that tonight will be the last time I hear "Oh Canada" until October. Not that I don't like Canada, Canadians, the Canadiens or "Oh Canada"; I just don't want to have to hear the fat Bea Arthur look-alike dirge her way through it again! If she's Canada's answer to Kate Smith, I think they had the wrong question to begin with!
  11. Now, THAT'S modeling! (Thank God I am a kit builder...LOL)
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